Sightless Love Episode 38 Update on Wednesday 5th December 2018

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Luis reproaches Prudencia that she deceived him and tells her that he should have thrown her in the street, Prudencia replies that if she didn’t tell the truth to him it was to avoid his tantrums as to how he will handle this situation. Luis tells her that she deserves to be thrown out of the ranch and she tells him that he is not to worry because she will be glad to leave with her children and will tell everyone that Marina is their daughter and Luis thinks she is crazy to try causing a scandal for the family and Prudencia challenges him that if he never wants to witness that from her then he should recognize Marina as soon as possible before he tests her patience. 

Marina asks Alberto that both go to the city, that she is not interested in anything that has to do with Ocaranzas, Alberto tells her that she shouldn’t give up what she is entitled to because may be one day she will have to present a surname for certain things in life and he is not pressuring her for his own convenience because the work he now has can help him earn enough but she also has many plans and goals she will like to pursue in life and though he doesn’t doubt the fact that she can do it without any help from Luis but all he ask of her is to allow him to repair the injustice he caused for her to leave so poor whiles he’s enjoyed everything in life and Marina asks Alberto to stop blaming himself.

Prudencia tells Marina that she did not need the DNA test to know that she is her daughter and marina tells her she felt Mr. Luis´ rage when he discovered that he has a daughter who is also blind like her and Prudencia tells her that she will defend her against everyone if it should take the last drop of her blood. They both embrace so passionately and for the first time Marina calls her mother. 

Isauro calls Luis to inform him that he withdrawn the lawsuit against Alberto but Luis careless and owe him no thanks because it turns out that Marina is his daughter and Isauro goes wondering.

Marina tells Damiana that although she’s now found her mum but the fact remains that she will forever be her mum and Damiana feels guilty that she exchanged her destiny but Marina tells her that she can read that God wanted her to end in Damiana’s hands for protection and it is also through her who has made her who she is now and so she has nothing against her and all she knows is she loves her very much and Damiana also expresses her love to her.

Alberto tells Luis that the right thing to do is that he recognizes marina as his daughter, Luis tells him that it will be very complicated to explain to everybody that he has a daughter and that he may lose his business partners. he proposes to adopt marina, so both would be his children, Alberto does not accept and Luis tells he should discuss it with marina; that she may think it is not a bad idea. 

Luis tells Susana that Prudencia is really serious and ready to cause a scandal by telling the whole world that Marina is their son and that he can’t bare but Susana doesn’t think that Prudencia won’t do that but if she is insisting then he should may be adopt the girl and since the process takes more time, Luis can use that to buy time to seeing the breakdown of Alberto and Marina’s marriage due to the fact that Alberto might not be able to stand Isauro’s touch on his wife and Luis says he would not even touch his woman who has been with a different man so at least he believes her.

Baldomero’s transfer application to the city has now been confirmed or accepted and so he looks very happy to be working in the cities cemetery so to be with Damiana if Alberto takes her and Marina there.
Luis suggests to Alberto that he wants to adopt Marina but he doesn’t agree with his father and tells him that he will no longer carry his surname but will give it to Marina but Luis says that there is no need because he will forever be his son. Luis also says that accepting Marina as her daughter just like that will cause great scandal to him and so Alberto should discuss his adoption decision with Marina so they can know where to take it from.

Susana still wants her daughter to aim high about getting the fortune of the Ocaranzas through Alberto but the girl can’t understand why her mum refuses to understand that Marina whether through birth or marriage, she is still will be an Ocaranza and therefore they should leave the ranch so they can may be go to the city to look for a millionaire there to marry since that is what she wants for her but Susana says no.

Prudencia tells Alberto that he will forever be an Ocaranza and her son because ever since Angustias put him in her arms she loved him as her real son; she believed her daughter was dead, but to know that she is alive gives her the strength to confront Luis and doesn’t feel afraid again. 

Marina and Yolanda arrives at the hospital and conducting a pregnancy test, it turns out positive and she becomes surprise to knows that she is pregnant and Yolanda tells her that there is a chance it is Alberto’s and not Isauro’s, and Marina replies that she does not have any doubt, that it is Alberto’s. 

Prudencia wonders why Luis can’t accept Marina as his daughter because it’s the fact but Luis says ever since Marina came into their lives his son Alberto rose his hands against him for the first time. Prudencia then advises her husband that if he still loves her just a little bit then, he should try winning Marina’s love over so to sin Alberto’s love too. 

Alberto arrives at the hospital to pick them up and Marina after Marina told him about the pregnancy, he gets doubt it could be his and Marina gets bad that Alberto says he loves and will protect her and support her but this is the case he is rejecting their son and she tells him that he is reacting his son as his father Luis is doing to her but Alberto says no. Marina then asks Alberto if he is ready to support her on this pregnancy but he goes silent and Marina looking all sad, she leave with a taxi with Alberto still wondering.