Meri Aashiqui Episode 171–172 Update on Thursday 10th January 2019

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Sharman comes to Ishaani and turns her around. She asks if he didn’t sleep. Sharman asks what is she hiding, was he right that Ranveer and Ritika had an affair. She has no answer to his questions, there was no emergency at office. Ishaani begins to tell him, but takes Sharman’s hand. She says she went there, Ranveer wasn’t there with Ritika. Sharman asks where she went. Ishaani says she went to hotel Paradise, but Ritika wasn’t there. She tells Sharman that there was fire in hotel Paradise, one of Ranveer’s client was also there. He headed to save him, and his lungs filled with smoke. He is in hospital, it is late and he asked her to go home. She tells him there is nothing between Ritika and Ranveer. He must talk to Ritika, else this distrust will break their relation. He must only keep in mind that she loves him, he must talk to Ritika to sort things out, if he remains quiet he will never be able to sort things out. Ranveer comes home, Ishaani watches him go upstairs. Sharman asks Ishaani to go to her room to sleep as it is really late. Ishaani goes upstairs. Sharman thinks he loves Ritika but he isn’t blind in love. He thinks Ritika is upto something but he can’t even prove it.
Ishaani comes upstairs, the curtain still flew with winds. Ishaani comes to Ranveer’s room, he wasn’t in there. He comes from behind the door, and comes to confront her. He wants to speak, but keeps on looking at her. She says she wanted to say thanks to him for what he did to her sister. She says thank you. He smiles, but his phone rings. He wonders why is Manas calling this time. Manas tells RV they need to go to office, security officer called him there is a big problem. RV says he is coming, Ishaani asks everything is ok but RV leaves worried. Ishaani goes behind him.
Chiraag asks for Ranveer, RV comes and asks what is happening here. He was angry why he let him come on. Chiraag says he has to meet him, whenever he wants. Chiraag says he is the tenth planet in his birth chart, which has no treatment. He has Ishaani in life, behind whom he used to run. Ishaani who loved me, was my girlfriend. RV feels enraged, and asks why he thinks he will spit whatever he would say. Chiraag says does he know what he has, the romantic photos of Ishaani, video as well in HD quality. He asks if he remembers the bruises on Ishaani’s body. RV holds his fist on Chiraag, Manas stops him. Chiraag says that with his next contract, he will be the biggest Diamond tycoon of India. Chiraag blackmails him saying if RV gives the presentation there, he will show Ishaani’s pictures in the presentation. Ishaani also hears this all.
Chiraag laughs as Ranveer leaves. Chiraag shouts to Ranveer he can’t do anything to him. Manas calls the security, Chiraag leaves.
Ishaani is worried and goes inside.
Chiraag was with a girl, she asked if he has some money. He has been unable to pay the hotel blls, Chiraag says before marriage the girl pays while after marriage husband does. The girl says she will only come to him when he has money. Chiraag says from tomorrow, Chiraag will be a millionaire. He asks her to come to a meeting tomorrow, where he is going to get the contract. The girl says the one who is strong contender gets the contract. Chiraag says he has bribed a few people. The girl keeps her mobile aside, and says she will now marry him. He asks her to sleep, Chiraag says from tomorrow the worst days of Ranveer and Ishaani would begin.
Ishaani rejoins her wind chime. She pins her saree in front of mirror and was frustrated. She wonders why is she getting ready, to go to the meeting for which Chiraag has deterred Ranveer. She is worried that Ranveer will have to face insult because of her. She says she will not let this happen, she must stop Ranveer go to that conference.
She stands up determined, pins her saaree. RV talks to Ritika on phone and says he is trying. Ritika asks him to talk to Ishaani. He says there is so much going on between them, they are staying in separate room. Ritika says it is his house, his wife, he can do anything. He says he will talk to her before conference. She says she will meet them at Gujrati Samaj Diamond Conference. He comes out of his roon, Ishaani’s wind chime sings. RV holds hand to knock the door, but Ishaani opens it before that. They both call each others name together. Ishaani says she had to say something to him, he says he too. She asks him to say first, he asks her to say it first. She says he has come here, he says ladies first. She says she feels he must not go to conference. She says what Chiraag said that day, he asks if she is worried about that. She explains but her saree blows out. He smiles and comes inside asking why is she trying Gujrati style when she doesn’t know how to wear. He picks up the saree to set it for her. They have moments of intimacy, both look at each other.
PRECAP: RV shouts at Chiraag in the meeting to stop it, he slaps Chiraag hard, enraged.
Parul comes to the room running, she turns around and says she might have come in the wrong timings and asks them to come downstairs. Ranveer says they are coming and asks Ishaani to come. Mr. Javeri thanks Amba and Baba to be coming to Gujati Samaj conference. He meets Baa ready there as well. Amba asks what will they do, Mr. Javeri says they are going to be his daughter’s inlaws, he wants his son in law and his family to be introduced in the society. Mr. Javeri asks Ranveer if he is also ready to get the contract, Ranveer says whoever gets the contract but his absence in such a big function will make it’s shine less. Ishaani prays for RV’s respect to be kept in the function, RV comes back to watch her, smiles and leaves.
In the ceremony, Mr. Javeri introduces Sharman to everyone. Ritika meets the family, Ritesh asks her to go with Sharman. Ritika comes to him and appreciates that he looks good in traditional dress. Ranveer and Chiraag come to the ceremony, Chiraag also comes there with a girl. He fufils all the traditions cheerfully. RV and he share curt looks with each other. He comes to Ranveer and asks if he thought he won’t come, though a bit late. He says his heroine is prettier that his wife. RV keeps on staring him. Chiraag says he will send her to him, when used. He says he asked him not to come here, now he must make sure that his name isn’t announced here. Ishaani asks him to shut up. Ranveer asks Ishaani to let him speak, when the elephant moves thousands of dogs bark, and he is among the dogs who only barks but doesn’t bite. Chiraag stops Ranveer and says in a while they will know who is the elephant and who is the dog.
Amba comes to a lady and asks she doesn’t appear anywhere near. Both the ladies appreciate each others jewellery. Baa hears this, and says Amba is first in a lot of works. She counts that Amba knows cleaning, sweeping, cooking, massaging as well; because she was her maid some time ago. Amba leaves angrily there.
Ritika drags Sharman to a corner. He jerks and asks where she is taking him. She says she is taking him to somewhere where they are alone, he can talk to her as he is ignoring her continuously.
Sharman says if someone can complain, it is him. He thinks he is being ignored. Ritika says he is the most important person in her life, he is her fiancé. He says they didn’t have an engagement. She says RV was being arrested, Sharman says his sister was being arrested. She says she has seen girls so touchy, but he as well is touchy. She holds her ears to ask his forgiveness and says she knows the ring is still in his pocket. He takes the ring out, she takes it from him and puts it in his ring. He was still not happy. She says in a relationship trust is the most important thing, she trusts him and wants him to trust her too. She heads to leave, he holds her arm. She cheers and hugs him.
In the conference, Chiraag comes to sit besides Ranveer. Chiraag says he is sitting beside him but in a while he will move ahead him. Ishaani is worried why Chiraag is sitting with Ranveer. Mr. Javeri starts with remembering Harshit, he says his team will now select the person who will get the biggest contract of the year. Amba says her Ranveer will get it for sure. Mrs. Javeri stops while announcing the name, then says it is Chiraag Mehta. Chiraag cheers, thanks everyone and whispers to Ranveer that he has been the sensible most person. If his name was announced, he must have played Ishaani’s pics on projector.
He comes to Mr. Javeri to thank him. The video plays on the projector of the last night. Chiraag watches this in shock, he was saying he has bribed a few men of the conference. Chiraag shouts at switching the video off, Mr. Javeri asks for the resignation letter of the selection meeting. Chiraag goes to Tina asking if she double crossed her, he holds his hand but RV comes to confront him and says he will break his hand if held. Tina asks if he thinks he is the smartest, she helped RV to expose him. Everyone claps, Ishaani stands happily. RV asks Chiraag who is the elephant now, he must now prepare to pay for the loan that he took from market to get the contract. Mr. Javeri asks the security to send Chiraag out. Chiraag gets rid of him, He blames Ishaani saying he and his wife has illegitimate relation. Mr. Javeri slaps Chiraag, and asks the security to send him out. Chiraag deters to tell media that the social respectable only value the rich. Everyone stands up, Chiraag tells them that a girl comes to his home late at night, he asks if they all want proof. He takes his cell phone off, Ranveer comes and holds his collar saying till today he only used women but not today. He beats Chiraag.

PRECAP: RV holds the face of crying Ishaani says to her that from today he will always give her the moment she has long awaited. He expects her to forgive him and remember that meri aashqui tumse hi.