Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 7 Update on Monday 3rd December 2018

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Camilo and his Family organize a get together in their garden and Camilo tells Cristobal to connect his favorite music to the speaker and as the music play, he asks Diana for a dance and their children watch them in admiration. Camilo gets moved by the music whiles enjoying the dance with his lovely wife Diana and out of the blue, Diana whispers into his ears that, she has Cancer. The news becomes a hard blow to Camilo that he quickly leaves and his children begins to ask why he’s leaving so soon.

Diana joins Camilo in the bedroom and she apologize to him for not informing him earlier because she was scared and Camilo asks her to draw closer and they embrace each other in tears.

On that very night, Camilo skips his sleep and stays awake the entire night, making researches on breast cancer. The following morning, he wakes Diana from bed and shows her all the researches he carried throughout the night saying to her that last year in Mexico, there were about twenty-three thousand cases of breast cancer and only one-fourth of those cases and Diana kisses him whiles making his statement and she tells him how much she loves him.

Right after, Camilo and Diana go to see doctor Juan and discuss about Diana’s illness and how best she can be cured. After their meeting, Camilo explains to Diana that people hardly die of cancer nowadays so therefore, they can seek for a second or third opinion and he’s ready to send her to the United States for treatment if the need arises but Diana tells him it’s enough.

Monica speaks to Diana and she tells her that they need to sit and talk because she has already made up her mind and Diana also tells her that, Camilo already knows about her illness and he’s very devastated so she needs her to take very good care of him. 

Diana arrives home and she summons her children, stating to them that she has something to bring to their notice and Laura tries to stop her from saying anything but she objects. Barbara, Cristobal and Regina start to guess what she had to say but she tells them it’s none of those and they tell her to speed up with whatever she has to say because they’ve got no time to waste and painfully, Diana spills it out that she has cancer and tears starts to flow down their cheeks.

Camilo gets back to the office and with the look on his face, Monica tells him that Diana already spoke to her and she knows what’s at stake. Looking surprised, Camilo tells her everything will soon be fine and also, he would appreciate it if she keeps silent about it because he doesn’t want anyone else in the company to know about it and she assures him.

Barbara asks her mother what kind of cancer she has and she answers that it’s breast cancer and Cristobal also asks if she’s going to die like their great granny and she breaks down into tears, clarifying to them that it’s just a small tumor and it will soon become a memory after the operation so they should cheer up. Cristobal walks out and he meets Paloma and then he convinces her to come with him because he needs to go away and disappear.

Margarita goes to see Diana and she offers her a present, telling her that she was in the neighborhood and so she thought it wise of passing by to say hi and also appreciate her for being a great mother to her family. Margarita starts to admire Nico and Regina but Diana makes her to understand that very soon, she’ll have her own children but not with her first grandchild because that child has a home and Regina is still young to make her own decision.

Monica goes to serve Camilo some hot chocolate drink in his office to calm his nerves down and with so much tears in his eyes, he grabs Monica and draws her closer, saying to her that he doesn’t know how to live without Diana and Rafael suddenly enters the office and in the state at which he saw them, he gets amazed.