Kundali Bhagya Episode 207 Update on Friday 11th January 2019

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Sherlin thinks that Tapsi is as cunning as they are. Prithvi was sure she can’t plan so badly, they will take care of her. Sherlin blames Prithvi for still holding feelings for Tapsi. Prithvi promises to take care of that Tapsi.
Preeta was purchasing the vegetable when Karan calls her. Preeta says she is busy right now, will speak to him later. Karan jokes what she busy is for, she already got engaged and is going to get hung soon. She was annoyed over Karan for not taking her calls seriously as well. Karan stops the car nearby Preeta. The shopping bag fell off her hand. As he comes to help her, Preeta asks if he jumped out of the phone. Karan laughs while helping her with vegetables and get a new bag for her. He offers her a drive back, but Preeta says she will walk back home. Karan agrees as
she is getting fat and needs walking. Preeta was annoyed.
While driving back in car, Preeta shouts at Karan that he needs to learn some manners. Karan doesn’t listen. He stops the car which was blocked by the goon of their area. Preeta recognizes him as Meer, the brother of Sanjay. She thinks they might get fight with Karan and decides to get down the car there and walk to house. Her dupatta was stuck in the car’s door, Karan walks down to help her. Meer laughs watching them. Preeta was angry over Karan for tearing her dupattas. When Karan has left, Preeta curses herself for always fighting with him on petty matters. While driving back, Karan was angry over Preeta while driving the car back; he thinks she always show him attitude and never understands the real matter.
The gang of goons call Preeta names, discussing her character. Preeta walks to them and forbids them for this loose talk in this area. She questions Meer if he can’t even take care of the girls of his area to protect them. She was about to slap one of them when Meer holds her hand. He mocks the furious expressions of Preeta and asks her for a chance, like she wanders with other guys. He warns to kidnap her and her family wouldn’t be able to find her. He wanted to revenge Preeta for the disgrace of his brother. Preeta comes home where Sarla and Shrishti were arguing over a towel, she shouts at them to stop it and leaves. Everyone was concerned as Preeta is never so furious.
There, Prithvi was thinking about a way to fix Tapsi. He asks Sherlin to contact the goon who kidnapped Tapsi’s mother for kidnapping Tapsi; or he can refer them to a bigger goon’s gang. Sherlin calls Meer’s man asking about a proper goon, he refers to Meer.
Preeta comes out and apologizes Sarla for shouting so badly. Sarla hugs her then inquires why she was so angry, she had gone to get vegetables. Preeta tells Sarla about Sanju’s brother Meer – the corporator. She complains they stopped her way, she slapped one of his goons but then he held her hand. Shrishti was furious and turns to teach them a good lesson, but Preeta doesn’t let her go. She says they can fall to any level and no one would question them. She was also angry for being harassed in their own area. Sarla also stops Shrishti while she seconds Preeta. She was afraid that goons may fall to any level for revenge.

PRECAP: Karan promises Prithvi that soon his luck would leave his way, and Prithvi will be exposed.