Kundali Bhagya Episode 220–221 Update on Sunday 10th February 2019

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Neil tells Karan and Rishab that even Sameer has been with him as well. Neil says he wanted to let them go, but they found about their hidings as well. Rishab questions why he kidnapped Shrishti? Neil asks his men to tell them, but the men denies telling them about it. Karan calls him a bastard who kidnapped an innocent girl
Neil holds a knife with Karan’s neck and boasts being dangerous as well. He says Shrishti had seen one of his murders so he kidnapped her. He is being paid to kill Shrishti. A man will soon be here with the money in a brief-case. Rishab asks who that man is? Neil asks if he considers him stupid that he would share the details?
Prithvi cursed his situation and says he has been trapped badly. Neil must be waiting for money, and on the other hand he can’t go inside as Preeta
and everyone else is there. He gets a call from Preeta again but ignores the call. He takes it on the second bell, Preeta says Shrishti has been kidnapped by goons. She tells him the way to go down and requests him to come there; Rishab, Karan and Sameer have also been kidnapped here. Prithvi fakes as if he couldn’t listen clearly. He then puts her number in block list.
Preeta was upset and wonders what she must do. She feels helpless and thinks about Sameer. She then decides she can’t let them any harm.
Rishab and Karan promise Neil more money than has been promised to him. They promise to give him as much money as he can imagine, he must only share the name of that person. The man searches the internet. Neil wasn’t ready to trust them, as they might take Shrishti away from here and get police after him. Rishab and Karantry to resist but Neil places a knife at Karan’s neck. Rishab requests him not to harm Karan. Neil then remembers Preeta wasn’t here and asks about her.
Preeta thinks she must do anything to save Sameer and Shrishti. She throws something towards them to distract the goons. While they walk out, Preeta comes to untie the ropes of Shrishti and Sameer. The goons return and charge towards Preeta. Sameer attacks to save the ladies but was caught by the goons. The girls jump in and win over the goons, the three tying them with ropes now. Shrishti hugs Preeta. Shrishti says Neil kidnapped her only because she had seen him murder a girl. Preeta says Neil is capable of anything, they must save Karan and Rishab from him. Shrishti says someone is paying Neil to kill her as well. Sameer says the situation is tensed, they must leave.
Prithvi looks outside for the keys which he lost. He wonders what he must do, he can’t even leave the car here. He pulls some wires from the car and boasts about his mind. The auto stops by, Prithvi was shocked to see Sarla, Rakhi and Mahesh come there. Even they were shocked to see him there. They come to Prithvi. Only then, Prithvi’s phone rings with Preeta’s call. Sarla questions if Prithvi wasn’t taking Preeta’s call as there are missed calls. Prithvi wonders why Rakhi is staring at his bag. He explains to Sarla that Preeta called him for help and said everyone is here inside. He boasts about being fearless and ready to help Preeta. Mahesh asks him to come inside. Prithvi doesn’t move, he decides to flee today. Mahesh tells Sarla and Rakhi to stay outside, he and Prithvi would go in and fight the goons to save Karan and Rishab.
PRECAP: Neil had captured everyone, Shrishti, Preeta, Karan and Rishab. He decides to kill them all but Rakhi and Sarla reach there.
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Rakhi and Sarla scold the kids for putting their lives at stake. Rishab apologizes everyone and says it was Karan’s decision to wear such costumes and break in. Some of the goons try to run passing that hall, everyone hurry behind them.
Sherlin thinks about calling Prithvi for once as she feels something is surely wrong with him. Prithvi was hiding behind a pile of boxes as the police took Neil and his men. He cuts Sherlin’s call. One of the goon’s men come to hold Prithvi’s feet and requests him to help them. Prithvi decides to run away, Sheru warns to inform police about Prithvi’s reality. He was the one who got them caught in such trouble. Prithvi thinks he can’t be seen with anyone from Neil’s gang here and takes a chance to hit Sheru’s head. The police arrive there and ask
why Prithvi hit him? Sheru faints before he could blame Prithvi in front of inspector. Prithvi tells the inspector that he has to reach the police station, their senior inspector wants him to register a complaint. He leaves in his car.
Preeta asks Karan if he was really going to break his hand. Karan questions if Preeta still wants to know why he did this all. They share an eye-lock. Some of the goons come running there and hit both. Karan’s nose hit with Preeta’s forehead. Both begin blaming each other. Preeta demands a sorry from Karan but he wasn’t ready for it. The argument continue to taking credits of saving them from goons. The family stand aside and watch them fight helplessly. Karan counts every name whose life he saved. Preeta insists she held Neil at gun point and saved everyone and Karan must always remember he was saved by a girl. The family now interfere and tells them to stop fighting. Rishab says if they are finished with their fight should they go out to see Sameer and Shrishti.
There, Sameer brings Shrishti to a corner in the godown. He says he needs to tell her something important. Shrishti knew he wanted to tell her how much he cared for her. Sameer tells her not to play such daring again, he won’t save her repeatedly. Shrishti complains that none of them did anything for them, her sister only saved them all. Sameer tightly shuts her mouth and says he feels strange these days. He only knows he can’t bear to lose her easily. As he turns to leave, Shrishti comes from behind and hugs him tightly. Sameer hugs her back. She was about to express her love when Rishab and everyone else come there. They fake an argument with each other. Mahesh scolds Sameer for fighting a girl and tells them to leave. After everyone has left, Karan and Rishab inquireSameer what’s between him and Shrishti. Sarla comes there asking about Prithvi then. Sameer takes a chance to leave. Karan suggests Sarla to call Prithvi.
Prithvi was driving the car and tells Sarla he called police and now it wanted him to reach police station as soon as possible. He will take care of the official complaint. He asks Sarla to go home and take care of Shrishti, but she must not let Shrishti speak to police. He doesn’t want her to face any other stress. Sarla was thankful to Prithvi. Prithvi says they are all like a family to him, he had to do this after all. He will share the details of matter at police station with her tomorrow. He asks Sarla to thank Luthra family, they have done a lot for Shrishti. Later, Sarla thanks Karan and Rishab from Prithvi’s side. Karan complains that they did this all for Prithvi’s thanks, otherwise they have no relation with Shrishti.
Sherlin was restlessly waiting outside when Prithvi reach outside his house. Sherlin says she was much concerned for him. Prithvi says he was saved after much trouble today, when he reached the site Preeta was there with Karan and Rishab and as he tried to flee Sarla, Rakhi and Mahesh arrived and took him inside. He saved himself with much difficulty and called police there. Prithvi decides to find a police inspector who is greedy and will ask him to handle this case; otherwise the goons might tell his name and his marriage with Preeta will break.

PRECAP: Preeta tells everyone she had been crying and called Prithvi. She could even hear him clearly, but he repeatedly said he can’t hear her. It seemed he was making excuses.