Kawach Episode 17 Update on Wednesday 13th February 2019

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Natasha comes to store room searching Shakti and asks him why he is talking to himself. Shakti looks at Manjulika and Saudamini. Natasha says Pari brought Jagath home and he is fine now. Shakti is shocked, goes down and sees Jagath on wheelchair. Pari says seeing Jagath’s progress, she took doc’s permission and brought papa home. Rajbeer reminisces seeing Pari stabbing Jagath and now caring for him and thinks what to believe. Saudamini asks Shakti how did Jagath escape. Shakti says he does not know. Manjulika laughs that Saudmini calls her idiot, but her son is idiot. Saudamini then asks Pari how did she save Jagath. Manjulikas ays Pari will not say. Pari says yes and warns Manjulika that she will not let her come near Rajbeer or any of family members.
Shakti goes
to Jagath’s room and seeing him sleeping picks pillow to strangulate him when Rajbeer enters. Shakti acts as keeping pillow behind Jagath’s head. Rajbeer asks Jagath if Pari tried to kill him. Jagath asks how can he doubt Pari, she will never think of harming family members. He reminisces Saudamini and Manjulika and lies that he could not see lady’s face. Shakti fumes and thinks he will kill his mother’s murderer Jagath soon.
Pari gets ready thinking she will become Rajbeer’s dulhan and kavach. Rajbeer comes in and apologizes. She tries to tie her back lace. Rajbeer insists he will tie it and ties lace. He then tries to applly sindhoor on her forehead when Manjulika comes and taunts Pari that kumkum will be applied on her forhead and she will spend romantic night with Rajbeer tonight. Pari walks aside and says she cannot forgot how he distrusted her, it is difficult for her to regain trust now. Rajbeer leaves sadly. Pari then warns Manjulika that she will stay away from Rajbeer and be his kavach and will not let Manjulika go near him.
Pari goes down and Janaki says she has to sit on swinger with Rajbeer for theej ritual. Manjulika leans on swinger and says she will perform rituals with Rajbeer. All ladies keep fast. Natasha goes to kitchen to drink water. Saudamini in Saroj’s body thinks why did her son marry this woman and stops her from drinking water. Natasha yells and Saudamini says she will inform daadi. Natasha leaves yelling even servants are showing attitude.
Theej celerbations start. Pari’s close friend Arhaan comes and blindfolds her from behind. She identies him and gets very excited seeing him. All young girls and boys get mesmerized seeing handsome Arhaan. Pari introduces Arhaan as her childhood friend and India’s #1 physiotherapist who has come to treat Jagath. Arhaan says he needs assistant to help him. All girls fight they will, even Natasha fights. Even Manjulika stares at Arhaan and Saudamini says ghosts don’t have heart. Manjulika says they have eyes though. Arhaan asks Pari to assist him and she takes him to Jagath’s room. All girls stand near door and watch him. He calls them in and ask if they need something. They say they want to see him treating. He says he needs to check patient alone and sends them all. Saudamini comes and says Arhaan’s treatment won’t work as she will kill Jagath anyways. He tries to strangulate Jagath but gets a big shock and falls down. She tries a lot, but could not touch Jagath. Arhaan’s eyes glow blue.
Ladies with ther partners light lamps as theej ritual. Dadi says until these lamps glow, their suhaag will be safe. Pari and Rajbeer also light lamp and Manjulika shouts no….Whole family dances then. Arhaan says thse rituals are so good, he likes them.
Saudamini fumes that being a ghost, she can enter anybody’s body, why could not she enter Jagath’s body or kill him, she needs to know. She goes to Shakti’s room and asks to check how Pari is protecting Jagath. He goes to Pari and says he is worried about papa’s safety, how to protect him. Pari asks trust god, nothing will happen to papa.
Janaki gives medicines to Janagth. Saudamini comes in Saroj’s body and gives milk to Janaki. janaki asks why did she come here, she would have come and taken milk herself. Saudamini thinks she will not let Janaki rest in peace today and says Jagath’s protective thread is missing, so she will give her thread. Janaki says she will give her thread and ties her thread to Jagath. Pari looking from window thinks whatever it takes, she will protect her family. Saudamini comes there and says how will she protect her family now. Pari asks what did she do now. Saudamini asks to see herself. Janaki comes to garden and Manjulika comes and hits her head. Pari runs to save her.
Precap: Saudamini thinks how is Pari protecting her family. Arhaan gives Pari his ring and asks her to wear it as locket to protect herself from Saudamini. Pari slips and Arhaan holds her. She says she called him here to protect her. Rajbeer fumes seeing them together. Shakti tells Saudamini he will find out who is protecting Pari.