Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 9 Update on Wednesday 5th December 2018

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Camilo wakes up the next morning seeing himself in Monica’s bed and he looked quite surprised. On the other hand, Ximena starts teasing Monica about having Camilo in her bed and Monica tells her to shut up because he’s a married man and suddenly, they hear a knock on the door and when Monica goes to open, it turns out to be Diana. She then starts to complain to her about Camilo not coming home last night and before Monica tries to say a word, Diana finds Camilo coming out from Monica’s room and she embraces him. She then expresses how glad she is to find him safely there and Camilo apologizes to her for drinking because he just couldn’t bear the sad news she told him and also for spending the night in his secretary’s house and Diana tells him not to worry and that she’s even glad Monica took care of him.

Diana speaks with Monica and she says to her that she knows she’s doing exactly what she asked her to but then she should have at least call her to let her know Camilo is with her and Monica explains that Camilo was in a very bad shape last night and the only thing she could think of was to cheer him up and make him forget all that pain. Diana then asks if anything happened between both of them and Monica looked shocked but she later asks her to pardon her questionings and she thank her and walks away.

Diana pleads with Chabela to go with her to the hospital and carry her tests because the time is due and she needs someone by her side. Chabela asks why she’s not going with either her mother or husband and she clarifies to her that she’s the one who encourages and support her and also, she wants to keep Camilo out of this because he’s much fragile than she thought and may not be able to stand it.

Adrian (Camilo’s younger brother) suddenly shows up at his office and they express how long it has been since they saw each other. Adrian goes ahead to tell Camilo that he came to see if he can get a temporary work to do and earn some money and also stay at his house for some time because he can’t afford to pay rent and Camilo tells him that can’t happen because he came at the wrong time. Camilo then start to explain his situation to him that, his youngest daughter Regina who is just 17yrs is pregnant, Cristobal crushed his car in an accident, he also recently found out he had a son with Almudena his former lover named Rafael and on top of it all, Diana has cancer. Adrian is then touched by Camilo’s situation and promises to remain and support him.

Laura goes to the company and she sees Rafael talking to Monica, asking if she could go out with him for a dance and she angrily walks away without their notice.

Paloma visits Mauricio at the company and she asks if he could give her some money for her plans and they ended up kissing each other in one of the offices without anyone’s notice. Barbara also arrives and she asks Nora (an employee in the company) where to find Mauricio and Pablo (an employee in the company) leads her to Mauricio and she gets surprised to see him with Paloma. Mauricio then explains to Barbara that Paloma only came to show him her jewelries to help her sell them.

Eugenia reads a note Diana left for her about going to have her tests done and she quickly rushes to the hospital and queries her as to why she didn’t choose to go with her and rather went with Chabela and Diana says to her that, she didn’t want to get her worried but Eugenia sadly clarifies to her that, she shouldn’t exclude her in all of this else she’ll be more affected.
Laura goes to inform Diana that Monica is really crazy about Rafael and Diana starts laughing, telling her that she’s wrong or perhaps Rafael likes her and she wouldn’t be surprised because she’s a great woman and Laura tells her she can’t be serious.

Camilo arrives home with Adrian and Diana gets so excited to see him and Camilo states that he wants to spend some few days with them and Diana tells him there’s no problem at all. Diana then asks Adrian about how he has been so far and he tells him it’s just the usual and he tells him that, Camilo has told him everything and she can count on him for any help whatsoever and gladly, she tells him she’s really glad for his presence.

Rafael receives a phone call from his mother Almudena and he explains the whole situation in Camilo’s family to her and promises to take care as she has cautioned him to so she should relax and Mauricio happens to eavesdrop on him as they communicate.

Camilo queries Dianna for not informing him when she went to run the tests at the hospital and she makes him to understand that she can’t get him involved in a moment like this because he acted like a child and got himself drunk just because he couldn’t handle the pressure of his wife having Cancer. Camilo still insists on being with her to see through it but she tells him she prefers to do it alone so he better respects her decision.