Meri Aashiqui Episode 175 Update on Monday 14th January 2019

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RV makes Ishaani have some cake from his hand, both smiles as she takes a bite from his hand. He cleans the remains of it from her lips, and says her birthday was left alone so he finished it, because RV doesn’t leave anything in business and love. Ishaani tells him to be punctual. He says she hasn’t said what she should, the three magical words. She says it is her birthday, she will only listen. If he doesn’t has to say something, she is leaving. He holds her back, and asks for a return gift of her birthday. She asks what, he says he will tell her and gets cozy with her. She calls Kaki, Ranveer disrupts at once, Ishaani makes fun of him and runs away.
Both Ranveer and Ishaani were impatient in their rooms, watching the empty beds between each other. Ranveer goes to the window, Ishaani also comes to the windchime. Ranveer closes the door of his room, before he could knock Ishaani opens the door. He asks how she knows he is about to come, she says wind chime. The chirp as he opens the door, they let her feel being with him all the time. He looks at her and enters the room, closing the door behind. The wall behind her stops her, she heads to leave when he stops her with both arms. He says you girls take meaning from anything, She says you people are idiot as you don’t know the means to express love to girls. Lakshmi hears her talking and wonders whom is she talking to. Ranveer holds her face and asks if she really thinks so. Lakshmi opens the door of the room, the wind chime chirps. Both get alert, Ranveer goes to see it was Lakshmi, he asks Ishaani to wait for her. Lakshmi doesn’t find anyone in the room, Ranveer climbs the window and sits on the couch. He asks Lakshmi what is she doing here, does she want anything. Lakshmi asks if he wants something, he says he will ask if he wants something. Lakshmi looks around still trying to overcome the shock. Ranveer takes Lakshmi in arm and sends her out of his room. Lakshmi takes her water jug, hears from Ishaani’s room. Ranveer keep on opening the door of his room, waiting for her to leave. Lakshmi says she thought Ishaani would be with Ranveer but it she is with someone else. Ranveer gives up and goes to his own bed.
Lakshmi tells Amba that Ishaani must be cheating Ranveer.
Ishaani fears if Ranveer was caught, she gets his message. He said, it seems they will have to do texting today only. She says what she can’t say can atleast be written. He asks what she wants to say. She asks him to think himself. He says he is thinking about Sunny. He says he is missing his Sunny, she says she isn’t the sunny of anyone. She asks what he wants. He says he wants a lot, but first of all he wants to hear the three words. She asks how he will hear through message. He asks her to write them. She says writing won’t work, he must wait till tonight passes. He says it doesn’t work, should he come. She awaits him. Both looks at each other’s pictures, and kiss them. Ishaani says why they let the time go, she wish she could tell him that the love of her alone is enough for them both. He wishes he could tell her he has always loved her as much that it was enough for them both, he can’t think a life without her. Both fell asleep with the photos of each other.
In the morning, Ranveer come to breakfast table and looks for Ishaani. He asks Amba that he wants to eat the dheple she made for him. Amba cheers. Ishaani comes to breakfast table, greets Amba and goes to her seat. She was yawning, Parul asks if she couldn’t sleep well yesternight. Ishaani says someone kept her awake whole night, everyone is shocked. Ishaani says it was someone teasing her all night, she says she is talking about a mosquito. Amba asks was it some lover of her, she knows it all; who was in her room. Ishaani says there was no one, Lakshmi says she was talking to the one. Firstly she thought it was Ranveer, but she checked that Ranveer was asleep and her brothers were also in their rooms. Ranveer gets cough and controls the situation by standing up and scolding Ishaani that there was someone else in her room. Ishaani stands up and says either it is Ranveer Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor or someone else does it matter to him. Derwash and Pratik also shout at Ranveer, Parul stands up and sides Ranveer. Both come to fight with each other. Amba says first they steal, then they deter. Baa says no one steals at one’s own house, and Ranveer has no right to ask Ishaani who was in her room.
PRECAP: Ranveer flirts with a girl, while Ishaani see him doing this.