Ashoka Samrat Episode 162 Update on Friday 8th February 2019

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Scene 1
Ahenkara says to Bindu that Sushim was angry with me but his love for me never got less thats why i gave one more chance to him thats why i agreed for marriage, Sushim says i will fulfill my promises to you Ahenkara, Bindu says to Ahenkara that i am happy you have accepted Sushim from your heart, if you have any problem then come to me without any fear, Ahenkara takes her brother from Sushim’s hands and leaves, Charu says to Bindu that dont know who is filling your ears against Sushim but i got to know about Sushim-Ahenkara’s love thats why i suggested their marriage, its good that everything is clear now, she leaves with Sushim, Bindu ask Ashok are you satisfied now? Ashok says i dont like this royal dress, he leaves, Dharma says i will comeback, she leaves too.
Charu says to Sushim that i handled everything this time but i will not save you everytime, one side is Ashok who do everything to give respect to his mother and you keep doing things to malign my respect, Sushim says what you do? you keep putting me down, Charu says i have to as you keep trying to mess with Ashok, Sushim says now i will finish Ashok, i have made a plan, she ask what plan, flashback shows Sushim coming to snake dealer(mysterious girl), she ask whom you want to kill? he says his name is Ashok, she says how i will enter palace? he gives her pass and says this work should be done, she says dont worry my snake’s bitten person cant even ask water, your work will be done, fb ends, Charu hugs and says why you didnt tell me about this plan before, where is that girl now? Sushim says she must be in palace and focusing on her work.
Scene 2
Ashok comes in his room, he removes his jewelry and recals how Sushim was misbehaving with Ahenkara, how he alleged her that she is trying to go close to Ashok, then how Ahenkara changed her statement infront of Bindu, he changes his clothes and become common Ashok, he says i dont understand why Ahenkara is doing this, if she loves Sushim then i have no right to question her, the mysterious lady comes to Ashok, she mixes poison in juice and comes to Ashok, she says this juice will keep you calm, he says how you know i was stressed? she says for any new prince, first day is hectic, Ashok takes juice glass from her and is about to drink it, he ask i didnt see you before, she says i am appointed newly here, Ashok says many new things are happening today, he is about to drink juice but Chanakya comes there, Ashok leaves his glass and goes to him, mysterious girl changes glass, she throws poisonous juice in plant and hides behind curtain, Chanakya says to Ashok that after dinner you will help me in writing some letters, Ashok says yes, he leaves from there, Chanakya looks at plant doubtfully and leaves too.
Cook says to Kasturi that i will say sorry to Dharma as when she used to work here, i scolded her, i didnt know she was queen, Dharma comes and says you dont need to be sorry, you were doing your duty, i am happy that i did work with people who work for Bindu with full loyalty, Mysterious girl comes in kitchen too. Dharma starts cooking in kitchen. Radha is in kitchen too and ordering his agents to keep an eye on everyone, Chanakya’s agent Yashesvri find some cook entering kitchen with bottle, he is about to mix liquid in food, Yashesvri stops him and says you know before tasting anything, you cant put it in food, she calls soldier and ask him to taste liquid, he does and says its fine, cook puts that liquid in food. Radha says no man seems doubtful so i should concentrate on women, mysterious lady finds Radha there, she says i think they have got to know about snake’s bite to soldiers thats why they are alert but i have to do my work.
Dharma finds Yashesvri there, she starts talking to her, mysterious lady comes there and ask Yashesvri can you help me to bring rice from store room, Yashesvri leaves with her, she says to Yashesvri that we need to bring Basmati rice to make good food for prince Ashok, Yashesvri thinks she seems to be working from here from before thats why she knows everything, mysterious girl brings her to store room and pins poison in her feet, Yashesvri ask what was that, she says there was an ant on your feet, Yashesvri leaves from there, mysterious lady says that i have given her such poison by which her eyes will be open but she will be stoned.
Mysterious lady comes to Dharma and says Yashesvri has sent to me make food for Ashok, Dharma ask her to cut peanuts, Ashok likes it, Radha sees Yasesvri standing idle, he says why she is not responding to me. Mysterious lady opens her ring and mixes poison power in kheer, she brings that to Kasturi and says this is specially made for Ashok as there are many peanuts in it, Kasturi ask her to take it for Ashok, Mysterious ladystarts taking kheer for Ashok but Radha stops mysterious girl he ask soldier to taste dish, he does and says its very nice, Radh allows mysterious girl to take dish to Ashok, she thinks that till my poisonous dish will work on this soldier, Ashok would eat this too by that time.
PRECAP- The mysterious girl brings poisonous kheer to Ashok, she says he wont even have time to ask water before dying, she gives poison mixed bowl to Ashok, Sushim smirks, Ashok says to dharma that its been many days since you have make me eat with your hands, feed me today, Dharma takes bowl from him and is about to feed him.