Till The End of Time Episode 116 Update on Friday 11th January 2019

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Vandana prays god to never separate Saanjh from Arjun as only she can protect Arjun from Maya. Ayan and Shubh and throw holi color on her. She moves aside. Water falls on temple lamp and it falls down. Vandana gets worried. Suman enters and angrily asks where is Saanjh. Vandana says she is sleeping in her room. Suman yells that problem is not with Maya, it is with Saanjh, she is a threat for Maya and Arjun’s relationship and Maya is very understanding. Vandana tries to speak, but Suman leaves.
Maya walks to Arjun and says he did not apply holi on her yet. Inebrriated Arjun says he did. She applies holi holding his hand and says happy holi. He hugs her and shouts happy holi and asks where is dusky. Maya fumes in jealousy and says aunty took her. Arjun’s colleagues wish him and leave.
Maya asks him to enjoy and goes to meet other people.
Suman angrily walks into Saanjh’s room and scolds her that she is hindrance between Arjun and Maya and Maya is very mature, she was protecting Saanjh instead. Saanjh realizes Vandana’s words that Maya will attack her next and will Arjun away from her forever. Saanjh says forever Maya is right now. Suman shouts to shut up. Saanjh leaves angrily.
Saanjh reaches Maya’s party venue back and asks Arjun where is Maya. Inebriated Arjun with says must be somewhere and points at Maya. Saanjh walks to Maya and confronts that she played her dirty game finally and tried to get her away from Arun, Vandana was always right and identified her right. Maya got Arjun’s mother and brother away and now his best friend, but she is a lawyer and identified her game. Maya says Saanjh took time to understand, but she is seasoned player in it. Saanjh holds her hand sand says she will expose her. Maya herself acts as Saanjh pulling her and falls down from stairs shouting Arjun.. Even Saanjh thinks it is her mistake. Arjun rushes to Maya and Saanjh rushes to call doc. Arjun lifts Maya and shouts to call doc. Maya cries that she lost her baby. Arjun shouts no….and cries hugging her. Saanjh returns and apologizes Maya and says she did not mean to hurt her. Arjun holds Saanjh’s hand and slaps her, shouts today she crossed her limits. He drags her out of gait and pushes her away and warns to never meet him again, he is dead for her. Saanjh cries vigorously. Maya continues crying to garner people’s sympathy. Arjun returns and asks where is Maya.
Maya reaches home and sitting in front of god’s idol says he had promised she will change, but when she tried, whole world went against her, he is back to her old form now. Arjun comes and cries holding her and says god cannot help them and they will not seek god’s help. Maya carries idol and walks to lake. Arjun follows her asking what is she doing. She throws idol in lake, and Arjun hugs her. Maya says now nobody can come between then, not even god and smirks.
Precap: Maya is seen looking at Arjun in mirror and smiling. Tujhe pyar karte karte teri neend tak udadoon..song… plays in the background. Arjun angrily breaks mirror and shouts Maayaaaa.