Meri Aashiqui Episode 209–210 Update on Friday 8th February 2019

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Shekhar is worried what if Ishaani murders the whole family during night, how can he be sure if she is a murderer or not. He peeks into her room, she stood in front of window, he thinks she must be wondering how to murder the whole family together. He locks the door from outside, he does that and heads to stairs then thinks his mom will scold him if she keeps on knocking the door. He wonders what to do, then thinks about sitting of the chair in front and guard her.
In the morning, Shekhar and his father keep hand on same chairs. Shekhar takes another chair, and asks mom for breakfast. His mom gets gobhi ka paratha for him, her husband says he also feels hungry. Ishaani comes with another paratha, both ladies serve to both men. Shekhar’s mom says she was teaching Ishaani to cook Gobhi ka paratha, and she learned in first attempt. Shekhar wonders what she would have mixed in it. Shekhar’s father appreciates Ishaani paratha and says thank you to her. His wife says she has cooked this one herself, he says it is a bit more spicy. The wife is irked and complains that all the husbands in the world find mistakes about their wives. She introduces the man as his husband Raj Narayan Shekhar. Ishaani remembers Shekhar telling her that his dad suicide. Shekhar says he only is in a mood to eat apple today. Ishaani takes knife, Shekhar stands up in worry. Ishaani says she was cutting fruits for him. He says he thought… his mother asks what? But Shekhar takes his seat. Ishaani was about to cut water melon, he says he isn’t hungry anymore and takes his mother along.
Some ladies sit with Amba and says they have decided the name of their grand children as well. Amba says she will do the goad-bharai of Ritika very well. A lady asks will she really do her goad-bharai. Amba asks why is she asking so. She says Ranveer respects Ritika a lot, but people talk that they didn’t invite Ranveer and Ritika. One of them says that they haven’t even married. Lakshmi asks Amba how they know about it, Amba asks them to keep quiet. The ladies say they suspect if this child is Ranveer’s or not. Ritika comes and asks why are they calling her baby illegitimate, the ladies ask why she feels so pained at it if she is true. The ladies ask where are the proofs of her wedding, her mangal-sootar and pictures of wedding. She complains to Amba that she didn’t invite an elder Gujrati for blessings of marriage as well. RV comes questioning what proof do they want.
Shekhar brings his mother to room and says he is warning her that it isn’t right to keep a murderer at home. He says Ishaani was holding a knife from his hand, and she was asking her to cut the fruit. She will one day cut their necks as well. His mother asks him to believe in him once, Ishaani is innocent. Shekhar says she doesn’t know such girls, she is pretending to be innocent. His mother questions why he fought her case when she knew Ishaani is such a girl. She leaves Shekhar’s room, Ishaani comes to the room and hears thinking Sanaya’s date has cost him a lot. Is this girl really a murderer, is this girl with the goons and is involved in a plan here. He opens the door, Ishaani says neither is she a murderer nor is involved in a plan.
RV asks the lady what proof she has of her marriage with her husband, and what proof she has that her child is legitimate with her husband. The lady says her marriage took place in front of everyone. RV says he doesn’t need to give anyone proof about his and Ritika’s relation. He tells Amba that goad-bharia will certainly take place, instructs Amba to invite the whole city as per their wishes. He holds Ritika with shoulders and says if anyone questions her now, he will reply to them. Outside the house, the ladies say they were saved today. He was angry at the name of marriage, hadn’t they got good money they would never have done this. Amba was happy this talk will definitely effect Ranveer, he will have to marry Ritika.
Ishaani says to Shekhar that she thought he was a good man, she owed him a lot but he is such a liar and selfish. He always saves people for reasons, he thinks she is a murderer and has come here to rob them. To take a girl on date, he can save any criminal. He isn’t a lawyer, he is a criminal. Shekhar gets angry gain saying he is an honestlawyer, she can’t point at his capabilities. She says what he knows about except lying. He told her the lie about his papa, he said he suicide, the man who borne him has been killed by him. He doesn’t know how it feels living without the man who taught you to walk. Is it a joke. He says enough, he didn’t lie. She says enough, it is all lie. He must be cheating on that judge’s daughter as well. He isn’t worth her fee as well, and asks him to return his fee. He says he never returns his fee and it is food he isn’t asking for his rest of fee. He says the man she is calling his father isn’t… his phone rings. The inspector asks him to bring the girl who beated the goons to identify, he promises him to bring Ishaani here.
The postman brings Ritika’s goad-bharia invitation. Shekhar’s mother tells her husband about Ritika and boasts that Ranveer appointed her son as lawyer. Ishaani comes downstairs angrily, the lady comes to her upon her husband’s pointing towards her. Ishaani goes to bring fresh tea, the lady says she is a guest. Ishaani says if she was only a guest they wouldn’t have respected her a lot. She says she wanted to say she must now leave their house. Shekhar comes from above.
In the goad-bharai event, Ritika thinks RV has given the goad-bharai invitation as Mr and Mrs. Vaghela, he will now marry her as well.
PRECAP: Ranveer says to Ritika that his love has died and will never return now. He can only live with her memories, Ishaani enters the house then.

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Shekhar comes down and tells Ishaani they have to go to police station to identify the goons. His mother is happy that goons were caught, and takes Ishaani to give her another saree. His father comes and says he didn’t tell them about his friend Ritika’s goad-bharai. Shekhar ignores him, he places the card on table, smiles and leaves.
At RV’s place, the ladies meet Ritika and hands her gifts. Amba says they are here and will keep her like flowers in their home. The ladies ask Amba to start the rituals, Amba looks for Ranveer, then takes them to begin the ceremony.
Shekhar drives Ishaani saying he thought she would be late, he can’t miss his friend’s goad-bharai. She murmurs that he sometimes consider her murderer, sometimes as leader of goons. He asks what she is saying. She says she is speaking to herself. He says it is good for health, he says sometimes being quiet is also great. They are stuck in traffic. Manas was also stuck in traffic, Disha and Baa were in the car where Disha was having labour pains. Ishaani watches them from her car, but theirs move ahead. Shekhar says they broke the signal, Ishaani heads to leave the car but Shekhar asks where she is going. He says they have to go home else his mother will question him. She says it is important for her to go right now. He asks where, she says behind the car, she has to see if they reach home safely or not. He says he is taking her, alright.
Ritika still watis for Ranveer, Amba tells everyone Ranveer must be coming. Parul says he must be stuck into something really important, he will be here soon. Lakshmi asks them to begin the rituals, she hands a rope to Ritika of the cradle. The ladies gossip that she is doing it all without husband, Ranveer says what never happened won’t even happen now. They all smile, Ranveer comes to Ritika, stands with her and says husband will be with wife in every ritual of hers. He holds her hand as they pray. Amba asks them to take blessings from God.
In the hospital, Baa waited restlessly outside the labour-room. Falguni and the family come to hospital. Falguni asks what doctor said, Baa says she is afraid as Disha isn’t alright, doctor said there are some complications. Derwash assures nothing will happen to her, and asks about Manas. Baa says he is there inside. Ishaani comes at the door and watches her family from the glass door, a nurse comes out and informs them there was a baby boy. Everyone cheers and thanks God. Ishaani also smiles. The nurse says they have to keep the baby in neonatal care as there were some complications. Ishaani runs from the back and comes to the nurse who took the baby to neonatal room, the entry was restricted. Shekhar comes behind and asks why is she being emotional. He says he know either she has seen someone or someone has touched her heart. They might not five you the reason to her life, but for their life one has to make reasons to live by yourself. He says he is getting late for his friend’s goad-bharai. Ishaani says she will stay here. She hears Falguni saying Manas did all their payments, what then. The receptionist says there were complications in the case, their bill is much larger and they have to pay the money to take the baby home. Falguni says they have paid what they had, but he says they can’t help them. Baa asks Dewarsh if he has some money. Dewarsh says where would he get the money, and those they got from Ranveer are also not coming. They have no money now. Baa was hopeful that Falguni always have money for crisis. Falguni says she spent it for next order. Baa says her Parekh family never has money, or they won’t spend any for Disha. Dewarsh says she knows everything, he and Sharman have been struggling for job, Pratik is in college yet. Falguni even gets money in difficult times always, Baa asks how will Manas takes on the responsibility of child with such low income. Ishaani thinks she is so worried, how can she get money. She thinks about Shekhar, he can give her money in this time.
Shekhar says to Ritika that pregnancy suits her a lot. She asks if he is flirting her, she is married. He says she is a girl and his friend. His phone rings, he says he can only afford flirting one girl at a time. Ishaani wonders why Shekhar’s phone is ringing, she calls his mother. His mother gives her address of his friend.
Shekhar tells Ritika that the glow on his face is because of flirting girls. One must never love, but only flirt. Ritika says no one can win him in talking, no doubt he is a successful lawyer. He tells her to complete her rituals, till then he would make some health and go to a bunch of other girls. Ritika says he will one day get stuck in such love, there will be no other girl in his life.
Shekhar’s mother says it is taking place in a hotel Pardise. Ishaani doesn’t take the number but heads to hotel. Ranveer says he will bring Ritika juice. The ladies were talking that Ranveer got Amba and Kailash’s name on the card, had he loved the child he would have got his name written on it. RItika hears this and comes to a table reading the card. She says she thought Ranveer invited people with his and her name. Ranveer gets juice of her, she was crying. He asks why is she crying, she says she thought atleast in front of people he consider her as his wife, but now he has problem even with this. She leaves, Ranveer reads the card then comes to her. He says I am sorry, I didn’t want to her you. She says I know, you never want to do that but I am hurt. I know I can never take Ishaani’s place, but I am a human and it pains. Ranveer says the one I loved died, she isn’t anymore but her memories would be here, she would never return in my life now. Ishaani arrives to the function then, looking for Shekhar. Ranveer was on a corner. Ritika says Ishaani isn’t dead, she is there in between their life. She is here, she is there. Ranveer looks around, Ritika says for people she has died but not for him. She is with him, for the world they are two but for me we are three; you consider her a wife I don’t have a problem. The world thinks them as a happy couple, he accepts her as a couple but he would never give her the rights of a wife.
Shekhar was still flirting with the girls sitting on a table with them. A girl asked him about his own love life, when will he get his love. He says that girl has come in his life, and in a few seconds she is about to change his life. Ishaani just come to him then, he asks what is she doing here. Ishaani says it is something urgent, he takes an excuse from them and goes with her.
RV asks Ritika to think about the happiness that is about to come to world. She must not spoil her future because of past and Ishaani. Ishaani took care of him, he will always give her the happiness she deserves in the world now. Though he cries because of Ishaani, he can’t see tears in her (Ritika’s) eyes. Ishaani takes Shekhar to a side now.
PRECAP: Shekhar talks to RV on call in car, telling him this is the girl who did everything in love. RV smiles she must be like him then. Shekhar says both of you are same, both didn’t get whom you loved.