Sightless Love Episode 61 Update on Tuesday 5th February 2019

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Paulino Introduces Marina to His Father and Sister and Marina looking so Excited Tells Them That She thank God that finally she Can See the Faces of The People She Loves.

Marina runs into Alberto at the hospital but she doesn’t recognize him and Alberto also didn’t speak a word and it looks like he got shock to know that Marina now can see. 

Luis calls Margarito to know why he and her daughter came to the city and just roaming about like that and he tells him that he is in the city for checkup on his health because he’s been sick for a while and thinks its hard time, he screens his body to know the problem. 

Prudencia knowing about it asks Luis to help Margarito but he feels so reluctant and bossy thinking that hiring Paulino is enough and can’t assist Margarito any longer. Prudencia then tells Luis that if Margarito is sick: it is fair that he pays for his medical expenses but if he is not going to do so, she will and quickly she calls Alberto to assistMargarito medically. 

Prudencia tells Luis that to make things better between them he asked her to stay home and now he is the one who does not come home, he arrives late and does not pay attention to her, Luis tells her that he has a lot of work. 

Susana wants to organize the wedding in her own way and in a very expensive manner but seriously it looks like she is having a tough moment with Hilda because she is not a person who spend aimlessly as Susana and it looks also like Vanessa wants to go the way of her mother in law and asks her mum to agree with Hilda. 

Going home, Susana complains to Prudencia that Edson’s mother wants to get involved in everything by planning the wedding even when no one has asked for her opinion and Prudencia advises her to stay off and let Vanessa, organize her wedding together with her mother-in-law and seriously she is not even sure that Vanessa is ready for marriage and that she is rushing into things too much. 

Susana replies that Vanessa doesn’t want to have any differences with her mother-in-law, so she is taking care of it. Prudencia tells her that she hopes she is not taking advantage of Vanessa and forcing her to get married. Prudencia tells Angustias that Luis asked Paulino to follow her, and it is her the one who should have him followed but that she doesn’t think that he has a lover. 

Alberto Tells Erick That Marina Recovered her Sight, but what surprises Him is that when She ones Bumped into Him, she didn’t Recognize Him all the same he thinks it wasn’t her fault but because he never spoke with her so she could recognize him. 

Eric comes to give information to Alberto that he learnt Marina is now the new receptionist for Dr. Bazan and so he should get the idea of bumping into her every day. This makes Alberto goes worried because Alberto thinks that, Marina is learning to allocate spaces with her sight and it’s looks like a punishment but Erick tells him that maybe that job is part of her therapy to gain her sight as fast as possible. 
Same vein, Marina still complains to Yolanda that she and a doctor bump into each other and after she apologized to him, he never did and never uttered a word to her and that looks so rude of him and she never wants to see that doctor again. 

Encarnacion asks her son Bazan if Marina bumped into Alberto on her first day at work and he says if that were so Marina would have told him. She then states that then Bazan has to do everything to be sending Marina to the hospital corners so she might have encounter with Alberto so to know if they still love each or may be with that she can close her past and look forward to a new future and should that happen he might be lucky for Marina to fall in love with him and Bazan says Marina even doesn’t know Alberto’s face so there is no need doing so but Encarnacion still thinks Alberto will definitely talk and that might cause her to recognize him and they can take it from there.

Marina and Ana advise Paulino to tells his father the truth that he sings in a bar and also, he’s Margarito’s driver but he says no because he never wants them to think about him as a loser. So, he prefers to sneak from the house to go and sing at the bar using Ana as care of but Yolanda speculate that her brother is hiding something and she questions him to spill it out. 

He then admits in front of his father and his sister that he lied to them about the so-called tv audition he was competing rather he ended up playing on the streets for money and works also as a driver at Mr. Luis’s marketing company. He hid it from them because he didn’t want them to see him as a loser and Margarito goes mad and disappointed in his son for lying to him. 

Isauro again meets with the same prostitute lady and now had wanted to show his krakye powers on her in bedbut after the lady tells him that if she wants to have more fun, she knows he cannot fix his face but should try fixing or doing surgery on his skin. This hurts him very much and he goes crazy.

Alberto can’t understand why Bazan has to hire Marina when she just had surgery and he answers him that it’s because she is in need of a visual therapy and that is why he hired her since the man he loves abandoned her to be on her own because he is a coward and now that she is on her own and raising that child he gave her the work so she can take care of them. it develops into a huge non-stoppable argument.

Angustias reveals to Paulino that Vanessa is getting married and he congratulates her though felt hurt.
It looks like after Isauro rethinking about the nurses advise to him to have therapy at the hospital, he calls there tobook an appointment with them but he wants the doctor to keep his meeting anonymous.