Sightless Love Episode 50 Update on Tuesdau 8th January 2019


Soledad and her daughter Ana go to take a look at Marina’s child and to give him a present with a contribution the tenants made for her and there Ana says that the child is so blonde (fair-haired) and she wonders who he took after and Marina gets stunned upon hearing that because it stroked her that he could be Isauro’s but she comes at ease after Soledad told her that his eyes looks exactly like hers.

Isauro returns to the village in deep pain since he wasn’t able to see Marina with all his efforts.

After they left, Marina asks damiana why she didn’t tell her that her baby is blond, Damiana replies if she is going to doubt the child’s father at this point and marina answers that now more than ever, she is convinced her baby is the fruit of her love for Alberto. 

Vanessa meets Paulino at the park and she tells Paulino that her wedding with Alberto is a lie and that it was her mum’s doing and Paulino tells her that anyway she is Alberto’s girlfriend now and Vanessa tells him that they are only together to forget whom they must not love and besides her mother is the one putting a lot of pressure on her but the truth is what she feels for him can’t be compared to that of Alberto’s and that is how come she’s come to clear the news about their wedding to him. 

Paulino then tells her that if that is so then, she should stay with her mother and obey her whims and leave him alone, because he doesn’t want to see her again or that she tells him that she loves him and then, hurts him and so he asks her to go away because he is ready to forget her to prevent himself from being underestimated and hurt again. 

Paulino walks away and Vanessa followed him secretly to know where he lives and promises herself to come back to see him and prove to him that he is the love of his life.
Prudencia tells Luis that she doesn’t want to depend on his generosity anymore and so she wants to handle her own money from that day but Luis isn’t willing to do so because he feels she has no idea of finance management. 

Vanessa arrives home crying and Susana says to Vanessa that there is no doubt she went to see Paulino and Vanessa in pain shouts and answers back yes, she went to look for him but because of her (Susana) he doesn’t want to see her again and she beats Vanessa up mercilessly. She tells her that she is not going to get married to Alberto because she doesn’t love him, Susana slaps her again. 

Early morning right in the house, Luis kisses Susana several times and tells her that he indeed had a good sleep because of his encounter with her and Luis disrespect the fact that his wife Prudencia might even catch them. 

Just when Alberto was ready to go to where Marina was admitted to have a sample of the child for the DNA test, Vanessa arrives to tell him that she went there but Marina was discharged and Alberto goes worried. He then calls his mum to ask her if she knew that marina left the hospital and if she can give him the address, Prudencia replies that she didn’t know and doesn’t have her address, but she doesn’t plan to ask her to give it to her because she doesn’t want to put marina in an uncomfortable situation since he already decided what to do with his life. So, he should move on with his life and let Marina be.

With help of Ana, Marina is able to locate Dr. Bazan online so she can book an appointment with him to check on her eyes as he promised he will try it for her to see if she can have her sight.

Vanessa tells Alberto their relationship is a mistake, because she knows how he is still in love with marina and she also fell in love with Paulino way back at the village whiles he was with Marina and Alberto says he never even noticed but due to their social class matter this is how it’s ended them. She tells him that he loves him very much but her feelings for Paulino can’t be compared to his and Alberto asks her to not explain much because he understands her perfectly well since he is also in same situation and it’s good, she’s told him if not they would have ended up miserable. He asks her what he wants to do now and Vanessa assures him that she will do everything to win the love of her life back and Alberto wishes her all the luck.

Susana tells Luis that Prudencia is on her way to the bank; it seems that she doesn’t want him to manage her money anymore. Luis then calls his financial adviser.

Dr. Ricardo Bazan calls Marina and he tells her that he had a talk with Alberto about her and Marina quickly tells him that she has no relationship with Alberto anymore and that she only wants to know if he is still willing to help her see again and Doctor says of course because he is much interested in her case. Marina tells him she has no money but he asks her to come over and let them talk about that.