Kuch Rang Episode 353–354 Update on Wednesday 5th December 2018


Nikki is shocked seeing Dev. Dev stands emotional. Laksh says he tried to speak to Dev, but he is silent. Dev says Nikki has grown up. Nikki says even he has grown up and has become papa, Sona is also back in his life, Sona had come to meet her sometime ago. He says he wants to talk to her and asks to come out with him. She asks to talk in front of Laksh. Dev fumes who is he, how can she defend him. Nikki says Laksh is her family now and if does not want to talk in front of Laksh, he can leave. Dev asks if she is asking her brother to go for an outsider. Sona comes and stops Dev.
Ishwari nervously waits for Asha in a restaurant holding Asha’s book. Asha enters and thinks if Ishwari read her book. Ishwari says no as it is in English and Elena told she will read it.
She orders coffee and tells she brought this book to take successful novelist’s signature on this book, she is very proud of Asha. She says even she wants to do something and stand on her feet. Asha says it is a good thing and pays bill. Ishwari says she is letting her pay bill this time, next time she will pay and may pay from her money. Asha says yes.
Nikki asks Dev why is he creating problem in her life again, she wants away seeing his explosive attitude and he has go away. Dev is shocked. Nikki continues that she knows he will not accept her and Laksh’s relationship and not to meet her again. Dev angrily leaves. Sona apologizes Nikki on Dev’s behalf. Nikki continues and asks even her to go away and never meet her again. Sona apologizes again, but Nikki asks her again to go. Sona walks out. Dev fumes how can Nikki ask her to get out for a stranger. Sona says he did wrong and Laksh is not an outsider for Nikki, he should have spoken calmly. They both reach home.
Ishwari reads job advertisements and laughs. Golu and Soha asks why she is laughing. She says there is a job listing stating they need cleaning manager, how can cleaner be manager, she/he can be maid, servant, cleaner, etc. Golu asks how does she know. She says she used to clean house, utensils everthing. Golu says Ewww. Soha says mamma told no job is small and someone has to do cleaning work, all jobs are equal and not ewww. Ishwari smiles and says she is right. She used to enjoy her jobs and could raise her children because of it.
Sona tells Dev he should not have exploded and accepted Nikki’s relationship with Laksh as Laksh took care of Nikki when she left home. Dev says even he took care of her till she grew up. Sona asks her to calm down and speak to her normally. Dev calls Nikki’s number, but Laksh picks and says Nikki is not at home and even if she is, she will not speak to him and if he disturbs them, they will file legal suit. Dev stands shocked. Nikki cries on the other side seeing Laksh speaking rudely to Dev. Laksh says he had to and cheers her up.
Sona enters room and sees Dev pampering sleeping Soha and telling her papa is very bad and calling her Nikki. She says Soha. Dev says even Nikki is like Soha for him. She calms him down. He says what about Neha and Riya. She says they are fine and waiting for him to meet them.
Ishwari speaks to someone and thanks for giving her a job and says she will reach on time. She then excitedly says she is going for a job from tomorrow with a new life and it will be only her new life.
Sona zips her top looking into mirror and sees Dev coming from bathroom and wearing his shirt. She gets mesmerized and stands staring at him. She then tries zip again. Dev walks to her and asks if she told something she nervously says no. He turns her and says he felt she told something and holds her hair. She shyingly says Dev. He says her hair are stuck and frees them. She smiles. He says she can say him thank you now. Maid comes and says breakfast is ready and he can come down. Dev angrily says he does not want to and sends him, says his fate is ill. Sona says it is his good fate that they are together again. He smiles.
Precap: Sona closes laptop nervously seeing Ishwari coming. Ishwari says she is doing something which she does not want to tell her or trying to find out about someone.
Ishwari eats sweet curd and says she used to feed children sweet curd, it is her turn now. She wishes herself all the best. Mamaji comes and asks where is she going. She says job. He laughs and says she started joking after her son and daughter in law came back. He knows she is going to temple and should pray god to give some conscience to his wife and son. Ishwari thinks she told truth, but bhaiya is not believing her. Dev and Sona also return. GKB asks where is she going. Mamaji says she is going for job, god’s job and jokes. Ishwari leaves.
Asha calls Dev’s landline and GKB picks. She asks if Ishwari is at home, her phone is not reachable. GKB asks to speak to her. Mamaji takes phone and congratulates her for ther novel and says he has started reading it and will
explain Ishwari. Asha nervously says it is wrong version, she will send him new version. She asks Bejoy to go and get book from Mamaji, she will tell him about neighbor. Bejoy leaves.
Dev stands outside Riya’s house. Sona calls him and asks if he met Riya. He says no. She encourages him to go and speak to his sister.
Ishwari reaches office for job interview. Asha calls her and asks if she gave interview. Ishwari says no, this place is huge and she wanted a job in a small place. Asha asks her to stop thinking herself as Dev’s mother or Soha’s daughter, think as Ishwari Dixit, she deserves this job.
Sona looks at Nikki’s photo on her laptop. Ishwari enters and Sona closes laptop nervously. Ishwari says she either does not want to tell what she is doing or searching about someone. Sona asks forget about me, where she had been, if she goes to temple, she comes after 1 hour with prasad. She continues that she gave her responsibility to her, but she has to tell what is going in her mind. Ishwari thinks she should not tell Sona about her job yet. Sona thinks she should not inform maa about Laksh yet.
Dev returns home. Sona asks if he met Riya and spoke to her. Dev says yes and reminisces ringing Riya’s door bell. Riya hears his voice and gets emotional. He apologizes her and asks to forgive him. She opens door and cries hugging him, says he came to meet her that is more important. Riya’s daughter comes and calls him maamu. Riya says she is Aaru and whenever she sees his pic, she asks who is he and when will he come to meet them. Dev stands emotional and says he will never leave her again. Out of flashback, Sona says he is becoming so cute day by day. Dev says Riya was waiting for him to meet and tells about Aaru/Arohi. Son ages happy.
Ishwari sees Soha and asks if she did not go to school. Soha says today is holiday and party at home. Dev says today is family day and celebration. Ishwari says party for what. Mamaji, Elena, and GKB joins them. Ishwari sks why all are ready, who is comin, if Sona was planning party on laptop. Neha comes with her husband and daughter and calls maa, she made them guests. Ishwari runs and hugs her emotionally. Aaru greets her. Ishwari says she has grown up since she saw her last time. Soha asks Aru how old is she. Soha asks to greet her first. Soha does and says if she does not know age, how will she know if she is elder and younger. Riya says Aru that Soha is her elder sister. Soha says let us play with Golu and takes Aru along. Dev apologizes Riya’s husband Kapil. Kapil says it is okay, they can mingle now.
Sourav informs Asha that her novel is a big hit and reporters want to take her interview, what is she doing with baba here. Bejoy says should not she. Sourav asks him to explain mom to give interview.
While having lunch, Kapil jokes with family. Riya sees Sona standing aside, goes to her and apologizes for being rude to her. Sona says that is okay. Riya says she knows how she is making effort to contact all 3 sisters. They both join back. Ishwari says she will not diet today as she is very happy, says she wants Nikki and Neha also back. Elena says Sonahas already started research. Mamaji pampers Riya. Riya asks Sona if she met Nikki. Sona says yes both Nikki and Laksh and even Dev knows about them.
Precap: Dev says Sona that Laksh is so arrogant, how will he take care of Nikki. Sona says like he has till now. Dev says that is fine, but how will they explain live-in relationship to maa.