Kawach Episode 11 Update on Wednesday 6th February 2019

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Pari sees Rajbeer’s watch on accident spot and walks in cave hearing Rajbeer calling her and writhing in pain. She sees Rajbeer between black magical circles and thinks if this is Manjulika and Saudamini’s trick. Manjulika says she is a soul and cannot save Rajbeer, but she has body and should save him. Pari walks into circles and her holy thread breaks down. Manjulika enters Pari’s body. Rajbeer wakes up and asks where are they, what are they doing here. Pari says she heard about his accident and came here searching him. They both then head towads home. Saudamini comes and laughs.
Rajbeer’s sister’s engagement ceremony continues. Omkar tells Jagath that he is happy that their age old friendship is turning into ristedari/relationship. Pari and Rajbeer
enter. Janaki sees Rajbeer’s head injury and asks what happened to him. He says minor injury and goes to change. Janaki then starts searching Saroj. Pari thinks Saroj is where her mom is. Saroj comes down and Janaki introduces her to Omkar and asks if she remembers him. Saroj smiles and thinks why not he is also her enemy, her past is coming in front again. She leaves from there and goes to her room. Janaki asks Pari to bring jewelry from her room. She leaves and on the way meets Saroj/Saudamini. They both start chatting. Natasha hears Pari calling Saroj as mom, thinks it is like her serial’s story, and thinks of informing Shakti. She calls Shakti aside and says Pari is Saroj’s daughter like her TV serial. Shakti starts joking.
Heera and Bhaironath reach haveli, but guards don’t let them in. They enter via back door. Saroj/Saudamini see them, greets, and walks away murmuring he came to die here. They see Pari and Bhaironath says Manjulika has posessed Pari’s body and they have to free Pari. They walk behind Pari to her room. Pari searches jewelry yelling she will cut Janaki into pieces for troubling her. She sees Heera and Bhaironath and asks what are they doing here. They start chanting mantras and throwing on her and ask Manjulika to get out of Pari’s body. Manjulika calls Saudamini. Saudamini runs for her help and enters Pari’s body, shouts they both are in Pari’s body and nobody can get them out. Heer and Bhaironath continue their mantra and capture them in a bottle. Rajbeer enters and sees Pari unconscious on bed, thinks Heera and Bhaironath are trying to harm her and sends them out from there. Bhaironath tells Heera that he will bury these evil souls on mountain, till then she should go and do pooja in hanuman temple.
Bhaironath takes Saudamini and Manjulika’s souls to cliff. They shout to free them and bring tornado. Bottle falls down and they get free. They both then take Bhaironath to old haveli and Saudamini shouts he is the one who caged her in suitcase grave, now she will kill him and cage him in same grave. She stabs him repeatedly and he dies. Heera is busy in pooja and havan fire blows off followed by hanuman temple’s lamps. She gets worried. Bhaironath’s soul comes and says Saudamini and Manjulika killed him, Pari is Bundela family’s kavach and only she can save them, Heera should help Pari get rid of Manjulika and Saudamini.
Saudamini goes to her tantrik guru and says with his help, she killed one more enemy. He says he needs gurudakshina, else he will destroy her evil soul. He says he gives a long list of kundali and characters and wants that person’s dead body from Bundela family for his tantric pooja. Saudamini says she will check Bundela family members’ kundali and bring described person’s deadbody to him.
Pari wakes up reminiscing Sauadmini and Manjulika entering his body and sees Rajbeer next to him who says he saw 2 of them trying to harm her, but he kicked them out and they will never return. Pari thinks he is talking about Sauadmini and Manjulika and gets happy that she can start a new life with Rajbeer. She says they will celebrate Shreya’s engagement lavishly now and goes to get ready.
Kammo daadi is busy attending guests. Saudamini in Saroj’s body holds her hand. Daadi gets afraid and turns to see Saroj, asks why is she holding her hand like this. Saroj says she needs all family members’ kundali to perform pooja for their protection. Daadi asks her to take it from her room’s safe. She goes to daadi’s room where Manjulika is already waiting for her and asks if she does not get bored being in old woman’s body. Saudamini says she is, but she has only one deadbody now, soon there will be 3-4 bodies and she can use them. She gets kundali and searches tantric’s needed kundali and finds one. Manjulika says now they should kill this person and give his/her body to tantric for his tantric pooja.

Pari wears beautiful purple sari and Rajbeer ties her blouse lace. Manjulika fumes in jealousy. Pari walks down. Saudamini and Manjulika surround her and says there are 9 members in this family and one of them will die today. Manjulika laughs and says she will give her a clue, there are 9 family members dancing here, one family member’s kundali is missing and will die, she can save him/her if she can. Pari stands in a shock.

Precap: Daadi says all family members kundali is with her except Vishal. Saudamini says Vishal’s kundali is with her and he will die. Manjulika kills Vishal.