Ashoka Samrat Episode 93–94 Update on Monday 10th December 2018


Scene 1
Khurasan asks his men to keep an eye on all the women, he says maybe we find the one we are looking for. Agni puts all the things in temple. Bindu says in heart, dharma where are you? why are you concealing from me? Is there any problem? or you are punishing me? i will find you this time.
charu says to her servant we have to find that woman before samrat. i don’t want her to reach samrat. I dont want him to find dharma before, even if it takes her life.
Agni and justin bow down, everyone sprinkle flowers on them. Everyone congratulates bindu and justin.
Radha says to the soldier where is achanyak? your men must be treating him ill. The man says i am ready to serve whatever punishment you have for me. Radha says you should serve your state rather than some man. Tell us where have you abducted him? his men beat him.
Ashok asks the girl where is radha? can you tell me? there is something big going to happen in justin’s wedding tomorrow. she says i will give your message to him, ashok says i wont waste my time i should tell someone else. he runs a soldier stops him, he says i saw you near dungeon. I shall arrest you now. Ashok says please let me go, i wont do anything now, i am leaving.
Khurasan asks noor do you doubt someone? This is not only my problem. if dharma meets bindu you wont be in trouble too. siyamak wont ever sit on throne. She says i have been paying for your mistakes and you dont even realize. He says its justin and agni’s wedding tomorrow and you cant do anything about it.
Ashok asks samrat’s men where is he? his man says you can meet him day after tomorrow. Ashok says i want to meet him right now. sushim says what you think of yourself? ashok says its realluy important. there is something going to happen tomorrow to stop this wedding. We have to tell samrat. Sushim smiles and says you think you are a spy? you help others and become well wishers. even when they dont need you. you think you can waste samrat’s time by your stories. we know how to protect us and we dont need you for that. ashok says this is not a story. sushim says are you going or should i get you kicked out?
ashok goes out and says i couldn’t meet radha and now not even samrat. I have to stop this myself but how will i go there?
Precap-Nicator says this whole castle will be destroyed. ashok says whoever goes against samrat realm i will give my life for it.
Scene 1
Bindu ask noor you have problem with Justin’s marriage? Noor says i am not happy with marriage as it is done on greece’s culture, all rituals are done on their culture basis, Bindu says Helena has given her life to us, it was her wish to make her son marry on Greece’s culture basis so i fulfilled it, he ask Khurasan to go and find Dharma, dont waste time, Khurasan leaves, Bindu says to Noor that you did great by giving your jewelry and clothes to Agni, are you fine? Noor says yes, he ask her to take rest, he leaves, she says this is difference between you and justin, if i told him that i am fine then he would have held my hand, looked into my eyes and said that you are lying.
Bindu comes to Subhrasi and says you seem tensed, what is it? Subhrasi says i have always fulfilled my responsibilities as wife, i never asked anything from you for Drupat and me because i knew you would give everything to him, i had no qaulms with Charu and Noor, when i got to know about Dharma, i thought i will accept her too but there are insecurities in my heart, Drupat comes there with Dharma, she hides seeing Dharma, Drupat goes to sleep, Bindu says to Subhrasi that its true that i loved Dharma more than any wife, if she was here then she would have lived with respect like you, Charu and Noor do, its her fate that she was away from palace, i request my 3 wives to accept Dharma and respect her like you respect me, Dharma smiles listening this, he leaves, Subhrasi cries listening this,
Scene 2
Helena comes to justin who is getting ready, she says only one thing is left, she ask him to close eyes, he does, she makes him wear crown of Samrat, she smiles, he looks in mirror and is stunned, he ask whats all this? he takes crown off and says this is of Bindu, Helena says no i have made it, this is for new Samrat, tomorrow you will become Samrat, Justin ask what you are upto? what you are going to do, Helena says i cant answer right now, Justin says you are blinded by revenge, Helena says not revenge but justice, they were always unfair to us, were you not son of Chandragupt? why you were not made Samrat? truth is that they have not accepted us ever, they were partial all life, Justin says i know all this but what you are upto? soldier comes and says Ashok wants to talk to you, justin says to helena that dont do anything which can hurt our lives, i have no dreams of becoming Samrat, you also forget it, its not nice to do all this, he is about to leave, Ashok comes in, justin leaves, Ashok says to Helena that i want to talk to you, you wanted me to take part in marriage so i am ready to bring water from river, Helena thinks good this horse of Chanakya will die too, she ask Ashok to bring it before marriage for Agni, Ashok says it is an honor for me that you have allowed me to do this, dont give any reward to me for this, i am doing it willingly, helena says i also want you to be part of marriage, he greets Helena and leaves, Helena orders to soldier to keep an eye on him.
Scene 3
Khurasan’s soldier tells Khurasan that Subhrasi’s dasi was out of palace yesterday, Khurasan says keep any eye on Subhrasi’s dasies and try to identify that dasi, in marriage she must be hiding her face, find her soon.
Justin says to Noor’s dasi that i want to meet Noor, she says Noor has ordered me to not allow you to go in her room, he looks at Noor from outside, in room, Noor takes knife in her hands and is about to cut her veins of hand but cant, Justin leaves from there, he finds Agni there, she stares at him coming from Noor’s room.
Agni brings Justin to her room, she gives him wine, he takes it, she says you wanna know what will happen tomorrow, i will fulfill my responsibility as wife now, she says Noor will be burned tomorrow, he says what? she says yes, when we will marry, noor will burn in jealousy, he says i dont like ths joke, he holds her tightly, she says i like it when you hold me, he leaves her, he says you are not doing right by not telling me truth, Agni says i am waiting for right time, Justin says only one day is left for marriage, what time you are waiting for? i know something big is going to happen tomorrow, tell me, Nicator with Helena and Raj comes there and says i will tell you Justin.
Helena’s soldier in Radha’s custody tells him that Chanakya is being kidnapped in new palace, Radhagupt says but why? soldier says i dont know that
Nicator says to Justin that whole new palace will burn down in few minutes and whole Maurya dynasty will finish in one go, Helena says this is for justice, Justin thinks i cant sacrifice Noor for justice but how to save her? how?
Noor says to herself that its time to tell Justin the biggest truth of his life. bindu thinks truth is Dharma is alive and i will find her at any cost. Khurasan says to himself that i have seen dream of ruling Maurya dynasty and for that i have to finish Dharma and Bindu’s love story. Helena says to Justin that what Chadragupt started years back will end tomorrow.
Ashok says to himself that never, the one who have planned this conspiracy, i will never allow them be successful, i have taken promise to protect my land and for that even if i have to sacrifice my life, i will do it.
PRECAP- Noor says to Justin that i hate that Agnishika, she has separated us and i am afraid that she will separate your son from you too, justin is shocked and says Siamak is my son? Dharma is hiding in store room, Khurasan comes there and says i know you here, i will not leabe you today, he brings out his sword, dharma is tensed.