Tomorrow is a New Episode 10 Update on Monday 10th December 2018

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Monica calls Ximena that she has invited Camilo for dinner tonight so she needs to prepare some pork and marinade sauce because it’s his favorite and Ximena tells her she’s not good in preparing that meal so then, they’ll have to order it from a restaurant and make it look like they prepared it themselves. Monica then added that, they need to do everything possible for Camilo to feel welcomed and happy in their company tonight.

Diana speaks with Monica and she asks if Camilo was with her last night and she answers that yes but then they were in the company of Rafael and Ximena. She then asks if he didn’t complain on seeing Rafael at her place and she replies that no. she continues by asking what they did and she answers that they only listened to music and had some chat that’s all. 

Diana then tells Monica that Camilo told her he’ll stay late outside today too so she wants to know if they have plans and mentions to her that it’s nothing special and that she only invited him over to have some pork and marinade since it’s his favorite and Diana tells her it’s good she isn’t wasting her time. Again, she pleads with Monica not to lead Camilo into an encounter of a different kind because though they have an agreement, she’s still not ready to….. and Monica cuts in and tells her not to worry.

Rafael walks into Mauricio’s office and Mauricio tells him he must be very happy for winning Camilo’s trust in the company and Rafael says to him that he is happy but then he supposed he’s not and Mauricio states to him that competing with each other isn’t his thing. Rafael then brings to his notice that if so, then he has to learn about one’s privacy and so if he’s having doubts about his credentials or any questionings, he should come straight to him because it’s better to know someone by talking to them and not stalking.

Mauricio furiously goes to confront Luis (One of Camilo’s employee) as to why he made a sell out on him to Rafael for stalking and Luis explains that he forced him and since he happens to be the son of the boss, he couldn’t tell him lies. Mauricio then warns him never to betray him again and also, he should note that when it comes to the company, he’s the only son of the boss and not Rafael because that guy isn’t real and he’s going to prove it. Luis then assures to help him out.

Pablo (One of Camilo’s employee) pays a visit to Paloma and he offers her some money and she gets really excited, stating that she really needed that money and she takes him over to her bedroom and they end up in bed. 

Monica and Ximena get everything set on receiving Camilo with so much enthusiasm but unfortunately, Monica receives a phone call from Camilo and he tells her he can’t make it and she breaks down into tears. On the other hand, Diana and her children sits to have dinner and Barbara asks why their dad isn’t joining and she tells her that he has some prior work engagement so he’ll be late.

Regina gets pissed because Diana mentioned at the dinning that she was going to have a baby soon and packs her stuffs out of the house and goes to pass the night at Margarita and Manuel’s place and she brings to their notice that her mum Diana, is suffering from cancer.

Mauricio discloses to Barbara that he can’t get married to her and so he’s calling off their wedding because he has no future in her father’s company. Barbara then tells him that it’s not an excuse so maybe there must be another woman involved that’s why he’s saying so.

Eugenia happens to find Paloma in bed with Pablo and she wrathfully throws him out and yells at Paloma for allowing such an awful act in her house. Paloma then goes mad and she shouts on Eugenia as to why she didn’t knock on the door before entering and Eugenia makes her to understand that it’s her premises and so she forbids such things to take place yet, Paloma seeks an apology from her for budging into her room like that.

After Camilo’s disappointment to Monica, she decides to go to bed and suddenly, she hears the door bell ring and when she goes to open, she finds Camilo. Monica then bangs the door thinking it was one of her imaginations and Ximena comes to ask who rang the bell and there, she realizes that this time around it was real. 

She then opens the door again and Camilo asks if there’s still some pork and marinade reserved for him and she gladly welcomes him in. He then makes an apology to Monica and Ximena for cancelling the invitation earlier and that he didn’t know what to do since his wife Diana doesn’t want him near so he has thought it wise to join their company. Monica then clarifies to him that he’s always welcome into their home and Camilo puts on some music and they start the night afresh with some toasts.