Sightless Love Episode 51 Update on Wednesday 9th January 2019

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Dr. Ricardo Bazan calls Marina and he tells her that he had a talk with Alberto about her and Marina quickly tells him that she has no relationship with Alberto anymore and that she only wants to know if he is still willing to help her see again and Doctor says of course because he is much interested in her case. Marina tells him she has no money but he asks her to come over and let them talk about that.
The manager of the bank tells Prudencia her investments are in long term contracts and he cannot do anything before the new period deadline. 

Whiles Vanessa shares a conversation with her girlfriend and as they discuss about why Vanessa broke up with Alberto, Susana walking towards them coincidentally overhears and pulls Vanessa away to question her and Vanessa tells her that Alberto doesn’t want her as his wife because the two of them understands that they neither love each other but Susana tells her that she careless about whether she loves him or not she is going to talk with Luis or Prudencia so they can speak sense into Alberto but she tells her mum that will tantamount to nothing because Luis has no influence over Alberto. 

But Susana tries compelling her to tell Alberto’s parents that if Alberto doesn’t marry her, she is capable of killing herself but Vanessa then boldly confronts her mum that she will never do that and she is fed up with her insults always. She then walks out on her mum. 

Susana pretentiously cries and tells Luis that Alberto broke up with Vanessa because he could only see her as a friend and her daughter is inconsolable. Luis tells her that he regrets what happening, but he cannot force Alberto to get married to Vanessa because they hardly speak to each other and he does everything to console her.

Vanessa arrives at Paulino’s compound to tell him that she finally broke up with Alberto because she disclosed to him that she fell in love with him and though her mother is furious, she doesn’t care. Paulino then asks her if she is then ready to introduce him to her friends as her boyfriend and Vanessa tells him not in the state he is because he needs to get a job and changes his looks a little and upon Paulino hearing this tells her that he is not interested in what she what’s to offer him and that everything shows that she isn’t ready to accept him the way he is and Vanessa states that, she can’t sing to beg people for money and he tells him that he doesn’t beg people for people but people offer money in exchange for the nice song he sings to them and since she is always intimidating him, he never wants to see her ever again and so she is not to for him anymore.

Lucrecia arrives from abroad and landing in her father’s office at the hospital where Alberto works, her dad introduces her to Alberto and he tells him that Alberto wants to work with him to do his specialization but this is the case he also wants someone who is already done with his specialization who he wants to employ him full time. After Alberto left, Lucrecia speaks with her dad to employ Alberto so he can do his specialization with him and the doctor agrees so Lucrecia delivers the information to Alberto at his workplace.

Marina goes over to see Dr. Bazan and he assures her that he will be willing to do her surgery for her without having to pay but Marina suggests to her that she will only accepts to do the surgery in exchange that Dr. Bazan list down all of the expenses and she will make sure to work and pay for it by assisting him whether in his office or home or wherever he can find that work for her. Dr. Bazan never supports the proposal but due to Marina’s insisting, he accepts and he thinks Marina is very admirable. Marina then asks him to not tell Alberto about her being there and he assures her. Marina then states that the first day they met, she knew he was going to be an important person in her life because he gave her hope and Dr. Bazan also stress same. 

After making love at his office, Susana tells Luis that what happened was a moment of weakness, that she doesn’t want he thinks she is one more of his affairs, Luis replies that from now on she or Vanessa will never lack of anything. 

Vanessa tearfully arrives home to tell Angustias that she never should have listened to her advise to take a bold step and defend her love for Paulino because it looks like Paulino doesn’t want to be with her. 

Prudencia thinking that Alberto was the one who hurt Vanessa again, she decides to speak sense into Alberto for harming Vanessa again. Vanessa then suffers a nervous breakdown. Same vein, Prudencia arrives at Alberto’s hospital to ask him why he is hurting people who love him and Alberto says it’s too hard that they think he is the bad one when this time around Vanessa is the one who dumped him. Luis also arrives to confront him on same issue and says whether he likes it or not, he will marry Vanessa and Alberto tells him that their breakup was on a mutual ground so he should let him be and for the first time, Alberto calls him Luis and this hurt him very much
Paulino arrives home and he tell Marina about his encounter with Vanessa and how she disclosed to him that she already told Alberto that she is rather in love with him (Paulino) and not him (Alberto) and Marina goes shocked.

Luis and Prudencia tell Alberto that Vanessa is devastated; Alberto tells them that both agreed to finish their relationship. 

Vanessa nervous breakdown gets worse and she feels difficult breathing and Angustias had to call Alberto over to check on her and Susana wants to give her a sedative so that Vanessa falls asleep so that unconsciously will not spill the truth about her love for Paulino to the family but Angustias never allows her and this pains her deeply and makes her stranded.