Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 22 Update on Tuesday 8th January 2019

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Diana calls Monica and she refuses to answer because she will not allow anyone to use her as their puppet again and Ximena says that is the spirit so that Diana will never continue being so manipulative and she tells Monica that she wished that she and Camilo met each other on a different circumstance and Monica says she doesn’t think if they were indeed meant to be together things would have been different but what is more undeniable is that she became much more closer to him after working with him as his secretary for 20years because of Diana’s push or advise.

Eugenia goes to see Diana and she compels her to call her husband home as soon as possible but she refuses and warns her mum to stop meddling in her family affairs and Eugenia tells her that is she is only trying to avoid her husband so to protect him from going through the pain that could befall her (Diana), then she is going about it the wrong way because he is a very responsible man and has to be there for his family and Diana says that she has no problem with him Camilo is just on vacation but Eugenia thinks that may be Camilo is cheating on her and seriously Diana gets fed up with her mum’s persistence and indirectly asks her to leave.

Manuel and Adrian go into business partnership which is about handling household chores, repairs and delivery service and he tells Camilo about it and he advices him to be more careful since they only get to know about Manuel.

Laura jealously confronts Rafael and thinks that Rafael is his dad’s accomplice by lending him his apartment to spend his vacation with his mistress Monica and he asks her to stop insinuating things because there is nothing going on and Laura says that he is only saying that to defend his dad and Monica since she can tell perfectly that he Rafael is even dating Monica’s friend Ximena. Whiles she warns Rafael to stop covering up for his dad, right there was Barbie and she asks him to explain to her what Laura meant by that but Rafael walks out on her to go shower.

Barbie then goes to ask her mum if their dad left the house because he is cheating on her and Diana, she goes silent.

Ximena still insists that Monica fights for Camilo and not allow Diana to make a fool out of her since she can see that Diana’s idea was only to make a deal with her and humiliate Monica in the end but she shouldn’t allow that. Monica due to circumstances isn’t able to go on her trip or vacation.

Barbie tells Paloma that if she’s not given herself to Mauricio it’s not because she doesn’t love him but it’s because she wants them to do that on their honey moon so it will serve as a great sign for her love for him. Paloma intentionally asks Barbie if Mauricio is a holy man or a virgin and she answers no because he once had some adventures but it all ended when they met. Paloma says that she can’t imagine how Barbie trusts Mauricio very much because she on her part doesn’t trust men one bit.

Cristobal can’t overcome the fact that his dad kissed Monica and he drinks again to the max and step outside damaging some one’s car and the police arrest and lock him up in jail.

Adrian also advises Diana to talk to her husband because he misses her a lot and Diana says the separation can even help Cristobal a lot but Adrian tells her that what Cristobal rather needs is to see a specialist to overcome his alcoholism since he always solves his problems with Alcoholism but Diana defends her son.

Barbie goes to the office to question her dad if he is still in love with her mum Diana and Camilo says of course but Barbie tears down saying that she doesn’t see it in that manner and it looks like her dad has another woman and that is why he and her mum decided to give themselves a break and he says no he has no other woman and that is the truth. Right there was Monica listening and she goes anxious.