The Crossroads Update on Monday 3rd December 2018

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Adarsh giving roses to Swadheenta to hold and taking the phone. He talks to Asad. Asad says Adarsh, you reached Faridabad too. Adarsh says yes, we have same case. Asad says I can see, your case is becoming same, don’t think freedom is alone. Adarsh says relax, lets talk about your case. He asks Asad to give the rose to his love. Asad thanks him for advice. Swadheenta says you ended call. He says Asad is in love, let him carry on, its rose day today. She gives him the roses back. He thanks her. She says I have a plan, there is one weak link in this house, Leela.
Asad is nervous and tells his friends that Radhika can refuse to him. His friends support him and make him do situps. Radhika comes there. Asad goes to her and smiles. They greet each other and wish happy rose day.
He says I was in tension, I did not know when you come, will your face have smile or anger, my tension got less seeing your smile, I want to say something. She says even I have to say something. He says wow, what a nice situation, I did not feel shame or afraid to talk to any girl, but I feel scared and shy to talk to you, I asked freedom about giving you rose, finally she asked me to give you a rose, so… wait, I will get the rose…
Leela sits to watch her fav show. Subhash leaves. Leela calls out Geeta and asks where was she. Geeta says I was washing utensils. Leela asks her to wash clothes and sends her. Adarsh looks on and switches off the power, to stop Leela from seeing tv. He thinks now we can start our plan and signs Swadheenta.
Asad collides with Yash (Vanshika’s brother, mistakenly named Laksh) and falls on the stairs. Yash taunts him and gives hand to help. He asks his name. Asad asks are you PT teacher, why should I say my name. Yash says I m army guy. Asad says college called army men on rose day. Yash says you know what, army comes for a motive. He moves Asad and sees Radhika. Asad smiles seeing Radhika and shows the rose and the card.
Yash gives her a rose and says happy rose day my love. Asad gets shocked. Radhika looks unhappy. Yash asks are they your friends, will you not introduce them. Radhika introduces her friends. Yash says hi Asad, myself Yashvardhan Bundela, Radhika’s fiancé. Asad and his friends get shocked. Asad gets teary eyed and looks at her.
Swadheenta makes Leela drunk and tries asking her about Banwarilal, saying neighbor told me that Subhash is not your husband, Banwarilal is your husband. Adarsh records them. Swadheenta says I tried to ask Geeta, she was shocked hearing Banwarilal, is that woman saying right. Leela says yes.
Asad cries and tears the card angrily. His friends get supportive and do shayari to cheer him up. His friend ask him to forget this, if one goes, then other will come, don’t get senti, other girls did not die, don’t be upset. Asad asks why did this happen with me. His friend says what can we do, we also feel bad. Asad asks them to be quiet. His friends ask him to come. Asad asks them to leave him alone.
Swadheenta asks Leela do you miss him. Leela says everyone say Banwari was my husband and worked in BSF, they don’t know how bad he was. Swadheenta says you agree that Banwarilal was your husband. Leela says yes, my fate was bad, I loved Subhash, but Banwari made my parents agree and married her forcibly, Subhash was young and did not say anything for his elder brother’s happiness, he sacrificed his love. Swadheenta says Subhash does not look so. Leela says Subhash changed after Banwari and my marriage, six years ago, Banwarilal got killed by terrorists, then Subhash supported me and my daughter. Swadheenta asks do you have a daughter. Leela says yes. She gets unconscious. Adarsh records. Swadheenta goes to him.
Adarsh says I don’t understand the matter. Swadheenta says Banwarilal did not say he is bad man. Adarsh says we can’t tell about Subhash, did Leela lie… She says no, she was drunk, she can’t lie. Leela opens her eyes and smiles….. She says what did you think, I will get drunk by drinking some thandai and say truth, this is nothing, I will not speak up after more ten glasses on thandai, why does Ramkatori want to know about Banwarilal, I have to tell this to Subhash soon.
Asad’s friends try to cheer him up and take pics. Asad cries and goes away. He asks them to leave him alone. His friend says we can’t do this. Asad asks them not to joke.
Adarsh says Leela is acting. Swadheenta says she has drunk 6 glasses on thandai. He asks what will we do now. She says we will wait, Mamu says when we reach dead end, calm down and wait, maybe there will be some new way. Swadheenta asking Adarsh will he go in these clothes. Adarsh asks why, Subhash is not at home and Leela is watching tv, will you take care. She says no, I will tell them that I m Swadheenta, and you are Adarsh, we came to find out about Banwarilal, you are saying as if I won’t take care if you don’t tell me. She gives his phone and says its Vanshika’s call. He talks to Vanshika. She asks him what should I wear. He says anything you like, what shall I say. She says you are so unromantic, is there anyone with you. He says office colleague. She says fine, I m alone in my room. He says we will meet in evening. She says miss you and ends call.
Swadheenta laughs and asks Adarsh what will I wear after you leave. He says you want to joke, you won’t understand. She asks him
to explain, she will understand. He puts the bag and his shirt button falls. He says this had to happen now, I can’t wear Pyaare mohan clothes, I just had this shirt. She says relax, button broke, not the sky. She gets needle. He tries to stitch and gets hurt. He asks don’t you have any safety pin, anyway I will go like this. She says I will do, remove the bag. She stitches the button and he looks at her. Music plays…………… He acts to get hurt and smiles. She gets hurt and he asks are you okay. She says yes, its okay, done. He says I don’t want to go leaving you alone. She says nothing will happen. He says call me if there is any problem, thanks for this. He asks her to lock the door. He goes and leaves in his car. Subhash looks on angrily. He says a company’s clerk and this status, Leela was right, see Pyaare Mohan what I do of you and your wife now.
Mamu is worried and says no one is taking call. Mami asks him to call Asad’s friends. Mamu says let me think. She says call Swadheenta, maybe Asad called him. He says if I tell this to Swadheenta, she will come here leaving all her work, even she has problems to deal with.
Everyone wait for Adarsh at the restaurant/place. Vanshika asks why is he late. Abhay says he is always on time. Jaya says relax, he will come. Adarsh comes. Vanshika greets him. Jaidev asks so late, is everything fine. Adarsh says I had some work at office. Jaya says Jaidev is your senior and comes on time on dates. Jaidev says its Adarsh and Vanshika’s date, so lets forget it. Simmi says who said this, its Abhay and my date too. She asks Vanshika to manage Adarsh and she will celebrate rose day with Abhay. She asks him to come with her and they do on dance floor. Vanshika smiles seeing their romance.
Vanshika asks Jaidev and Jaya to go. Jaya says yes, ofcourse. Jaidev says actually…. Jaya waits for him. Jaidev goes and she holds his hand, reminding him that they are happy married couple for the world, Vanshika should not doubt. Adarsh imagines Swadheenta and him dancing. More jiya……………….plays………..
Vanshika says lets go and dance. She holds his hand. He says I don’t want to and moves her hand away. Simmi looks at them and smiles. She thinks she can see Adarsh restless and will enjoy this sight. Simmi asks Adarsh and Vanshika to come for dance. Adarsh says Simmi pleae, I m not in mood. Simmi gets roses and asks him to give roses to Vanshika, wish her rose day. She asks him to get romantic, Vanshika is waiting.
Adarsh gives the roses to Vanshika and wishes her happy rose day. Vanshika smiles and hugs him. Simmi looks on smiling. Adarsh thinks of Swadheenta. He says sorry. Abhay takes Simmi. Adarsh hopes Swadheenta is fine. Swadheenta says Asad is not taking my call. She checks the video and sees Geeta crying and hearing Leela and her conversation. She says you are Sudha, Banwari’s daughter, not Leela, the proof is your tears.
Swadheenta goes to Geeta/Sudha and stops her. She says I know you are Sudha. Sudha says its lie. Swadheenta says no, fear of Subhash and Leela made this a lie, Adarsh and I came to help you, Banwarilal is your father right, Adarsh will get Banwarilal here in morning, don’t worry, you have bear a lot, not anymore. Subhash and Leela look on angrily. Sudha sees them and drops the glass. Swadheenta gets tensed seeing them. Subhash asks whom will you free, see how I make you free from this world, I won’t let anyone get your dead body, then your Pyaare mohan and Banwarilal will find you. He asks the man to shut her mouth and lock her in storeroom. Leela takes Sudha inside the house.