Tomorrow is a New day Episode 38 Update on Wednesday 6th February 2019

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Diana tells her children that she and Laura were adopted by their grandmother Eugenia and their grandfather Francisco and Laura says that she does not understand why Eugenia adopted her if she didn’t love her, but on the other hand, she is not even willing to know the woman who abandoned her and gave her up for adoption. This hits Regina very much considering her decision to give her child up for adoption. Adrian tells Laura that the important thing is that Eugenia gave them a home and Diana tells her and her children that they don’t have to be ungrateful towards Eugenia and Camilo tells their children that it doesn’t have to change anything since Eugenia will still remain being their grandmother. 

Laura advises Diana to be on her toes and stay guard so not to lose guard for Monica to take Camilo from her.

Monica speaks with Camilo at the office and he asks her about how she sees Almudena and Monica says she never got the chance to speak with her much and Camilo says, Almudena is so sweet, wonderful, amazing and fantastic. Monica then becomes jealous looking at how enthusiastic Camilo describe when he talks aboutAlmudena. 

Camilo tells Pablo that he is in favor of his protest or environmental work but hiding and doing it in undercover way is not right because he could be treated like a criminal always in every attempt. He then assures him that he will not fire him, but he wants him to make media link an environmentally responsible company to that means he is creating a new office which will deal with the issues concerning the pollution of the environment and how they canhelp solve the situation and by so doing, Pablo will be the head. 
Almudena pretends to have interest in becoming Monica’s friend but what she wants for real is to manipulate her to speak ill of Diana with her but Monica isn’t ready for that. 

Pablo asks Camilo to let him be friend of Regina though Camilo doesn’t again because he is afraid that Pablo might get his daughter in trouble but, Camilo replies that it’s okay as long as he does not get her.
Paloma goes to media link to give Rafael’s wallet to him because he left it home and there, he appreciates her efforts and thanks her with toffees and after she left, Rafael tells Armando sincerely that Paloma makes him feel things that no one has made him feel before and Armando asks him if he knows what she feels for him too and Rafael replies that he does not know and he is afraid to ask her but what he feels for her has never happened to him before. 

Diana’s becomes happy because her doctor Juan reveals to her that she is completely healthy now because the text they conducted again on her shows that she does not have cancer anymore and this was after she went to the hospital. 

Margarita meets Regina at her school campus and tells her that she’s heard of her mum and aunt been adopted children and that means there is no need for them to object to her trying to adopt her child and Regina clears things with her that her mum’s issue has nothing to do with her decision to give her child up for adoption though she is considering changing her mind because her auntie Laura refuses to forgive her real parents for abandoning her but Maggi asks her to not change her mind. 

Regina again wants go to the hospital for her ultra sound and Margarita insists on going with her to see the doctor but Regina tells her that she is going with her siblings and her mother, margarita still insists and Regina tells her that she wants to go with her family but she never allows Maggi. 

Diana gives the good news Camilo about her health been out of danger now and Camilo becomes so happy and she wants them to celebrate but Camilo says he has an appointment and so they should do it later. 

Cristobal now has devoted his whole life for the music and now refuses or has no time for school to the extent that he doesn’t even take class texts and he careless about it but his friend Ferchi tries talking sense into him but all she gives are excuses as she thinks that the music rather is his life and a great opportunity.

Mauricio becomes furious upon learning from Monica that Camilo did not dismissed Pablo for having used hiscomputer equipment and server for his secret environmental works illegally rather Camilo instead asked him to use his knowledge of environmental science in media link. Mauricio thinks Camilo doesn’t know how to control the company and with this attitude of being so soft on the workers he doesn’t think media link will last long because in his leadership mind, he thinks the workers needs discipline and limitation and if he were the manager, he will put the company in order unlike Camilo.

Sharing great happiness about the fact that Diana is now out of danger from her cancer and also Regina going to have her ultra sound to know the gender of her child, Almudena all of a sudden shows up at the Sarmientos house and says she want them to be friends since they have things in common like; they are both classy, educated something like social standards unlike Monica who looks traditional and she can’t be friends with her because she did not like her at all for a friend.

She again thanks Diana for accepting Rafael into their house and Diana says that it’s because he is Camilo’s son and he has also proven to the family to be a good person and that makes him one of them. she wants Diana to go out with her so they can talk but she refused and states that she and her family will be having dinner in the house and Almudena says then that is even perfect because she will stay behind so to know all the family members because Rafael has been telling her good things about them and Diana giggles.