Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 10 Update on Thursday 6th December 2018

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Camilo insists on being with Diana throughout till she carry out all her tests but she refuses, stating to him that he couldn’t even stand the pressure of knowing that she has cancer and so she prefers to do this alone and that’s her final decision so he better respect it. Yet, Camilo states it clear to her that they are couples and must do this together.
Diana calls Monica on the phone and informs her that she had a quarrel with Camilo because he thought he was stronger and could deal with the situation but he failed and so she has made him to understand that she’ll do this alone and Monica tells her that she’ll hurt him instead. Diana then tells her that there’s nothing she can do about it so she should try and do whatever it takes to help him forget everything.
Laura tries to follow Rafael to see what he’ll be doing at the moment and she finds him buying a wine from a shop and so she tries calling him on his cell phone to figure out what he’s up to and to her surprise, Rafael lies to her that he’s already going to bed. After the phone call, he sparks his motor bike and Laura silently follows him to wherever he was going. 
Monica calls Camilo to invite him over for dinner in her apartment but he refuses to accept the invitation complaining of tiredness and Ximena joins Monica as she speaks to Camilo and whispers some words to her in other to convince him to come over even if it’s for a short period.
A few minutes after the phone call, Monica hears a knock on the door and as Ximena goes to open, she sees Rafael with a wine and he joins them for dinner. Ximena then drags Monica into the bedroom and she says to her that it seems Rafael already likes her so she should take him serious and exchange the father for his son but Monica makes her to understand that what she feels for Camilo is so special that there’s no room for anyone. 
She then asks Ximena to tell her what to do if Rafael truly feels something for her and Ximena tells her not to worry because she’ll sacrifice herself to Rafael for him to take his eyes off her. On the other hand, Laura arrives at Monica’s apartment and she happens to see Camilo park his car right in front and she watches him closely as enters into the apartment. She then wonders who could be living in that apartment to have both Rafael and Camilo in there so, she moves closer to check the names of the residents in the apartment and she finds Monica.
Rafael finds it shocking to see Camilo arrive in Monica’s house at that very moment and likewise Camilo. Ximena engages Rafael in a conversation and Monica and Camilo gets the chance to talk privately and he thank her for inviting him over. He continues by asking why she invited Rafael too, but she tells him Rafael’s visit took her by surprise but aside it all, they all had a very good time together.
Monica later gets very enthused about the fact that Camilo really came over to her house and Ximena tells her that he’s starting to like her and there’s no doubt.
The following morning, Camilo tries to talk things over with Diana but she tells him she has nothing to say to him and he asks how long she’s going to act like that towards him and she says, that’s how she wants things to be. Camilo then tells her that he’s going to be home late again because he doesn’t like to be alone and she tells him she doesn’t mind.
Margarita goes to see Eugenia and she begs her to give Regina her full support for this adoption to be successful for her to also feel like a complete woman and also, she promises that if she helps, that baby is going to be loved and well catered for.
Paloma goes to see Mauricio at the company again but he states it clear to her that she can’t come after him in the company that often because his boss happens to be her uncle and also, he’ll be getting married to Barbara soon but Paloma tells him that she only wants to have fun with him and nothing more and they ended up kissing again.
Cristobal meets up with paloma and he 
explains to her that they still need enough money to pay for the trip and also have some extra money for feeding and lodging until they find jobs when they get to Brazil but what he has isn’t enough.
Camilo shows his appreciation to Monica once again for having invite him over for dinner at her place last night and he tells him how happy he was to be in their midst especially with Ximena because she was the light of the party due to her funny character. 
Monica becomes glad at Camilo’s compliments and she asks if he could pass over again tonight for some nice pork and marinade sauce and Camilo tells her that it sounds delicious so he’ll be there tonight and she gets over excited.