Ashoka Samrat Episode 133–134 Update on Wednesday 9th January 2019

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Scene 1
Khurasan comes to Ashok and says you were Bindu’s guard then where were you from many days? Chanakya says i had sent him, Ashok says i was finding about enemies of Bindu, Khurasan says what you found out? Ashok says why should i tell you? Khurasan says if Bindu has given you some respect then dont think that you are Samrat yourself, be in your limits, Ashok says why you are so much worried about truth that you are asking me to be in limits? think when i will tell truth to bindu, Khurasan says what you think he will believe you? you need proofs to prove your truth, Ashok says i dont have time to waste, he leaves, Khurasan and Chanakya goes behind him.
In court, Subhrasi says to all that you all are against Savika (Dharma), i want to know truth first, you people dont trust Sevika so call Ahenkara and ask her truth, Charu says you are taking side of dasi? if you call Ahenkara to tell truth then people will say we give so much importance to Dasi, its not good Ujjain and Maurya relation too which is going from rough phase, Helena says i agree with Charu, Sevika should be punished, Ashok comes there and stops them, Ashok looks at Bindu and recalls how he got to know that he is son of Bindu, how they spent good time together, Dharma is there too in veil, she is tensed, Bindu ask what happened Ashok? Helena says how you came here without permission? Khurasan says i was stopping him outside but he came in, Bindu ask Ashok where were you? Ashok says i was finding answers, i have to tell you something important about Dharma, Noor says talk is going on about something else, let that finish, Ashok says nothing is more important then this information about Dharma, Bindu says i know what you will say, i know dharma was secret agent, she was in this palace but ran away, she was disloyal to me, i thank you for your tries, Ashok says this is all allegations not truth, truth is that Dharma was hiding from you but the bigger truth is that 14 years back Dharma gave birth to your son, all are stunned, Ashok says that day someone tried to kill her, she was told that you ordered to kill her, she was protecting her son, like your other sons, you have one more son, all are shocked, Helena says how can we believe him? Noor says even if this si truth then truth is also that Dharma is betrayer and her son doesnt deserve to be called Maurya, he maybe involved in all conspiracy, charu says he is making story and want us to believe, Helena says you are kid so we are leaving you else we could have punished you, Ashok this is my family, they dont even believe me, Chanakya thinks Ashok should have waited to tell truth, Helena says by giving these news you are paining Bindu more, Bindu says i know Ashok well, he says everything after thinking, he saved us all in that fire conspiracy and we should be thankful them, he ask Ashok to tell whole truth, what you got to know about Dharma? where is her son? who tried to kill dharma? Ashok says your love Dharma and your Son because of whom you were away from Dharma all these years, both are here in this court, all are shocked, Bindu says how is this possible? Ashok says its possible, she is infront of you but you cant recognize her, he turns towards Dharma,he says its time to live with respect, he takes off her veil from face, Bindu gets up from throne and says Dharma.. Subhrasi says you are Dharma? you were my dasi? why did you do this drama? Ashok says she wanted to protect her son Ashok, Ashok says i am your son, all are shocked, Ashok raises his sword and says i am Maurya, i am Prince, Chanakya is tensed, all look on in shock, Bindu smile.
PRECAP- Ashok says my mother didnt create any conspiracy, she didnt do anything bad, your enemy is non other than Mir Khurasan, he was behind my mother to kill her.
Scene 1
Ashok says i am your son, Helena says now i understand why Chanakya used to take his side, Bindu says Ashok my son, he comes down and opens his arms, Ashok cries, runs and hugs his father, both find solace, Bindu smiles at Dharma, Dharma is crying, Bindu says truth is that i always wanted a son like you and now this is truth and i cant believe it, Helena ask him to come to senses, he is son of betrayer Dharma, Ashok says this is not truth, my mother is not criminal, she has not made any conspiracy, Niharika wrongly alleged my mother, the real enemy of yours if Mir Khurasan, he tried to kill my mother, Khurasan brings out his sword and orders his force to attack, force surround Ashok and Bindu, Khurasan grabs dharma and says i will end this story now, he kills Dharma, Ashok runs to his mother, Khurasan then hit Bindu with sword and kills him too.. it all turns out to be Ashok’s dream, Bindu ask Ashok what you know about dharma? who tried to kill her? Ashok says i will tell everything but only to you in private.
Sevika(Dharma) is given punishment to move wheel, Dharma is going back and thinks if Ashok know whole truth? what if she tells him that he is his son, she gets dizzy, kasturi support her.
Helena says to Khurasan that one kid got to know the truth but you couldnt, you are shameless, where were your soldiers when he was finding truth, Noor says we dont know what Ashok got to know, dont know what he will tell to Bindu, if he tells anything about Dharma to him then ,everything will be finished.
Scene 2
all leaves court, Bindu ask Ashok to tell truth to him, Ashok recalls how Chanakya asked him to not tell truth to Bindu without proofs, Bindu says i thought i was sinner of dharma all these years and now you are telling that i have a son too, dont know how much difficult it was for Dharma to raise him alone, and my son would be hating me, what he must think about me, tell me where is he, Ashok gets in tears, falls on floor, Ashok touches Bindu’s feet, Bindu makes him get up and ask are you fine? he says i am fine now, he says i was just tired, Bindu says tell me whatever you know about Dharma, Ashok says Dharma’s house was burnt by someone when she was pregnant with your child, enemies thought she got killed but Dharma gave birth to her child and left Champanagri, nobody know about her, Bindu ask do you have any proof for all this? Ashok says i got to know about it from person who maintain records of families in Champanagri, Bindu is pained and ask Ashok to leave, Ashok in tears leave from there.
Noor says Dharma is weakness of Bindu, it can be seen easily, i am afraid if his son becomes his weakness too, Bindu can announce him as his heir too, Helena says no i have promised Justin that only Siamak will become Samrat, i will fulfill my son’s wish, we have to find Dharma’s son, Khurasan says how, we dont know about Dharma even, Noor says dont know what Ashok must be telling Bindu, Bindu will not tell anything to anyone, Helena says he will not hide anything from his mother, she smirks.
Ashok comes out of court and runs from there, she cries and says maa, otherside Dharma is also crying for Ashok, she moves wheel as part of her punishment.
Ashok breakdowns in tears when chanakya comes there, he wipes his tears, Ashok says i did it, i wanted to be son and i became but i didnt get my father till now, i didnt tell him that i am his son, he hugs Chanakya and cries, Chanakya prays to God.
dharma says if it was my fault then i would have accepted punishment but we all are in pain and are under same roof.
Bindu prays to Lord that make me meet my son and my wife, how will i find them in such big area.

PRECAP- Niharika burns some woods, Noor ask what are you doing? she says i am burning bodies you, Helena and Khurasan, she says if Bindu’s son comes back then his mother Dharma will comeback too, then you all will be caught and if get trapped in all this then i will not move back from telling truth to Bindu. Ashok says to Chanakya that i will bring truth out of enemies to Bindu who made my mother look like criminal. Khurasan says nothing will happen, i will find Dharma this time and will finish her with her son.