Sightless Love Episode 62 Update on Wednesday 6th February 2019

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It looks like after Isauro rethinking about the nurses advise to him to have therapy at the hospital, he calls there tobook an appointment with them but he wants the doctor to keep his meeting anonymous. 
At the hospital’s cafeteria, Erick feels attracted to Yolanda and tries to convince her to accept going out to have dinner with him but Yolanda tells him that she can see he likes her, but the fact is that she does not accept to go out with him. 

Marina at the hospital’s meeting room, she sees the face of Alberto for the first time and she becomes shocked and more disappointed. She then goes to see Dr. Bazan and reproaches him for having accepted her to work there and Ricardo replies that after she told him, her story with Alberto, he realized that she still feels something for him and to bring her to work in the same place was to give her the opportunity to know if she could try againhaving something with Alberto. Marina replies that he did not had any right to experiment her feelings for Albertoand if he believes that she could have a reconciliation with the man who rejected her son, he is wrong. She then threatens to resign asking him to find a new receptionist.

Paulino tells Ana that the woman he loves is getting married to another man and that he had disappointed his father and his sister too, Ana tells him that everything will be fine. Same vein, Luis calls him to inquire from him if he is doing his job by following his wife and he says yes and lies to him that they are even at the mall where Prudencia is trying some shoes on and if he wants, he can let him speak with her. Luis then pretends to have believed him but hanging up, he goes angry stating that Paulino is making a fool out of him as his father Margarito did.

As usual Susana wants the wedding her ways but Hilda thinks it’s a one day thing and therefore there is no need to spend so much and Susana tells Hilda that his son promised to give them all the money they may need to do the expensive wedding and Hilda says that is true but her son is not the one going to pay for the expenses but her instead and so the wedding dress she and Vanessa have chosen is final and also the number of the guests will be cut down and this angers Susana to the max.

Finally, Isauro goes to see Lucrecia to have his treatment/therapy to overcome his obsession. 
Ericks father warns him to stop chasing women at the hospital and take his job serious because some of the nurses are tired of always correcting him with his medications and he replies his dad that it’s not so they just have different opinions about the medications “dad” but he tells him that at the hospital he is not his father but his boss.

After Alberto heard from Bazan that Marina is going to quit her job, tells Marina that she doesn’t have to resign from her job, marina tells him that she cannot work in the same place he does and Alberto replies that if that is so then he is the one who is going to quit so she never loses her work. 
Hilda tells Vanessa that Edson will please her in everything, but her mother is trying to get in on everything and it’s indeed true that Edson has a lot of money, but he is not going to squander it aimlessly like that as her mum wants. 

Luis tells Susana that his investigation about if Paulino is following his wife or not to update him proved to be false and so, he is going to follow Prudencia himself but will not let Paulino and Prudencia know about the ally and if he discovers that she cheats on him with another man, he will get divorced and leave her penniless. 

Whiles Marina tells Bazan that Alberto told her that he will instead resign than to see her do so and Marina looking so worried that Alberto might not get such opportunity again asks Bazan if he is sure Alberto will do so and he says he can and that means also that Alberto still cares about her, same vein, Alberto indeed was asking Lucrecia’s father Dr. Zamudio that he wants to resign though working with him is a great opportunity but he wants to do so out of personal reasons best known to him though it will cost him but still the doctor asks him to rethink about his decision.

Paulino offers apology to his dad and sister to forgive him for lying to them because he did that so they never call him useless and Margarito forgives him and asks him that he will not lie to them again. He took the opportunity to introduce Ana to them.

Bazan tells his mother that it seems Alberto is willing to give up all he’s harvest for, for love and that makes him feel sad that he brought them together but his mum Encarnacion tells his son to exercise patience because it’s one thing for Alberto to honor his words for true love and other thing to impress her with those resignation words of his and Bazan says that before that could happen for the two to be brought together, he is going to resign from the hospital because he can’t stand to watch Alberto and marina reconcile.