Sightless Love Episode 39 Update on Monday 10th December 2018

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Marina asks Alberto if he is ready to support her on her pregnancy but he goes silent and Marina looking all sad, she leaves with a taxi and Alberto still looks wondering.

Prudencia tells Angustias and Damiana about Luis’ decision to adopt Marina so not to disown Alberto because doing that will cause a great scandal to their family says Luis but with the adoption which she doesn’t all the same agree but thinks it’s at least a good decision too will help the two children to have same benefits from the family without having to hurt anyone and also to prevent people from gossiping about them. Damiana and Angustias doesn’t support the idea but still Damiana thinks the decision is still up to Marina and not her.

Isauro provokes Alberto in town as he bumps into him and Isauro angers him that he made Marina his and looking so furious, he decides to attack Isauro, but he threatens Alberto that if dares to hit him again, he will sue him again. This makes Alberto pull back and left. 

Alberto arrives home and Yolanda asks him his decision about Marina’s pregnancy and Alberto tells Yolanda that it looks like Marina does not understand his situation that he cannot accept the son of a rapist and Yolanda answers that she understands it is not easy but he said it before that the best thing is for him and Marina to forget whatever happened between her and Isauro and so and so he should do so and move on and believe that the child is his but Alberto that Alberto looks confused and this is the case Marina also refuses to help him have a DNA test on the unborn child. 

Marina tells Baldomero that Alberto does not love her as she thought because as it seems he needs her to have a DNA test to accept her baby before he can be sure that the baby is his. 

Alberto tells Vanessa that Marina is pregnant. Vanessa then says that if he did sleep with Marina before they got married and now Isauro’s rape too, then it means the two of them have 50 50 chances. So she suggests to Alberto to have a DNA test and Alberto says what if the child turns out not to be his and Vanessa says may be they can chose to abort it since it’s a rape child and the law backs that abortion or probably they can give the child to a couple in need of a child to prevent him from being reminded of Isauro’s rape on his wife and Alberto says the saddest thing is that Marina refuses to have any DNA test because she is convinced that the child is his and Vanessa tells him that he has to understand her; Marina prefers to think that to be able to accept it. 

Alberto tells Marina that he adores her and he is even going to be with her during her pregnancy, but he would like to be certain that the baby is his still marina replies why it’s so difficult for him to believe it is his son and Alberta answers that there is a possibility that it isn’t and that is why he needs the DNA test. Alberto tells marina if she would accept to have the test so he could be able to take a decision and marina replies that she just realized how fragile his love is. 

Marina breaks the good news to the family about her pregnancy and they look so happy for her and Alberto and they decide to go break the news also to the Ocaranzas. 

Susana tells Prudencia that before they give the surname and fortune to a stranger, she should be sure that she deserves it, Prudencia answers that marina deserves that and more but Susana answers that she doesn’t believe what the people say about her, just that is a lot of responsibility. 

Luis tells Prudencia that marina is pregnant and Susana tells him that the child could be Isauro’s and that is what Luis also believes. 

He then tells Alberto to make sure to have a DNA test done with the child so he will know if the child is his but Alberto says he wouldn’t discuss his personal matters with him but all he cares about is that Luis recognizes Marina as his daughter even if it will be through adoption and Luis accept. Luis then tells Alberto that he will ask his lawyer to have all the adoption paperwork ready for marina so she can sign them though he doesn’t know how much time that could take and Alberto says if so then, Marina will have to sign the papers in the city because he will be leaving with her to the city the next day and Luis goes speechless as well as Susana who eavesdrop their conversation from afar.