Alefia Kapadia to turn Vishkanya for Joy Prime's Ashoka

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Alefia Kapadia to turn Vishkanya for Joy Prime’s Ashoka

This is definitely an exciting piece of news!!!
The pretty face of television Alefia Kapadia, seen in Reporters, Mere Range Mein Rangne Wali, Pyaar Ka DardHai and many others, is all set to enter Joy Prime’s historical drama Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (Contiloe).
We hear that Alefia will appear in the role of a Vishkanya (poisonous maiden) in the daily.
A source revealed, “Alefia will enter the Mauryan palace as a dasi, who will try to harm Bindusara (Sameer Dharmadhikari). And it will be shown that she has some connection with Chanakya (Manoj Joshi) and has entered the palace on his instruction”.
Shocking, it is!!!
But calm down readers as we reveal some more info to you. Later on, it will be revealed that her entry has some more hidden truths and Chankya planned the entire plot to secure the future of Mauryan dynasty.
Hmm, sounds interesting. Isn’t it?
We also hear that Alefia will start shooting from tomorrow, but, unfortunately, the lady remained unavailable for a comment.
And before concluding, we have a fascinating piece of fact for you all. Interestingly, mentions of such poisonous maidens, who were trained to destroy the enemies of Mauryan Empire, can be found in Chankya’s Arthashastra and in many ancient texts.
Already enthralled?
Tune in to Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat to witness the episode and keep hooked to us for more updates.