Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 23 Update on Wednesday 9th January 2018

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Barbie goes to the office to question her dad if he is still in love with her mum Diana and Camilo says of course but Barbie tears down saying that she doesn’t see it in that manner and it looks like her dad has another woman and that is why he and her mum decided to give themselves a break and he says no he has no other woman and that is the truth. Right there was Monica listening and she goes anxious. Barbie then says if that what her dad is saying then she is going to trust him.

Barbie in other matter tells her dad that she moved her wedding date forward and she hopes that by that time, everything will be fine with him and her mum so that they can live together as the happy family again and Camilo says that wont depend on him alone but Diana’s decision also but Barbie wants her dad to try his best for her to make it work and also sake of her other siblings. She then begs Monica to try and keep it a secret from the workers about his dad and mum’s separation.

Camilo disclosed to Monica about Cristobal seeing them whiles they kissed and she now understand why Cristobal refused to take a ride with her. Camilo tells her that he doesn’t want any member of his family to suffer from the circumstance and he never wants to expose her but it’s better she explains things to his son Cristobal that she was the one who kissed him and not him and to be frank he frowns against that kiss she gave him.

Monica can’t imagine that Camilo could tell it straight to her face that the case she gave him was careless and now she feels so horrible but Ximena thinks that was also so harsh.
The doctor tells Diana that the cancer never spread in her tissues and so there is no need for her to undergo any chemotherapy and that means she is a cured person now and this comes with so much happiness for her.

The police call Cristobal’s family to let them know that he is at the police station and Barbie goes mad because her brother is becoming irresponsible but Adrian and her are ready to go get him out of jail but quickly arrives Diana and Laura so they have to tell them and she goes desperate to get in touch with Camilo to let him know but it was to no avail. But she still goes with Adrian, and the rest to get the boy from jail and his mum becomes disappointed in him.

Eugenia goes to see Regina at the Gonzales house and she wants her to go back home but she is still insistent to stay with the Gonzalez.

Going on a business meeting and in the lift or elevator, Monica reveals to Camilo that she only did kissed him because his wife is her ally and Camilo just collapse upon hearing that and Monica calls Mauricio to let him know that Camilo can’t attend the meeting because he fainted and so he should rather take charge of the presentation but it looks like he never prepared for that and he tells their business partners that they have to postpone the meeting since his boss can’t come. But the chairperson suggests that Mauricio do the presentation and looking so anxious, he still accepts to do it when it looks like he has no idea.

Luis’ sister who is also a boxer arrives in town for him but since she was robbed on the way in the bus, she looks so stranded as her phone and money were all gone or stolen and don’t know how to get in touch with her brother Luis but coincidentally, she helps a woman gets her purse back from a thief and this woman is willing to help her with food and a roof on her head.

Cristobal finally take the bull by the horn and spills the truth to Barbie and Adrian about seeing his dad kissing Monica at the hospital on the day their mum was discharged and she goes shocked, angry, and anxious and disappointed in her dad.

Camilo looking so much drunk makes love with Monica mistaking her to be Diana as he hallucinates and Monica looks so happy. He wakes up after he hears a knock at his door and hearing a song coming from the bathhouse, he realizes that it was Monica he slept with and he becomes confused and disappointed in himself. 

Monica comes out of the bathhouse and Eugenia is also right behind the door knocking and Camilo looks confused as to who to attend to since at that moment Monica also has something chocked in her throat.