Who Killed Libia Episode 113 Update on Sunday 10th February 2019

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Fernando sends Natalia packing for permitting Eladio into the hacienda without his approval as a boss and Fatima comes to plead with him to pardon her daughter because what she did wasn’t an offence and moreover, Eladio didn’t mean any harm for visiting her but he refuses to understand and even asks Fatima to also join her daughter and leave the hacienda immediately without mercy.

Gabriela overhears them and she comes in to tell Fernando that he can’t send them packing because, things in the hacienda will turn upside down if Fatima should leave her job after serving them for so many years. Fernando not wanting to look stupid in front of the maids, he drags Gabriela to the study and mentions to her that he will be disgraced if she accepts them back and as a result none of the servants will obey his orders again and she makes it clear to him that she understands his point but Natalia can leave whiles Fatima stays and he agrees.

Sofia notifies Sarah that their mother has made it clear that all the properties will be in Fernando’s hands when she dies and Sarah gets so surprised and just couldn’t believe their mother could go that far and Sofia tells her they need to do something because Fernando will be capable of doing anything to get rid of their mother since all the properties are now in his name.

Damian comes across Natalia as she sits with her belongings crying and he draws closer to ask her what the matter is.

Oscar goes in to see Jemima and he intentionally tells her to get well soon and get out of that bed because his patient is running out and if she doesn’t show any improvement, he’ll go in for a different lady who is more active and just before he could end his statement, Jemima wakes up and yells at him to get out of her sight for saying such a thing. Oscar then looks shocked at her reaction and he goes to hold her in excitement for finally responding to him but she gets furious and sends him out of her room to go and look for the lady he’s talking about.

As Oscar leaves, Sofia, Sarah and Gabriela hears Jemima’s voice and they quickly rush to see what’s happening but she pretends and lies down like she used to and they get so confused as they enter into her room to find out that she’s still the same. She later wakes up again after they leaves and tells herself that she’s going to pretend as if she’s still not well so that she can get all that she’ll wish for in the house from her mother especially.

John and Nora go for a walk in the village and a sudden rainfall makes them look for a shelter and they end up being so close that John tries kissing Nora but he quickly gets a flash back of him and Sofia and again, he starts acting weird and screaming at the same time which makes Nora frightened.

Franco asks Oscar if John could still be alive and he replies that he strongly believes so and very soon, the two of them will set off and look for him where ever he may be so he should calm down and relax because all their challenges will soon be over. He then asks how Jemima is faring when he went to see her and he tells him she’s now active but she threw him out of her sight and it seems they have lost them forever but Franco tells him they will continue to fight till they win them back.

John desperately expresses to Nora that he needs to go back because he has this feeling that there’s a woman in her life who needs him urgently and Nora tells him to stop saying that because he doesn’t know anything yet, he keeps insisting and she gets annoyed and tells him to go if he wants.

Damian later arrives at the hacienda to see Sofia and he gets Fernando surprised on his arrival and he refuses him in seeing Sofia, stating that he’s the man in charge of the house and Sofia is not permitted to receive any visitors at that particular time and Gabriela also comes around to meet Damian. She then asks who he is and what he wants and he replies but Fernando cuts in and tells him to leave because it’s late and Sofia steps down to prove to Fernando that no one can decide for her on when to receive visitors so he should mindhis business and Gabriela giggles.

John sits Nora down and explains to her that he really needs to go and find his background because it’s very necessary and he shows his appreciation for her kindness and hospitality and he bids both she and Sylvester farewell and leaves. On his way, he meets the old man (Mr. Agyekum) who advises him to be a little patient and wait for the appropriate time for him to go and heeding to his advice, John goes back to Nora and Sylvester to wait for a while longer just as Mr. Agyekum said and they gladly welcome him back.

Damian professes his feelings to Sofia and she only accepts him as a friend, stating that she doesn’t want to disappoint him in the end because the loss of her daughter has wiped away her feelings and he had no other choice than to agree.

Fernando furiously interacts with Gabriela that he wouldn’t give chance to any other man to see Sofia and Gabriela tells him men like Damian is all she wished for her daughters because everything about their personality proves that they are wealthy but Fernando refuses to agree with her and she asks if he’s feeling jealous and he denies. But he later walks out and says to himself that he sees Damian more as his rival than compared to that wretched John Osei.

Damian goes back to his house and he shows appreciation to Natalia for directing him to Sofia’s house and she also thanks him for offering her a job in his house and asks if he was able to see Sofia and he answers that yes but before then, he met one man called Fernando who acted rude towards him and she tells him that, Fernando happens to be the ex-husband of Sofia but she left him for John whom she truly loves and Damian gets wowed.

Gabriela goes to tell Sofia that she can testify that Damian is a real gentleman who is very rich so she should try her possible best to engage herself with him and Sofia looked at her in disappointment, stating that she doesn’t even care about her situation but Gabriela tells her it’s a choice and she leaves it for her to choose.

Damian invites Sofia to his land so that she can have a view of it and also introduce her to the owners but she refuses to go and Damian convinces her that it’s a very nice place and those he purchased it from too are very nice and kind people and she agrees. On their arrival, Damian introduces Sofia to Franco and Oscar and they turn to look at her in shock and Sofia informs Damian that she knows them very well and their elderly brother happens to be the man who took away her baby and he gets stunned.