Who Killed Libia Episode 111 Update on Friday 8th February 2019

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Damian goes to introduce himself to Father Teddy and he promises to offer help to him anytime he may need it and gratefully, Father shakes hands with him and welcomes him into the town whiles wondering about the kind of help he may want to offer.

Oscar keeps wondering about why he signed the divorced papers in regret and Eladio informs him that he has really made a big mistake because Natalia once notified him that it wasn’t Jemima’s will to sign that paper but Gabriela forced her signature on it while she was lying helplessly on her sick bed and heatedly, Oscar states that he wont give chance to Gabriela to carry on with her evil plans concerning his marriage with Jemima anymore.

Right away, Oscar goes to apologise to Jemima for being convinced by Fernando to sign the papers without knowing that it was all planed and that she wasn’t even the one who signed it and Jemima starts shedding tears.

Damian notifies Father Teddy that he once saw a very nice lady in the middle of the night in black looking all down in sorrow but he didn’t even get to talk to her and she suddenly disappeared so he wants to know if he by any chance know that lady and Father replies that no but then people in the town who have also seen the lady he’s referring to thinks she’s a ghost but he doesn’t believe so. Damian then makes a confession to Father that to be frank, he has been thinking about that lady ever since he came across her and it seems he’s in love and is hoping to meet her once more.

Sofia decides to step out again in the night in her regular costume and Gabriela instructs her to get back because most people thinks she’s a ghost and it’s a disgrace to their family but she refuses to obey, telling her mother that what she is rather doing is a disgrace to the family so she should stop yelling and before she could end her statement, Gabriela slaps her for talking back at her in that manner.

Sofia then walks out in tears and surprisingly Damian gets to see her again but as she tries walking away, he asks her to wait and begins to ask who she is and why she looks so down and Sofia expresses that she’s in search of her missing daughter and he asks how it happened and she tells her there’s no need for her to give him any details because he’s a stranger. He then asks for her name but she refuses to answer, telling him never to attempt stopping her if he gets to see her again and she leaves.

Fernando summons all the workers in the hacienda and brings to their notice that he’s now the boss and everything in the house now belongs to him so they must do well to obey all his instructions if only they want to live in peace. Mr. Augustine then goes to face him and Gabriela later comes in to defend Fernando and she asks his father to obey him because he now happens to be her husband and the love she has for him too is so great that no one can change her mind.

Sofia goes to pray at the chapel and Damian manages to follow her around until she enters her shop and he later follows and gets to meet Sarah, Rosa and Eva and they welcome him into the shop but Sofia looked quite amazed as she sets eyes on him. He then confesses to her about how he managed to locate her shop all because he’s dying to have her as a friend and she tells him she isn’t ready to have any male friends meanwhile, Sarah, Eva and Rosa start complementing him about his personality among themselves as they watch him talk to Sofia. He later decides to buy some items from the shop and Sofia assists him.

Gabriela later asks Fernando if it’s true he’s stealing from his father Augustine but he goes mad and makes her to understand that he only came to protect her but if she’s going to allow his father to come in between them, then he’ll leave because his father doesn’t even pay any bill in the house and he walks out.

Franco sets John’s horse (Suronipa) free, telling it to go and find it’s master. It later arrives in the village where John is now located and suddenly, he happens to spot it as he walks through the bushes and right there, he gets some flash back seeing himself ridding on that particular horse and he begins to scream so loud that the fetish priest gets to see him as he roles himself on the ground.