Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 38 Update on Thursday 7th February 2019

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Almudena again thanks Diana for accepting Rafael into their house and Diana says that it’s because he is Camilo’s son and he has also proven to the family to be a good person and that makes him one of them. she wants Diana to go out with her so they can talk but she refused and states that she and her family will be having dinner in the house and Almudena says then that is even perfect because she will stay behind so to know all the family members because Rafael has been telling her good things about them and Diana giggles.

Almudena tries to talk to Regina but she doesn’t conceal that she doesn’t like her and she allows herself to be dissed in a nice way by Regina. 

Camilo tells Regina and Diana that Pablo is a good boy and that is why he never fired him and Regina tells him that it means that they can still be friends and Diana agrees to her plea to still be friends with Pablo but if she makes another mistake because of Pablo; that friendship is going to be over.

Almudena tries bribing Lidia so she can inform her about whatever goes on in the Sarmientos house but she tells her that she might need the money but the truth is she can’t be her informer but if only that she will give her money if she tells her what is going on at the Sarmientos house, Lidia replies that she needs the money but she is not aninformer and she wouldn’t use such a dirty way to earn that money. 

At the hospital whiles the family stood beside her to have her scan to determine the sex of the child and after the doctor gave her results, Diana, Barbara and Nico becomes so much happy to hear that Regina’s baby is a boy and Regina can’t hold back her excitement but on the other hand, she becomes sad because no matter what she still wants to give the boy up for adoption and that makes her sad because she feels that what happened to her mum will happen to the boy should she give him up for adoption.

Regina tells her mother that it would hurt her if her baby didn’t want to know about her as her aunt Laura does not want to hear about her biological mother, Diana tells her to enjoy the present and make her baby feel that she is expecting him with love. Diana do everything to make her rethink her decision.

Margarita tells Manuel that Regina’s baby is a boy and that means they are going to be parents of a baby boywhich she suggests and thinks that it should reconcile them instead of divorce. 

Rafael gets Paloma a nice bouquet but whiles on his way home, he spots her hugging a man so passionately and becomes so much jealous seeing the two walks away with their arms around each other’s waist. He gets home to see them there and, in his furiousness, he becomes surprise after Paloma introduced the man to him as her real father Mr. Patricio. Then he calms down.

Patricia knowing how his only daughter thinks ill of him because of a misunderstanding that took place between him and Laura which he thinks Laura never said her side of the story in a truthful way to their daughter and that is why Paloma thinks bad of him, he reveals to his daughter that, he will have to meet Laura so they can clear things to Paloma for her to know the truth about their separation and that is why he came to Mexico.

Adrian tells Diana and Laura that Manuel is thinking about getting separated from Margarita so Regina will have to change her mind. He again asks them to keep it a secret So Manuel will not think that he betrayed him.

Camilo arrives at Monica’s house to honor his date and at the dinning, Monica still wishes that Camilo will think about her love for her and return it because it’s been 20yrs she’s loved him secretly and Camilo says he looks so confused. Whiles having a nice tune dance with her, Inaki also arrives right at her door ringing the bell severally but there was no answer since Monica tells Camilo that she’s expecting no one though Camilo wants her to open but hell no says Monica and so Inaki leaves worriedly and Camilo after a while, he bids Monica goodnight and leaves.

Laura thinks that her sister Diana should find an ally at Media link who can inform them about whatever could go on between Monica and Camilo and Diana suggests Nora the receptionist because she is good at that them so they can stand on every information they gather to boycott all of their plans whenever decide to have a date and Diana is going to hide behind Laura so no one suspects her.