Kuch Rang Episode 355–356 on Thursday 6th December 2018


Riya chats with Dev and Sona and tells Dev that he likes Kapil for what she hates. Kapil sits with account books whole Sunday. Sona says she can she see she loves Kapil a lot. GKB comes with Ishwari and says they both here and she searched them in whole house. Dev says they are 3 here. GKB says she wants to chat a lot with Riya and asks for a selfie. Riya takes selfie with her and Ishwari. She takes Riya aside. Ishwari asks Dev to get her water. Dev calls maid. Ishwari insists. Dev jokingly says Sonakshi Bose took his mom away. Ishwari and Sona at once say Sonakshi Dixit. Dev leaves. Ishwari thanks her for bringing back Neha. Sona says Dev did and credit goes to him. Ishwari says if she had not explained Dev, he would not have done that and give example. Their bonding
GKB takes Riya aside and tries to brainwash her against Sona. She says good she came here, else she was feeling lonely. She reminds her of Asrani’s jailer character in Sholay film and says he did not get proper credit, same with her, she served this house for 7 years, but once Sona came, jiji/Ishwari took house keys from her and gave it to Sona, she felt so shattered. Riya asks her to relax, now Sona is back and will sort out everything well. Dev hears their conversation.
Nikki looks at Riya’s selfie with Ishwari and gets sad. Laksh brings her pizza. She says Riya met Ishwari. Laksh says he left all his contacts behind and even she should and have pizza. Door bell rings. Nikki opens door and sees Sona, asks why did she come again.
GKB orders maid to serve food and add some sugar only for her. Dev stops her and apologizes her for doing so many mistakes in 7 years. She emotionally says he does not need to apologize. They continue their emotional bonding.
Nikki asks Sona why did she come back again. Laksh says he did not know she is Nikki’s bhabi and apologizes her. Nikki says Laksh’s rude were hers and asks her to take back her gift, she is not a kid. Sona says hope she is still a kid and get excited for a gift and insists to take it. Nikki reminisces playing video game with Sona. She takes it and gets emotional seeing video game. Laksh says he did not know Nikki is cool from before and he thought he made her cool. Sona says if Nikki wants, she can come in. Nikki lets her in. Sona sees app and asks who prepared it. Nikki says Laksh and he named it Nil on their name. Sona says so cute. Laksh asks Nikki to prepare coffee for them. Nikki asks him to prepare it. Their nok jhok starts. Sona watches their cute fight and reminisces her and Dev’s nok jhok.
Sona returns home and informs Dev. Dev asks why did not she call him home. Sona says she did not want to hurry up and says Nikki and Laksh are so cool together like them. Dev says Laksh does not have manners to speak. Sona says he has to accept their relationship like us. Dev says how will he explain their live-in relationship concept to maa. Sona calms him down. Their nok jhok continues. They hear Golu and Soha fighting with a pillow and Sona scolds them. Dev messages I love you to Sona. Golu picks phone and says haaa big chaa sent I love you to big chi. Sona shyingly snatches phone. Dev acts and smiles turning.
Sona meets Asha and informs her whole incidents. Asha says she did not know Ishwari was away from her daughters. Sona says credit goes to Dev and he is very strong. Ronita comes holding dress excitedly and says she ordered dress online and it came in 1 day, which app is it. Sona says Nil, you just have to add your measurement and app will select best dress for you. Asha says now a days kids are so intelligent and asks which app is it. Sona says Nil.
Asha takes Ishwari for an interview and this jobs suits her profile. She sends her in. Interviewer questions her and asks what jobs she needs. Ishwari says helper, she can clean, mend, etc. He says they don’t have any job for her. She says she worked for 20 years without taking a single leave and is very hardworking and nobody had problem with her. He says their company was started with a small app and it become very famous, he is ready to hire her and says welcome to Nil (Laksh’s company). Asha says she will not disappoint him.
Precap: Riya says Sona that after she left, Dev hurt maa more. Sona says meaning. Riya explains. Sona tells Dev that since she came here, she did not see maa waiting for him for food. Dev says even she wanted that.
Dev walks to Sona and coughs to garner her attention. She asks to drink water. He says she has to tell whom she is thinking about when he is here, who is more important than her. Sona says maa. Dev asks what happened. Sona says they will go to temple to meet maa before going to office, she wants to know what is maa hiding. Dev says if they go there, maa will not reveal her secret. Sona asks if maa told him something. He says maa doe not want to interfere between them and does not want to repeat same mistakes, so she is giving them time. Sona says time has changed and she will scold maa that she has to spend time with her. Dev says even he wants same, maa should stay at home and play with kids and rest.
Ishwari meets Asha again at a restaurant. Asha congratulates her for
a job. Ishwari says without her moral support, she would not have given interview. Asha says it is friend’s duty to support friends and says good she is going for a job again tomorrow and her family will be pride of her. Ishwari says her family may scold her with her decision, anyways if she stays away from home, Sona and Dev will find some time and she will not come in between them. Asha says they will be very happy to be around her like she does. She says she knows, but she wants to stand on her legs again.
Dev and Sona come down to living room and see Bejoy collecting Asha’s books and searching them. Maid asks what he needs. Sona asks what is this. Bejoy says Asha’s books and she wants to sign on them first and then return. Mamaji says if he had informed first, he would have given his copy, but he gave it to Ishwari last night. Bejoy nervously calls Asha.
Asha and Ishwari’s discussion continues. She reveals that she did not want her to read that book as she wrote a lot about her in anger. Ishwari says she knows as Elena read everything and she has written truth. Asha apologizes and says she was very angry that time. Ishwari says she exaggerated about her collapsing repeatedly. Asha says it is true. Ishwari says she should blame her nutritionist for that. Asha says yes.
Riya chats with Sona and says good Aru got her brother and sister. Sona says like Dev got her and she should come here often. Riya says yes and asks if she meet Nikki again and what is the progress. Sona says yes, but there is no progress. Riya says Nikki is like that and she used ot fight in childhood a lot. She further tells that Dev has hurt maa a lot than anyone else and he was ignoring maa. She continues explaining.
Dev returns home after work. Sona says since she came here, she did not see maa waiting for him and serving him food. She explains that for a mother, children are everything, but Dev ignored maa for 7 years and broke her heart. She continues. Dev emotionally says he hurt maa a lot and wants to correct himself now. He takes Sona to Ishwari’s room holding food thali and asks why she does not take care of him now and does not wait for him for food, even now she is sleeping. It is her duty to take care of her child. She gets emotional and asks to give thali and feeds him from her hand. He gets emotional and wipes his tears. She calls even Sona to come near her and feeds her scolding that she takes care of everyone, so she will take care of her now. Emotional bonding continues. Ishwari says Sona and Dev are same and they should take care of each other now, if they don’t, she will scold them. Dev says she can punish him and send him out of house for some days, he wants to correct his mistake Emotional bonding continues.
In the morning, Dev sits for breakfast with family. GKB serves him. Mamaji says Dev that he knows a secret, Ishwari fed Dev last night. He is so happy seeing things back to normal after years. Ev smiles. Ishwari comes ready for office and asks if Dev is having food properly. Dev nods yes. Mamaji sees her wearing her favorite Dev’s gifted watch and asks what is the occasion. She says her friend insisted her to wear watch, so she is wearing. Dev says why don’t’ she call her friend home. Sona interrupts and says says she will drop maa to temple. She walks with Ishwari and says if she can ask a question. Ishwari asks she can without seeking permission.

Precap: Ishwari is busy working in Laksh’s office. Nikki comes there and is shocked to see her mother.