Who Killed Libia Episode 86 Update on Friday 7th December 2018

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Gabriela becomes shocked to see her father in the hacienda at that point in time and she starts questioning him and also attempts to enter the study to see what’s happening but she stops and goes to the kitchen instead. Mr. Augustin then calls Oscar to come out of the study and they quickly swerve and leave the place without her notice.

Fernando gets to the study and he tries to search for the letters Bernardo left behind but he realizes they’re nowhere to be found and he becomes wild.

Oscar shows the letter to John after reading and John becomes amazed at the kind of things Bernardo stated in the letter about his in-law Fernando. He then mentions to Oscar that, they need to find the remaining letters Bernardo wrote as soon as possible but they need to be extra careful and also make sure not to mention anything to the ladies yet.

Fernando arrives at the brothers’ house and he brings to the notice of Sofia that he’s no longer going to file for their divorce because he sees to gain nothing from it. Sofia breaks down after Fernando’s statement but John consoles and clarifies to her that, they don’t need any papers to approve their marriage but then the blessings of the Lord so she needs to be calm.

Gabriela sits quietly in her study staring at Bernardo’ photo and she speaks to herself that it pains to see her daughters take after him and Sofia is the most annoying part of all. She continues by saying that, even though he’s dead and gone, he’s still getting on her nerves but that wouldn’t stop her from getting what she wants with the Fernando on her side.

Armando cautions Fernando to be very careful with Raquel because if her husband happens to return from his trip, he wouldn’t take it slightly at all yet, Fernando refuses to heed to his advice.
Raquel reads a letter coming from her husband Ricardo and it states that he’s no longer coming like he promised due to some few challenges but then he’s going to appoint someone to come and assist her with any help whatsoever.

Rosa tells Sofia that Peter seems to like her but then she wants to avoid seeing him and when Sofia asks why, she explains that he’s already aware about the fact that she’s in love with Franco but gave up on their relationship for Sarah’s sake and that’s not a good reason to connect with him. Sofia then clarifies to her that she still doesn’t like the idea of her sacrifice yet she goes again stating that she prefers to see Sarah happy with Franco instead.

John excitedly tells Sofia that he’s going to bake her some special cake that she’ll love very much and in the same vein, Fernando sneaks into the bakery and poisons the flour John has already prepared for making the cake and no one notices it.

John gets to the bakery afterwards and begins with his preparation with so much anticipation. Everything gets set and they all couldn’t wait to taste that delicious cake specially made for Sofia. On the other hand, Fernando waits patiently to hear the news that will later pop up after they eat that cake but it’s rather unfortunate that, Sofia happens to be the first person to taste it and she seems to enjoy it very much.