Kuch Rang Season 2 Episode 15–16 Update on Monday 14th January 2019

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Sona watches an email from Dev. Dev explains its a contract for her. He says he has checked the diet of children studying at Suha’s school. Sona says children are allowed junk food but only when they get nutrition other times. Dev insists on Sona to prepare a nutrition plan for these kids, and include this nutrition in thier favorite foods like pasta. He forwards her all the email addresses of parents so that she get the credit for her work as well. He then thanks Sona when the work is done.

The next morning, Sona was overwhelmed to see all the messages on her cell phone. She gets a call from Aasha, Sona was excited that Dev is the best husband and promises to speak to Aasha after going to office. On the breakfast table, Aleena suggests about dropping the kids to school

but Dev says he will do it. Vicky discusses a business file with Dev. Dev says it was only his opinion, Vicky must take the final decision. Aleena and Vicky take a leave. Golu was busy with his cell phone. Dev tells him to leave it. Suha also complains that Golu is always busy with it. Sona comes to ask Suha about her stomach ache, she assures she is perfect. Dev snatches the phone from Golu and takes from Suha as well, reminding them about Tab Rules. Golu says everyone in the class would tease him otherwise. Dev decides they should not have any phones, he will only think about weekly tab timing. He insists kids must indulge themselves with physical outdoor games. Sona takes the kids to drop them school, as she is leaving for office earlier today.

In the school, Golu comes to his friends excited about cheese burger in their lunch. Everyone was busy with playing games, they forbid him to disturb them and tease them for being a loser in games. Suha comes there. Golu says now he will show them all he isn’t a loser.

Shubh was excited and playful while Dev sits to give him a massage. Ishwari watches this from the door and thinks Dev learnt well to manage all these things. She makes a video of father-son. Dev plays with Shubh while massaging him. Ishwari forwards the video to Sonakshi and takes TK’s help in it. Sona smile broadens as she watches the video. She utters I miss you to them.

Ronita cries with Mishti after being unable to handle her, Shorabh was hurrying for office.
At home, no one was ready to surrender their phones to Dev. They all thought its a game. Dev explains they must do this for kids, they always play games on tabs and watch cartoons. He wants them to go outside and play outdoor games. Mama ji asks why is he taking thier phones. Radha qualifies she learns english on the phone, Mama ji says he reads news on the phone. Dev notices Ishwari had hidden another phone and takes that one as well.

Aasha comes to Ronita worried about why is she crying. Ronita says Mishti is crying continuously. Aasha notices her stomach was bloated, this means she is constipated. Aasha brings oil to massage on her stomach. Ronita thanks Aasha for being there.

In the school, parents were waiting for children as the off timings had extended. Everyone appreciates Dev’s efforst for extra class and thier nutrition plan as well. As the kids return, Dev tells them to go and get fresh, later they will play football. Golu says he needs to check his phone, Suha says they got extra homework today. Dev goes to put Shubh to sleep, then help the kids with homework. He wonders if the kids got extra homework because of him?

Golu comes to Dev’s room and looks around for his tab. All the cell phones had been stuffed in a bag. Golu decides to download the new game right now.
At night, Shubh plays with Dev and Sona. Sona makes a video as Dev plays with him.

PRECAP: The principal complaints to Dev that his children got the least marks in a surprise test, they have been unable to adapt to the new curriculum introduced in the School

Dev compliments Shubh looks cute exactly like him. Sona asks to put him to sleep, but Dev doesn’t let Sona do that.

In kid’s room, Suha asks Golu if she doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow. Golu was involved with the game and says no one can beat him. He tells Suha he took the cell phone where Dev had hidden it. Suha asks if he stole it, Golu says all his friends play this game and would bully him otherwise. And he only took his cell phone back.

Aasha comes to Bejoy in the room, He was worried about a dangerous game circulating which makes kids play challenging games. Dev and Sona must also be concious that a little game may prove harmful for the kids. There, Goly was playing a game which gave him a task for stealing. Golu didn’t agree to steal

but the game utters Loser to him. Golu finally decides to steal from his parent’s room. Aleena was alert and wakes Vicky up as someone was in the room. Vicky says its 3 am, no one must be here. Golu lay on the floor to hide himself and leaves by crawling after light was turned off
The next morning, Aasha sat with Ishwari and discuss Ronita and Shorabh fight alot, it seems there are three kids in the house. Aasha discuss about alot of changes in the society. Ishwari says bringing up kids in really difficult these days. She then asks Aasha about her writing. Aasha says these days she is only enjoying the role of a grandmother.

In the room, Golu whispers to Suha about playing the game. Dev comes there. They make up that they are really sleepy and tired and wants to sleep. Aasha comes there. Golu says they get extra classes these days and get really tired. Sona comes to the room to drop kids to school, and asks Dev to spend time with Aasha.

Golu tells Suha he has to complete the game he is playing. He doesnt want to be a loser, and takes her promise not to share with anyone.

Dev asks Aasha if Shubh worried him. Aasha asks if there is tension in school. Dev says he got the whole curriculum changed, and they also made a nutrition plan. Aasha appreciates Dev’s efforts, but he must only burdenize him self as much as he is able to manage. Dev assures he will take care of everything. Dev says he understands Aasha is right, people doubt when a girl leaves the house to work. When a boy decides to stay at home must also be doubted.

Shorabh asks Sona for a vacation. Sona says she also wants a leave, and want to spend time with Shubh. Shorabh says Ronita hasn’t been able to handle Mishti. Sona doesn’t pay any attention and says she also needs a fresh mind to attend the next meeting.

In the school, kids tease Golu for not even completing the third level. They have even accomplished the sixth task in the game. Golu was determined to finish the game. Suha says Its not necessary to complete a game unethically or by wrong doing.

Vicky questions TK for stealing from his wallet. He tells Ishwari 4000 are missing from his wallet. TK was weepy and says he can even inspect him. Ishwari and Radha insist TK can’t do this. She says may be he had dropped the money. Dev calms Vicky and says he will find out about who stole the money. Vicky says he is only worried because there was theft in home. Ishwari assures TK she is sure he didn’t steal.
Shorabh sits to speak to Sona. Sona gets a call from Dev that they are called at school. Shorabh was irritated and says he promised Ronita to return home earlier today. Sona remembers at once its his anniversary and says she will handle the presentation today. Shorabh discusses with Sona that Dev hasn’t been able to handle such huge responsibility he has taken.

In the school, Principal complains Dev about Golu and Suha giving bad results in any surprise tests. At home, Dev asks kids what happened that they aren’t anymore interested in studies. He sends them to complete thier homework. Ishwari had heard this.

At night, Sona returns home tired. Dev says it seems everyone was on a leave today. Sona says she had an argument with Shorabh; she forgot his anniversary. She asks why were they called to school. Dev says they wanted to discuss about children. Sona says no one is happy with thier decision. Ishwari, Vicky and Aleena come there. They ask Dev why he didn’t share about the kids. Aleena says they realize Dev is taking care of his responsibilities but they want to share his burden. Vicky insists he must distribute his work load. Dev asks if they don’t trust him. Ishwari insists they must share the responsibilities. Sona defends Dev saying they have comitted mistakes with their kids, likewise Dev must also get a chance.

PRECAP: Sona and Dev were dividing subjects to teach the kids. Dev says its time to revise the subject he is best at, as he stares closely towards Sona..