Meri Aashqui Episode 173–174 Update on Friday 11th January 2019

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RV takes Chiraag from collar and says he has always used women but never respected them. He slaps Chiraag and says he lied to her and did this drama for money. He beats Chiraag and says he cheated on the girl, he will have to pay for all the times he worried his wife. He beats Chiraag badly, he fells on the floor but still laughs. He asks why has he stopped, as he is enjoying today being beaten. He says I know why he is angry, because he doesn’t has the face whom his wife loves, not the luck that his wife could spend night with him. Ranveer beats him hard, Chiraag says each slap of his proves that I am right. Ranveer keeps on beating Chiraag, Chiraag was stubborn. Ranveer throws Chiraag on the floor and takes a bottle in hand, the family goes to hold Ranveer, Ishaani, Ritika and Sharman struggle to keep him away. Chiraag still evokes him.
All the men come to save Ranveer from attacking Chiraag who flew from the conference. Ranveer was enraged, his mother and wife upset badly. Ranveer leaves the conference.
He come home enraged. Ishaani comes calling him, he doesn’t listen. Lakshmi says it seems Ranveer is angry at Ishaani. Baa and Amba were also there.
Ranveer breaks the items, Ishaani shouts at him not to throw things, he will get hurt. He says how dare he.
Baa wonders what is happening here, Amba says this is her home not a cinema. Baa reminds her that this is Ishaani’s house as well, and she is worried.
Ishaani asks him to pour all his anger on her, he asks why should he do so and breaks a lamp. Ishaani shouts that he doesn’t trust her, she has done nothing to gain his trust. She went to him to know his papa’s trust. Ranveer holds her and asks she thinks Chiraag will fool him the way he did her. He throws some books, Ishaani’s bangle breaks and her arm bleeds. RV gets worried, and wounds a cloth piece. He says he wasn’t doing it for her but for Chiraag. He asks why she is always hurt because of him, she is his friend and he is being hurt even more that she is.
Ishaani looks at him, while he was concerned about her injury. He holds her hand, and says he knows she asked a divorce from him and he knows she doesn’t want to divorce him and live here; but he always gives the opposite of what she asks for. He holds her face and says if something had happened to her he could never forgive himself. How she thought I won’t trust you, I trust you because I love you. He says he has been trying to speak to you for two days, thanks you and tell you what I feel. The last thing that came from heart is what I wanted to tell you from childhood, she cries hard. He asks why is she crying, and wipes her tears. She says she doesn’t know, she feels like crying.
Lakshmi says either Ranveer has hit Ishaani or Ishaani has hit Ranveer. Amba says had it happened, Ishaani must have shouted. Baa says may be he would have shut her mouth. Both the ladies deter each other and have an argument. Lakshmi stops Amba and asks her to go and see what is happening.
Ranveer says to Ishaani that she also wants to say a lot to him, but before heart could say a word, tears came. Ranveer says their life has always been idiotic, he loves her since he was 9 years old. She came on crying and he came through suffering. Sometime they called her illegitimate, and sometime they called him as disloyal. He says I loved you a lot, but couldn’t tell you. I became successful, I had courage to say it all to you but you started hating me then, I could never gain your trust. You were the biggest happiness for me in life, but I was the biggest enemy of your. But this love didn’t end.
He says that when finally she realized her feelings this all happened. He neither see the time nor place, but he is saying this all but truly he loves her so much that she will never be hurt. It will never let her cry, because of people like Chiraag. He wanted to say thanks to her for whatever she did, sorry for not believing her. But their love won, as it was true. She smiles, he says he knows she has waited for this moment so long, but he promises to give her this moment daily. People say one only loves once, but he fells in love with her everytime he looks at her. He wants her only to remember k meri aashqui tumse hi. Both join their foreheads, remembering about their spent moments together. Ishaani looks at him, while he still holds her face.
PRECAP: Baa takes Ishaani while Amba takes Ranveer. Ishaani thinks their families don’t want them together, but if he is with her she can fight with every problem. Amba sends Ranveer while Baa sends Ishaani to their respective rooms.

Ranveer and Ishaani hear Amba and Baa arguing that RV must be hitting Ishaani as he doesn’t want to give her money in return of divorce. Amba says they can give them more than she asks for. Baa says they must divorce Ishaani, Amba says Ishaani can’t deserve her Ranveer. The ladies come to the room, where Ranveer and Ishaani stood worried. Baa watches blood and Ishaani’s arm bandaged, she cries that he wanted to kill her granddaughter, calls police and doctor and warns Amba not to leave her worth showing face to everyone. She doesn’t let Ishaani explain anything. Amba then asks Baa who will let her out of her own house, she calls Ishaani mad and says she had created a drama in the house since she came here. The ladies fight and take Ishaani and Ranveer away from each other. Ishaani thinks she knows his family is important for him, but she will wait for her. He thinks he will also wait for her, as it isn’t the end but the beginning of their love story. Ishaani thinks that these seperations will now bring us together. Baa and Amba separately lock Ranveer and Ishaani in separate room. Falguni questions Baa why she wants the divorce. Baa asks if she thinks they both have become one. Baa tells her that they have become fire and petrol, she watched everything broken in the room. Falguni says she isn’t even trying to make them one. Baa says she knows Amba won’t let her live here, and they would also not get money. Falguni asks Baa if she has asked Ishaani what she wants, now their hearts are being one. Baa says Ranveer has become an enemy of Ishaani, Ishaani’s hand bleed today. She wants to secure her family, Amba wants Ranveer to marry Ritika, she asks to let her do what she is doing.
Parul asks Ishaani what is this all happening. Derwash, Pratik were also there. They ask what happened in the conference, why they didn’t tell Amba and Baa that they don’t want a divorce. Ishaani says there is nothing wrong in between her and Ranveer, but they must now work on taking their families together. They need to live separately, so that their families get together now. They all cheer to support Ishaani and Ranveer.
In the kitchen, Ishaani asks Parul if she will make Bhindi. Parul asks her to relax, she will make it. They were talking on call. Parul asks if she has washed the bhindi, she says yes she has. Ishaani dries bhindi (Lady Finger) with a cloth. Parul asks her to cut it from centre, Ishaani reconfirms that will it be fine. Amba and Lakshmi come there and asks what is she doing. Parul tells Ishaani to fill her masala in the bhindi. Ishaani doesn’t speak something, but Ishaani was silent. Amba watches Ishaani with suspect. Parul was asking why she isn’t saying something, but Amba tells Ishaani then that she doesn’t need to spend a lot of time in kitchen. Soon, she will be out of this house. Ishaani says she is making the vegetable, Amba asks if she wants her pity because she knows she doesn’t know how to cook. Amba calls Mala to prepare aata, as she has to make hot roti for Ranveer. Ishaani takes the plate to a side, and prepare the bhindi. Parul asks her not to worry and asks if there is oil in karahi, Ishaani says hmm. She tells her to put all the bhindi in it.
On the dinner table, Ranveer and Ishaani exchange looks. Amba serves Ranveer, he smiles at this. Ishaani points at him about bhindi. He takes the dish near, Amba stops him and says this one is his favorite. Amba says he has been eating bhindi for years, today he wants to eat bhindi. Amba says she will make it for her, Parul says what is the need to make it when it is already prepared. Ranveer takes a bite of it in mouth and makes a bad face. He at once appreciates it’s flavor saying it is really tasty. He asks for some more. Ishaani smiles, while Amba takes a seat. He says he wants to kiss the hands who have prepared this bhindi. Lakshmi tastes a bhindi and says it is really tasty. Amba points at her to stop saying so. Ranveer is shocked that maa didn’t make it but Ishaani did, they must have told him earlier he must not have touched the food. He leaves saying he doesn’t want to have food. Amba is shocked and looks at Ishaani enjoying her meal.
Ishaani thinks she atleast made something and Ranveer even liked it. She was in the kitchen keeping the dish in fridge, when Ranveer comes from behind. She turns and falls in his arms. She stands up, while Ranveer smiles and stands up. Ishaani asks what is he doing, what if anyone see them here. He says he is here to do something important, he said outside that he wants to kiss the hands that made the vegetables. She smiles, while he holds her hand and kiss it. She looks at him, he looks back and kisses her second hand. Both come close to each other, when they see Lakshmi looking for him. He hides under the fridge, Ishaani asks Lakshmi if she needs something and will she like to eat some more of it. Lakshmi asks was she talking to someone here. Ishaani doesn’t understand what to say and then she says she and her loneliness sometimes talk with each other. RV watches her melodrama. When Lakshmi leaves, she sits down with RV. Both smile, Ishaani asks him to let her go. He asks how he must let her go this way, she has come closer to him after so long, he won’t let her leave.
PRECAP: Ishaani tells RV someone has gone looking for him. He says if he isn’t found there, what will they do. He goes to see, it was Lakshmi. Ishaani is worried about what they will now do