Meri Aashiqui Episode 207– 208 Update on Thursday 7th February 2019

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Shekhar says to Ishaani that if they don’t need you, you should become someone’s need. If they don’t love you, you should love yourself. There is no one in the world who doesn’t have problem, should everyone die here. Seeing others pain one should not be thankless, but thankful; seeing a beggar on street one must thank God that he gave them house to live. Those who don’t have better shoes to wear, one must think about those who don’t have feet. If she loves her family for one percent only she must go to them, and the right to take one’s life only resides with the one who made her be born.
Ranveer comes to Ishaani’s bedroom, thinking about all their romance in the room. He touches the things there, looks at the wind-chimes there her words echo in his mind. Then her last words about hating him echo in his mind, he shuts his ears to get relax. He looks at her photo frame, sits with it in hands. He cries hugging her photo, then puts it on a table and places a flower in front of it. He then brings a lamp and lights it. Ritika comes there and says she can understand his pain, she says Ishaani has left this world but will never leave their lives. If they can save this lamp from going out together, why can’t they save this relation. RV leaves the room. Amba watches this, thinking RV is still in pain of Ishaani, he needs to keep her away from her in anyway.
Shekhar and the judge’s daughter were cozy in bed, in morning. The receptionist calls Shekhar and tells him that a girl is here to meet him and is insisting. Shekhar wonders if it is Peecha Churao, the judge’s daughter gets angry, and asks the receptionist who is it. The receptionist says this is Ishaani Parekh and says sir got her out of the jail. Shekhar’s girlfriend apologizes him saying he can’t have an affair with a girl who was in jail, she must be here to say thankyou. Shekhar tells the receptionist to send him up.
Shekhar comes out thinking some girls are a headache only. He comes to Ishaani in the hall, Ishaani says she came to say thanks to him. He says she could have called him. She says she gave him a reason to live as well. He says if she is done, he was busy inside and heads back to go. She stops him to go inside and gives him some money, saying these are 8,000. He smiles, then asks if she thinks he takes whatever a person puts in his hands; he takes 8 lacs for a case. His girlfriend comes to the door, he changes his tone at once, then says to Ishaani aloud that he can’t take this, he took her case with his own will, his mother said that he will for sure earn love in life. Ishaani asks him to keep this money she earned it in jail and will return the others as well. He looks at his girlfriend who nods, he takes the money saying he will keep them and will never spend them, as it is his most precious earning. He says if he wasn’t a good man, he should have returned them, but will she feel happy if he takes it. She nods. He says he will then keep it. Ishaani leaves, Shekhar looks at the money then his girlfriend and comes inside. She hugs him saying she didn’t know he is so sensitive from inside and recognizes someone’s feelings so well. She goes into washroom, he thinks he hasn’t sent her father a photo. He thinks she called her a good man, he must not be one; then wonders if she is making him really a good person.
Ritika tells Amba that Ranveer is really pained by Ishaani’s dead. Amba says she has to live happily with him, only wiping his tears isn’t enough. Amba says she must now take Ishaani’s place in not only this house but RV’s heart as well. They all know she has been staying with him in a room, but there is nothing like marriage in their life. They are only friends, she will give birth to a baby in a month, the child will get RVs name but does she think he will get a father. She must marry Ranveer now, Ishaani is legally dead so their relation should now be made legal now. They won’t even need to produce Ishaani and Ranveer’s divorce papers in court as well. Ritika says she will talk to Ranveer about it, and one man can do it better. Amba asks her to call him now, Ritika calls Shekhar.
Ishaani was walking on the road, when she finds some boys teasing and misbehaving with a lady. She picks a stick nearby beats both the men from behind and holds their knives at them. She asks the other woman to get into the car, and herself gets the driving seat.
PRECAP: Ranveer runs to kitchen where Ritika was. He shouts her name and there is a fire blast in kitchen, he saves Ritika from it.
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Ishaani fights the men and gets inside the car with the lady. She locks the car from inside and moves.
Chaitali is shocked to hear from Derwash if Ishaani is alive, he tells her Ishaani is alive, she is free from jail and wants to meet family. He says he talked to her very rudely, and told her she isn’t needed anymore in the family, should he tell Falguni chachi about it. Chaiali asks if he has gone mad, Falguni has gone to pooja for peace of her dead daughter, it is better for them that Ishaani is forgotten. She says it was good he didn’t tell anyone about her, no one knows she is alive. She always brought bad luck, it is only because of her that they are living in such a house, it is also because of her that her Sharman’s life was destroyed. Derwash says Ishaani’s his sister, Harshid’d daughter and he had done so much for her. RV might even remarry her then, and everything will get that way. His cell phone rings, Chaitali shows him saying this is his future, he must concentrate on this rich girl andforget Ishaani.
The girl talks to Dewarsh about a meeting with her parents and brother tomorrow. She says she asked her brother and bought a dress they had spotted. He smiles that her brother is really nice. She says he has to dress well tomorrow as well, she is tensed that her brother is very smart, will he like him or not. He even twists the other person in talking too. She hopes it goes well tomorrow. Derwash assures her that he will handle her brother. He will even be there in time, she was really excited wishing everything goes on well. She says she now has to go to a party and hangs up. Chaitali says she is really happy that he is meeting such rich girls, may be they bring their good times back.
Sharman tells Ritika that she and RV are perfect for each other, they are true companions. RItika says he can’t talk about his ex-wife, he can’t move on until he forgets her. She isn’t no more. Mala smiles that Ishaani is alive. Shekhar says if his ex-wife is dead, there must be no problem. Ritika says RV has been unable to forget his ex-wife. Shekhar gets she has called him here as a friend but not as lawyer. He promises that the matters of heart are even more prolonged than legal. He assures Ritika that he will talk to RV man to man. Shekhar takes RV saying they must talk alone. Mala wonders if she must tell everyone Ishaani is alive, then thinking conditions aren’t favourable. Amba comes scolding her, and asks her to get some snacks for guest.
Shekhar tells RV he thought he was as smart in relation as in business, but it is saddening that he is still stuck with one person only. What it is that he can’t forget his ex-wife. RV looks at him angrily and says he doesn’t want to talk to him.
Mala hurries in kitchen, thinking what must be going on in the kitchen.
Shekhar tells Ranveer he met a girl today just like him, she wanted to give life for lover and forget family. Shekhar says both of you must be kept in museum, as such aashqui doesn’t work well in real life. Shekhar says that as a friend, his ex-wife is his past while RItika is his responsibility. He must thus make his responsibility as his future. RV says he is taking up his responsibility on RItika, but can’t love her.
Ritika comes to kitchen, she thinks Mala is making tea without switching the stove on. RV senses the smell, runs to kitchen to Ritika. He saves Ritika from burning. Amba scolds Mala that it could get fire at home because of her. Ritika was in a state of shock, Amba asks Ritika if she is fine. Ritika says I am fine. Ranveer leaves the kitchen. RItika says Ranveer saved her. Amba takes her into her room for rest.
Ishaani stops the lady she fought for, with her keys in hand. The lady smiles at her saying thankyou. Ishaani takes a leave, the lady stops her asking her to stay here as it is already late. Ishaani says it is ok. The lady says she has helped her today, she can’t let her leave like this. She says her husband is out for some work, her daughter has gone for some party. She tells her that they actually live in Mumbai, but since their house is getting renovated she isn’t used to staying here; so it is a request as well. Ishaani asks how she can, but the lady says she told her she has no place to live, she must stay here until she gets some place to live. The power goes off them, the lady curses the power outbreaks there. Ishaani asks where the candles are and goes to take them, the lady watches someone arriving and is worried. It was Shekhar, and announces he is the thief and has come to rob the house. He waves at the smiling lady, Ishaani comes there with candle in his way. He asks her?
The candle drops Ishaani’s hand, the electric supply just come back. The lady asks Shekhar if he knows her, he says yes unfortunately. The lady says fortunately this girl saved his mom’s life today. He asks what? She tells him that in her way, some men snatched her bag, she denied and the men took a knife. Ishaani saved her life from those goons, Shekhar asks disbelievingly, really? He thinks that his mother India doesn’t know that the girl she has brought home is a murderer, and is more dangerous than the goons. He takes his mom aside, but the lady takes Ishaani to show her room. He says he has to talk to her, his mom says usually he has no time to talk to her where has the moon sighted from today. He says he isn’t joking, she says neither is she and takes Ishaani inside. She takes excuse from lawyer. He stops her, she says over-ruled as this case has been dismissed.
Shekhar goes into his room, walking restlessly saying how he must tell his mom this girl isn’t an ordinary one. His mom comes there asking if he wants something. He tells his mother that he fought Ishaani’s case, she is a murderer. Her mom says he fought her case and won, why would he have fun if she was a murderer. He thinks how he can tell his mom the truth, then says she isn’t a murderer actually. His mom says she is sure her son can’t save a murderer, and she has seen the good in Ishaani’s eyes. She puts her life for someone else, and is sure she is a good girl by heart. Shekhar says he can’t understand women that Ishaani first wanted to kill someone else, then herself, what she wants to do now.
Ishaani was sitting on bed touching a bruise on her arm. Ranveer also sat touching his arm exactly at same place, thinking about his last sight of Ishaani. Ishaani thinks about his remarriage. Ishaani comes to look at moon, Ranveer stands up in shock to see the moon. Ishaani cries, while Ranveer was heart-broken.

PRECAP: The ladies question that when she isn’t married what kind of goad bharai, Ritika says they are questioning her piousness in her house. The ladies say she is becoming a mom without marriage, they didn’t even invite their Gujrati elders for blessings to couple, there is no proof of wedding. Ranveer comes and asks what proof do they want?