Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 37 Update on Tuesday 5th February 2019

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Almudena tells Rafael that to see Camilo again brought many memories up again and Rafael asks her if she is still in love with him and she says something like that and Rafael advises her to not get in any problems so not to cause a conflict between the Sarmiento and that he does not even think that Camilo feels the same way as she does so she should forget. 

Almudena, Rafael, Camilo, and Diana meet for dinner and Monica following Ximena’s advice shows up there and Diana gets upset.

She then pulls Monica to the washroom and there she talks her mind to Monica that she has to stop getting into her and Camilo’s lives and Monica replies that she came to defend what’s hers and she had no idea at first to interrupt their marriage but she was the one who got her involved with her husband when she thought she was going to die and she now loves him even more and so Diana should take responsibility for what she asked her to do. 

She then again makes it clear to Diana that she is going to fight for Camilo and he will be the one to choose who he wants to stay with in future. Unknowingly to them, Almudena was at the washroom and overhears the whole conversation clearly and realizing that from Rafael that Almudena was at the washroom too, they all go shock stirring at each other. Later on, Ximena also shows up lying to support the excuse Monica gave to Camilo that, she only came there to meets Ximena her friend.

Adrian tells Laura that not everything was so bad with her mum Eugenia because she had a family, a home and she must have some memory of a moment of her mother making her feel loved and Laura actually remembered one. 

Manuel finds out that Margarita did not go to see the psychologist and she challenges him that only people that are crazy or sick go to the psychologist and that she is perfectly sane but Manuel tells her that he is getting to his limit and he’s now run out of patience. Same vein, Lidia remembers the love she ones shared with Manuel and his promise to her that he is going to be with her always and Lidia coming back to her senses tells herself that, everything Manuel said was a lie because in the end he run off with Margarita.

Camilo asks Almudena why she never told him that she was pregnant and she replies that she found out a little too late after he left the country with his family and her father scared her by saying that he (Camilo) would have taken her baby away from her should she have disclosed to him and Camilo answers that he would have married her because now he can tell her that Rafael is his pride. Almudena apologizes for keeping it from him but she can still say life is giving them another chance.

Rafael tells her mother that though he wants her to find happiness, but he is sorry to tell her that her happiness is not with Camilo so she should forget her idea to win him back. After Rafael left, Almudena reminisces the argument between Diana and Monica and she says to herself that she now knows what to do to get her finger again to wearing a nice ring one of these days.

Diana tells Camilo that she is wondering how her children reactions are going to be towards their grandma should realize that Eugenia isn’t her mum because she wants them to continue seeing Eugenia as their grandmother and as well as Laura as their aunty. Camilo then suggests to her that thinks she should still tell them and may be that could ginger Regina so to consider either to give her child up for adoption or not. Diana then asks Camilo to not leave her to face the situation by herself because with him she can sail through.

Mauricio meet Ximena at a spot and there after drinking to the max, they kiss. In the morning she reveals to Monica that she was Mauricio and he even flirted with her because they are now good friends and Monica warns her to not get close to him again because she can get her into trouble because should anything happen between them the Sarmientos might think that she Monica is her accomplice and the truth is that he is about to marry Barbara.

At dinning, Camilo’s family members update themselves on the happenings of their life and after, Diana reveals to them that, she found out that she and Laura were adopted by Eugenia and they go shocked.