Who Killed Libia Episode 100 Update on Friday 11th January 2019


Vincent informs the brothers that he has accomplished his main mission for coming over by helping them attain what’s rightfully theirs and so he’ll take his leave but anytime they’ll call upon him, he’ll gladly come over. John and his brothers then appreciate the great support he has given them ever since he showed up and they bid him farewell as he goes back to his town.

Raquel tells Benito that she’s not really bothered about what they’re going through at all and on top of it all she’s really excited because before moving out of the house, she left a very big surprise for the Osei brothers that will take them by shock. On the other hand, the police officer arrives and brings to the notice of the brothers to bear in mind that their lands are put on a collateral so if they don’t make the necessary payment, the bank in charge will sell them for their money.

Rosa visits Sofia at her new shop and she realises that she’s not really happy and Sofia explains to her that she’s kind of worried about her unborn baby because John might take the child away from her. Rosa then states to her that John is different and wouldn’t do no such thing because all he cares about is the child’s wellbeing so she should calm down and stop worrying herself over such things in other not to hurt the baby in her womb. She goes ahead to even tell her how lucky she is to have a man like John because he’s not like Fernando who care less about his son Luis.

Vincent goes to caution Gabriela to be careful and also stay away from all her bad deeds especially when it comes to his nephews (the brothers) else if the truth prevails, she’ll be sorry.

Benito goes to inform Eugenia that he has closed his bar and he has nothing else doing in the town so he wants to know if she would like to join him leave and she gladly accepts.

The brothers with the assistant of Tina and her family, gather their belongings and finally packs out into their new home.

Gabriela leads Sarah and Jemima to the brothers’ house and hands over the divorce papers to Oscar and Franco respectively to sign but they refuse to comply in signing the papers.

Raquel notifies Fernando that she has placed the lands and everything in it on a collateral and there’s no way the Osei brothers will get funds to pay for the charges and he congratulates her for being smart and playing hard core than Gabriela herself and they begin to enjoy themselves with some kisses.

John sits to reason with his brothers on how they’re going to gather some funds and pay for the collateral because they can’t sit and watch the lands go into different people’s hands anymore.

Gabriela tells Sofia that if she really loves her as a mother and doesn’t want to let her health condition get worse, then she should go and plead with John to stop challenging her with the lands and let it go but Sofia tells her she can’t afford to do that and wrathfully, Gabriela sends her out of her sight.

Gabriela picks a photo from her locker, which happens to be a photograph of the brothers’ late father and tearfully asks why he betrayed her for another woman after all the care and love she showed him. She continues by saying that what he did turned that love into hatred and that’s why she rejoiced after she found out that he died with that woman.

Gabriela and the Osei brothers are being summoned to the court the following day and it’s being declared that some portion of her lands rightfully belongs to the brothers and so, she must hand it over to them immediately.