Sightless Love Episode 36 Update on Monday 3rd December 2018

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Luis tells Prudencia that because of marina, Alberto beat Isauro and sent him to the hospital and that he could end up in prison because Isauro pressed charges against him. Prudencia then goes nervous and Prudencia demands Luis to help Alberta; he tells her that he will call his lawyers. 

Alberto and Marina arrive at the attorney police station and there they declare that Isauro only pressed charges against Alberto so he can avoid being punished by the law after raping his wife and but the officer asks Marina to withdraw her accusations against Isauro for rape because her lawsuit will not proceed since there is a witness who states that marina and Isauro had consensual sex but marina tells him it is a lie because Isauro sedated her and no one can force her to withdraw the sue because she wants justice to be served. 

Susana tells Vanessa that they have to visit Isauro to offer him an arrangement, Vanessa tells her that Luis is going to offer him a deal to avoid Alberto goes to jail, Susana tells her that they have to take advantage, that if Alberto ends up in jail; Luis would never want to hear from him again and the only affection Luis would have left would be hers. 

marina believes that it’s Ramona who is trying to serve as a witness for Isauro and so she begs Ramona, to tell the truth, and Ramona tells her that she saw she seemed very happy and she gave herself to Isauro mutually and didn’t force her and marina tells her that she hopes she never regret covering a rapist. 

Alberto still having some doubts asks Marina to tell him everything that happened between her and Isauro and Marina asks him and Marina becomes disappointed and hurt about his question of doubt. 
Isauro makes Luis believe that there is a long story between marina and him and that is why Alberto heard of which ended him being beaten up by Alberto. Luis don’t want his son to end up in jail and so, he asks Isauro to withdraw the charge but conditionally Isauro says, if he wants to withdraw the charges against Alberto, Alberto will have to divorce marina and Luis tells him, that for him is also a priority to put an end to that marriage.

Alberto calls his friend Eric to let him know that it turns out that Marina is his parent’s child whereas he is not and Eric goes shocked.

Marina goes to speak with the doctor who did the cross exams on him and she tells her that the text turns out there was nothing like force penetration and Marina goes surprise and asks the doctor what that means and she tells her that means she Marina has no evidence to back her suit and Marina becomes so devastated.

Luis arrives home to tell the family that Isauro told him that Marina reported him of rape meanwhile it was on a mutual understanding but Damiana, Prudencia and Angustias thinks that is a lie and Prudencia wants them to press charges against Isauro but Luis still believes that Marina had something with Isauro and that is why she gave herself to him and now all he cares about is getting his son out of the mess Marina has created for him because he still can’t believe that Marina is his daughter and Damiana goes depressed.

Baldomero tells Alberto that marina needs his support and love more than ever in this state she is in. 
Luis insults and humiliates marina telling her that she is so loosed that she even gave herself to Isauro and he curses the day he met her and hopes she suffers all her life.

Marina goes to tell Yolanda about all of the trauma she is going through because Isauro made Luis made everyone to understand that she gave herself to Isauro willingly and not she has no evidence too.
Prudencia calls her lawyer to stand in for Marina so Isauro never go scot free and Damiana looks happy. 
Same vein, Alberto arrives at he and Marina’s meeting place looking for Marina and he starts recollecting all of the moments shared and the day Marina told him that he and her can’t be together if he decides to stay with Vanessa and never allow him to kiss her.