Kuch Rang Episode 359–360 Update on Monday 10th December 2018


Sona and Dev tell Ishwari that they will go out for dinner. Ishwari says they can have dinner at home. Sona says it has been so long since they all 3 had dinner tighter, so she felt they should go out. Ishwari thinks god heard her prayers, she will tell them about her job. She goes to get ready. Soa says she told maa has changed. Dev says mom will see lassi worth 500 Rs and will says she would have prepared at home. They all 3 reach restaurant. Ishwari sees 175 Rs worth aam panna and says repeats Dev’s dialogue. Sona says they should out often. Ishwari says yes, meeting again after sometime is a great feeling. She sees Raman there and gets tensed. She tells Dev and Sona that something fell in her eyes and goes to washroom.
Riya meets Nikki and asks if Dev met her.
Nikki says yes and says even she saw her pics with her family. Riya says it is their family and says Dev worked so hard to give hem luxuries, but when he was alone and needed them, they left him alone. Laksh enters and says Riya is right, sisters should have supported Dev. He tells they got intern aunty who taught never to judge people by their behavior. He asks Nikki if she is ready for dinner outing and asks Riya to join them. Riya says Aru and Kapil are waiting for her.
Dev and Sona wait for Ishwari to come. They see Nikki and Laksh coming and get tensed. Dev says how will maa react. Ishwari returns. Dev says food is very costly here and she will scold him if it is not good, so let us go back. Ishwari happily agrees. Nikki watches them walking and Dev and Sona looking at her while walking. Ishwari stands near reception while Dev and Sona go to get car. Raman sees her and asks if she also came for dinner, he and Laksh are inside, but did not see her. She says even she did not see him. He discusses office ideas. She says let us discuss it tomorrow in detail. Sona returns. Raman says they will talk in detail in office and leaves. Sona asks Ishwari if she is doing a job. Ishwari nervously says yes and says she is working since 2 days and is happy doing it, she wants to do something in her life. Sona says why didn’t she inform her before, she is so happy for her.
Nikki goes near Dev’s car and asks why was he ignoring her, if he is ashamed of her. He says they brought maa to discuss about her and Laksh, but seeing them suddenly maa would have reacted rudely, so they did not want maa to see them now. She says he is ashamed of her , so he did not let maa know about them, angrily leaves while Dev tries to explain.
Dev returns and hears Sona and Ishwari’s discussion. Sona says maa is working since 2 days and was not going to temple. Dev angrily walks away while Ishwari tries to stop him. They reach home. GKB asks Ishwari to stop going to work and start going to temple again for Dev’s sake. Mamaji scolds her as usual. Mamaji tells when Dev got his first salary, he gave it to Ishwari and took promise that she will not work again in life and will rest. Ishwari says she worked as house maid and did all sort of jobs, some employers were good, but some were very bad. Dev could not tolerate their bad behavior and gave his promise, so he is right on his side. Sona says everything will be alright.
Dev reminisces his traumatic childhood. Sona walks in and Dev sleeps on her lap and asks if he is wrong. Sona says neighter he nor maa is wrong.
Precap: Dev comes home and walks to his room while tries to speak to him. Sona tells Ishwari that she has to stand for her rights, even if it is against Dev.
Dev reminisces Ishwari’s employer slapping her and house owner insulting her, Ishwari working hard to bring children up. Sona stands near door and looks at him. Maid informs that her mom has come. Sona says so early, she will come down. She sees Dev asleep then, dorns blanket on him and walks down to meet Asha. She sees Asha and Ishwari speaking and asks Asha if she knew from before. Ishwari says she got inspiration from Asha and she helped her find job and met her often to encourage her. She tells Asha next that she cannot work anymore now. Sona says they will speak to Dev and convince him. Just like Dev has right to do what he likes, even she has right, she should fight for her rights even if it is against Dev. She asks them to sit and walks away.
Sona takes tea for
Dev and greets him good morning. He says she should have sent it via maid and asks if she wants to talk about last night. Sona says she did not come to talk about him and Ishwari. She says she knows tea is not tasty, but he cannot blame himself for that. He should let things go on their pace and should not restrict others. She continues explaining. He asks how does she understand situation so soon. She says she keeps herself into other’s place and judge situation, she did same with him.
Ishwari tells Asha that she is leaving job as Dev does not want to. Dev comes down and leaves without talking to her while she tries to speak and say she is at home and will prepare whatever he likes. She gets sad.
Ram shows some presentation to Laksh. Laksh asks to show it to intern aunty once. Raman says she has not come yet. Laksh asks to call her then. Nikki comes. Laksh says she came to surprise him. She asks where is intern aunty. He says she came to meet her then, but she has not come yet.
Sourav says he wants to do PR for Asha’s novel and asks Bejoy to select pic. Bejoy says no need for that. Asha comes and Bejoy tells her situation and says if novel is good, it will sell, what is the need for PR. Asha scolds them that she will decide whatever she wants. Sourav and Bejoy’s argument continues.
Raman calls Ishwari and asks if she has computer book and papers. Ishwari says she has, but she cannot come to office. Raman says there is a presentation and Laksh wants her to approve it. Ishwari gets happy. Raman says he will send mail and she can check and inform him. She agrees. She gets laptop from cupboard and reading book switches laptop and writes mail. Sona sees that and smiles thinking Mr. Obodro does not know what he is missing.
GKB is busy applying nail polish. Vicky enters and she should if he could not come in knocking. She tells that Ishwari wants to work and Dev is opposing, so even she told Ishwari to not work. Vicky says she got a chance to rule over this house completely. GKB says she already has keys. Vicky says if Ishwari goes out, she can take over completely, soon he will take over Dev’s business.
Asha gets sweets for Sourav. Sourav gets happy. Asha says she scolded him, so she prepared it. Sourav says he will eat all.
Sona and Ishwari wait for Dev at dinner table and once Dev enters Sona says they are waiting for him. Dev walks to his room without talking to them. Sona says enough of his enough and walks to Dev and confronts why did he do that. He says let maa do whatever she wants, he does not care, she is Ishwari Enterprises’ owner and can guide in her own company, why she wants to work under someone as employee. Sona says maa walks to do something on her own and he should support her. He says she is not understanding. He gets mail and stands surprised seeing Ishwari’s I am sorry message. Sona checks it and even she is surprised and emotional. Dev emotionally says maa wrote it to him. He goes to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari says he was angry and was not talking to her, so she sent that mail. He says go to sleep now, it is late and walks away. Ishwari stands sadly and says she wanted to talk to Dev and tell that she learnt to write mail, he did not like it though, she should not have wrote mail. When he is not happy, what will she do learning all this. She gets Dev’s reply “love you maa” and happily says love you too.
Precap: Dev takes Sona to Ishwari’s office and Sona seeing NIL says this is Laksh’s startup company. Dev is surprised.