Kawach Episode 12 Update on Thursday 7th February 2019

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Pari searches family kundalis in whole house and thinks how to find out whose kundali is missing. Daadi calls Saroj to get kundalis. Servant gives her kundalis and she says Shreya’s kundali is missing. Pari thinks how to save Shreya now. She reminisces Rajveer refusing to wear holy thread and realizes she kept it in temple. She picks holy thread and walks towards Shreya’s room. Manjulika comes and says she cannot save Shreya with this thread. Pari takes thread near her and she backs off. Pari goes to Shreya’s room and sees shreya’s brothers taunting her. Manjulika comes into painting. Pari scolds brothers not to taunt Shreya and ties holy thread on Shreya’s wrist. Shreya says this thread loses color and she does not need it. Pari insists and leaves asking her not
to remove it. Manjulika stops Pari and says how will she save herself without thread and tortures her. Shreya removes her holy thread. Tipsy says she will complain chachi. Shreya says not to, she does not need this thread.
Pari in her room thinks Manjulika was troubling her and now her family. Rajbeer comes and Pari says she needs to protect her family from evil, etc. Rajbeer says what happened to her, she used not believe in all this earlier, now she is acting weird, he is missing his old Pari. Pari thinks it was Manjulika in her body, if she should inform Rajbeer about Manjulika. Manjulika comes and asks her to dare inform Rajbeer about her. Rajbeer hugs Pari, but Munjulika hugs him instead.
In the morning, Pari goes to Shreya’s room and sees thread on bed. She gets worried and asks Nandish where is Shreya. He says she went to a restaurant with Vishal. She rushes in taxi towards restaurant. Shreya and Vishal enjoy romantic lunch. Shreya asks him not to go to US for further studies. He says it will help him in his business. She says his kundali is needed for panditji to fix their marriage date. He says kundalis got exchanged and her kundali is with him. She calls Kammo daadi and informs that her kundali is with Vishali and his kundali at their home. Daadi says vishal’s kundali is not here. Saudamini sitting on chair says it is with her. Vishal orders juice. Manjulika goes there and mixes poison in it. She counts 9, 8, 7..3.2.1 while Vishal is aout to sip juice. Pari comes running and drops Vishal’s juice and then apologizes. Manjulika fumes in anger. Pari says she has to take Shreya home and takes her out. Shreya says Vishal’s kundali is with daadi and her kundali is here, now she will go home soon to fix marriage. Pari walks behind Vishal. Manjulika sends car to kill Vishal when Pari sees speeding car and saves Vishal. Manjulika gets more angry. Saudamini comes and taunts her that she always fail in front of Pari. Pari asks Vishal to drop her to hanuman temple and he takes her near temple. She insists him to attend temple thinking god will protect him. Vishal agrees and walks towards temple with her. Saudamini comes and kills him. Pari sees him vanishing and shouts Vishal…Saudamini tells she is not Manjulika to fail often.
Pari rushes home and hugs Rajbeer tightly and says both evils killed Vishal. Rajbeer points at Vishal. Vishal says her that panditji fixed his and Shreya’s marriage after 6 months and now he can go to US peacefully. Pari says she will accompany him till airport. He says he has to meet his friends on the way and leaves smirking at Pari. Saudamini in Vishal’s body reaches her guru’s cave and hands his deadbody to guruji yelling Vishal’s father with Bundela family killed her ruthlessly and now she killed him and then will kill his father.
Pari goes to her room and asks Manjulika what did they do with Vishal, she will inform Rajveer about her. Manjulika gets into her body. Rajbeer comes and she hugs him. He asks shew was telling something about Vishal. Pari asks him to forget everything and spending romantic night with him. In the morning, Pari wakes up thinking what happened to her last night. She tells Rajbeer that Vishal is missing and evils killed him. Rajbeer scolds her that she started again and not her old Pari, it is may be due to family stress and asks her to just take care of herself and not family. He calls psychiatrist to seek help.
Family wishes Saroj/Saudamini in her body on 75th birthday and Kammo daadi says they will celebrate saroj’s birthday lavishly today in rajasthani style. Rajbeer meets psychiatrist and discusses Pari’s condition. Psychiatrist says Pari is suffering from split personality disorder and shows him reference book.
Saroj’s birthday party starts with guests all around. Bundela family wishes Saroj happy birthday. Pari thinks Saroj is alread dead, how to wish her. Saudamini comes out of Saroj’s body and twists her neck. Pari shouts how can she harm Saroj. Saudamini says she forgot Saroj is dead many days ago, today Saroj will make hangama on her birthday party. Jagath comes and Omkar hugs and greets him. Omkar wishes Saroj happy birthday. Saroj says she was waiting for him and let us start puppet game. Puppeteers start puppet dance. Saroj goes towards her room. Pari follows her. Manjulika tries to stop her, but Pari says she cannot stop her today and walks up. Saudamini goes to room and comes out of Saroj’s body and laughs that people are celebrating Saroj’s birthday after her death. She goes back and mingles with people. Pari searches her and thinks what game she is playing today. Manjulika says it is devil game and has already started.

Precap: Manjulika in Paris body thinks now Rajbeer will see her new avatar. She strangulates psychiatrist and bites Rajbeer’s hand. Saudamini kills Omkar. Rajbeer scolds Pari for biting his hand.