Till The End of Time Episode 93 Update on Tuesday 11th December 2018


Arjun stops Maya and asks where is she going. Maya says she cannot continue their relationship as she is very inauspicious for him, she does not want her black shadow on her. She says Ashwin was right, her presence will ruin Arjun’s life. Vandana, Ayan, Saanjh, and Jahnvi hear her conversation silently standing aside. Maya says she does not want to ruin his life, so she will go far away from him and leaves.

Arjun holds her hand and asks how will he live without her. Maya says if she can get him happiness, by staying away, she will stay away from him and will never come near him. She walks near car.

Arjun stops her and she reminds him of panditji’s words. Arjun says he just knows that he loves her, he has taken 7 pheras with her and married her. The moment, he married her, her decisions
are theirs; the moment he dorn her mangalsutra, their life and fate is connected and god has united him and if they believe god, then they cannot separate.

Maya says she just wants him to be happy whole life and she is better away from him, she cannot continue this relationship. He says fine she can go.. she can stay away from him, but he cannot, so he will die. Camera focuses on Vandana and others.

Vandana tries to walk towards Arjun, but Saanjh stops her. Arjun turns and walks. Maya runs and hugs him from behind and warns not to tell this again, apologizes.

Arjun turns and hugs her. Vandana looks fuming. Inspector watching from a distance tells constable that a death changed whole situation, he does not know if this is happy ending or end of the happiness.

At Maya’s house, Jahnvi keeps shanty Pooja for Ashwin. Vandana asks Saanjh where is Maya. Maya comes wearing sari and holding lamp. Guest badmouth that she came as bride in her father’s chautha, she does not even have common sense. Maya hears that and tells them thank you for coming. They all leave.
Saanjh sees inspector coming and asks why don’t he let them in peace. Arjun tells Maya that he will beaat inspector if he misbehaves. Inspector tells Maya that he wanted to pay his respect to her father, but her lawyer is not letting him in.

Maya lets him in. After paying respect, inspector says he came to know that Ashwin was fit and fine, then heart attack is a surprising news. Arjun asks if he is done, he can go now. Inspector says may god give some peace to Ashwin’s soul and walks out.

Constable asks he did not attending anyone’s chautha in life, then why now. Inspector says because Maya is related. Ashwin troubled Maya whole life and died on her marriage day. Ashwin did his full body checkup 2 weeks ago and was fit, then how did he get heart attack.

Constable says who knows. Inspector says let us go and find out. Vandana hears their conversation and looks shocked.

Jahnvi holds Ashwin’s photo and cries. Maya enters and keeps photo aside and wiping her tears says tears are for one who love them, but not for the one who hate them.

Jahnvi says she loved Ashwin though. Maya says now they will look forward for their happiness, it is strange that a person who did not have heart died of heart attack.

Jahnvi reminisces pointing gun at Ashwin. Maya says enough now and calm down, she is there for her. Jahnvi says she will go with Arjun, who will be with her. Maya says whenever she needs her, she will be back. She then fixes Ashwin’s photo on wall and says now she is not afraid of him, his sound cannot frighten her and even his shadow cannot touch her. She sees a shadow on photo frame and turns.

Precap: Vandana tells Saanch that Maya did not even step into house and already Arjun is alleged of a murder.