Who Killed Libia Episode 112 Update on Saturday 9th February 2019

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Nora speaks with John about beginning her vaccination in the village as soon as possible and whiles they speak, the fetish priest silently drops something in a guard (calabash) in which John stores his water and unknowingly, John takes in the water after speaking to Nora.

Oscar sneaks in to Jemima’s room once again to check on her but this time around, Sarah gets to see him and she wrathfully throws him out, stating that he’s the main reason why her sister is in that condition and he shouldn’t forget that they’re no more couples and he steps out. Sarah then goes to sit beside Jemima and she tells her it’s even better she’s like that because it doesn’t make her suffer for all the pain the brothers caused them.

Nora and John begin with the vaccination but before that, he tries it on John as an example to prove to the people in the village that it’s not harmful whiles the fetish priest and his members stands and watch them quietly from afar. John then starts to feel unusual a while after Nora vaccinated him and suddenly faints and right there, the priest asks his people to tie Nora up because her medicines are harmful and it’s taking a negative effect on John. Sylvester goes to check on John and he realise that he’s still breathing and the old man stops them from taking Nora away and forbids them from causing any harm to her as well.

Sofia goes to deliver the items Damian ordered from her shop to his house with the help of Rosendo and upon her arrival, Damian asks that she stay for a while so that they talk because he thinks so much about her and would love to make her happy. Sofia then spots a picture frame of a woman and two children and she irately picks it and shows it to Damian that he can’t make a fool out of her when he’s already married with children and he stands speechless for a moment. He then later confirms that it’s true that those she sees in the picture is his wife and kids but they no longer exist because they are all dead and Sofia looked so sad and sorry for him.

Sofia decides to leave, stating that she’s so sorry for reminding him of his painful past but Damian tells her to stay and he narrated to her about how he lost his family all at once. He continues by explaining that he had a misunderstanding with his wife and she angrily left the house with the children and as a result of driving carelessly due to the anger she had within, they ended up in an accident and couldn’t make it. 

He then mentions to Sofia that no one knows about his story but he decided to tell her because of her pain and Sofia also expresses to him that the man she truly loves all her life took away her baby without her notice right after she delivered and since then, she has turned into a different person and if she happens not to find her, then there will be no need for her to live and Damian encourages him to have hope and trust in God and never think of anything negative.

Nora and Sylvester attends to John and Sylvester mentions that he’s convinced the fetish priest has something to do with John’s condition and he quickly prepares some herbs for Nora to give to him to recover, stating that his late grandfather taught him how effective the herbs are.

Gabriela interacts with Fernando about how her health has improved so far after she went to see the doctor and she tells him the doctor has advised her not to allow anyone to be a hinderance to her happiness and Fernando assures her that he’ll see to it so that she can get that happiness and a sound mind

He then goes ahead by saying that her daughters are really stubborn and it will do her much good if she stops meddling in their affairs and concentrate on herself because, they care less about her and therefore doesn’t deserve her affection as a mother.

Damian asks Sofia if she still loves the father of her baby and she tells him she can’t give an answer to that question because the feeling she had for him is no more stable as she speaks and she’ll never pardon him for taking away the baby just like that and Damian promises to help her search for her child so that she can be happy because her happiness really matters to him most.

The fetish priest and his people show up again in the evening to take Nora away and deal with her since they aren’t seeing any improvement in John’s current condition yet and as they grab her and attempts taking her away, John approaches and he asks them to let go off the lady because he’s very fine and they walk away in shame and the old man (Mr. Agyekum) asks John to come and see him later. 

Nora then thanks John for saving her life once more and he tells her she has also saved him but she explains further that it was Sylvester and John shake hands with him in gratitude and whiles they shake hands, he gets a flashback at the time he used to shake hands with Oscar and Franco and he gets confused.

Sofia goes to confront Gabriela about how he is making Fernando feel so superior in the hacienda when he came with nothing and that he has no better plans for them so she should think twice with the kind of decisions she takes with him because she cares and wouldn’t want anything bad to occur to her at the end. 

Gabriela then tells her that if she really cares like she’s saying, she would have listened to her when she prevented her from seeing that wretched John who looks so much and behaves just like his late father Mr. Osei and that’s the main reason why she hates him so much. 

Sofia then comes to a conclusion, mentioning that she now believes in what people are saying out there concerning the relationship she had with the late Mr. Osei and looking at the kind of hatred she has for that family, it proves that Mr. Osei never returned her love and Gabriela looked very furious and ashamed. 

She then brings to the notice of Sofia that she won’t succeed in killing her with those hurtful words and even if she does, she and her siblings will be left with nothing because she has gone to clear her name from the will and has fixed in Fernando because, he also deserves that fortune and Sofia receives the greatest shock of her life, looking speechless as she listens to her mother.