Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 23 Update on Thursday 10th January 2019

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Diana goes to Monica’s apartment to speak to her but she finds Ximena on her arrival and she tells her Monica isn’t around at the moment so she decides to sit and wait. Mauricio not knowing the presence of Diana, he budges into the apartment and starts to confront Ximena for giving him away to Rafael when they both agreed on a plan and unexpectedly, Diana hears them and she questions as to what kind of plan they’ve both taken against Rafael.

Camilo finally opens the door for Eugenia to come in whiles Monica goes to hide in the bedroom and Eugenia mentions to him that she overheard someone’s voice but he tells him it was the television. He then asks why she came and what’s going on at home and she states to him that it’s ridiculous for him to be here and he tells her to talk to her daughter Diana because he no longer knows the person he’s married to anymore. Eugenia then informs him that Diana is now finally out of danger so he shouldn’t let this crisis break his home. 

Mauricio not knowing how to explain himself to Diana, he starts beating about the bush and Diana tells him that he can’t deceive her with lies so she asks Ximena to tell her what’s really going on and she spills out the whole truth. Diana then asks Mauricio why he doubts Rafael and he tells her he only wants to protect their family but she clarifies to him that, Rafael has done nothing but to help the family ever since he showed up.

Mauricio goes ahead by saying that he doesn’t like the look of things and he really wants to protect her now that Camilo….. and he pauses but Diana tells him to finish his statement. He then expresses to her about Camilo not making it to a meeting they had at the company while he was with Monica and she asks if the two of them could still be together at the moment and he answers that all signs points to it. Suddenly, Diana asks of her leave, stating that she doesn’t feel well and Mauricio offers to take her home but she rejects and goes by herself.

Regina informs Maggi and Manuel that she needs to go back home and they ask her to forgive if they have by any chance offended her but she tells them that they’ve been really nice to her but she just has to go back and suddenly, Maggi’s mood changes.

Monica excitedly informs Ximena about her love making with Camilo and in the same manner, Camilo sits wondering how it all happened when all along, he thought it was Diana he was making love to and again, he asks himself why it felt so good making love to Monica. On the other hand, Diana lies in bed, saying to herself that she really needs to speak to Monica and make her aware that their deal is over and also needs to win Camilo over right away.

Diana walks to Monica’s apartment and she states it clear to her that she’s so grateful for her help and willingness during her hard times because, she was too hasty and eager to leave everything behind but she’s alive now and would want her to stay away from her husband for good because their deal is now over. Monica then asks if she thinks it’s that easy and also if she thought of the consequences and Diana tells her that it’s easy to quit because it was just an agreement they made so she must stay off and Monica boldly states that it can’t happen because many things has changed. Diana angrily asks if she had intimacy with Camilo and she answers that yes and annoyingly, Diana painfully confronts her for betrayal.

Regina arrives back home and she asks Cristobal if what she heard about their father cheating with Monica is true and he replies that with his own eyes, he saw them kissing each other and Eugenia and Chabela shockingly gets to hear their conversation.

Barbara goes to confront Camilo at the company about his affair with Monica and she starts to yell on top of her voice that almost all the workers at the company gets to know that Camilo has been cheating on Diana with Monica. She then asks Camilo to swear if nothing has happened between him and Monica but he gives her no positive response and furiously, she tells him never to talk to her again and before leaving, she goes to attack Monica and tells her how disgusting she is.