Game of Love Update on Monday 3rd December 2018

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Shivaye asks Anika to sign divorce papers. She asks are you doing this on Tia’s saying, what did Tia tell you. He says sign on it. She asks if I don’t sign then. He twists her hand and asks how dare you, who are you to refuse. She says your wife. Sometime before, Shivaye talks on phone and asks what, Daima/Nanny, fine I m coming. He goes and meets Daima. He says when did you come, I did not know you are in this city. She says I came here for treatment. He asks what treatment. Mrs. Kapoor says treatment started, I met her in hospital, during my regular charity visits, I got to know she was your Nanny in childhood, she had a truth to say, so I called you here. Shivaye asks what truth. Daima says I have hidden it for many years, I want to tell you before dying, so that I don’t have burden on heart.
He asks her to say what she wants to say. She says I worked at your place, I got to know that Mr. Oberoi’s son is illegitimate. Shivaye gets shocked.
He asks what are you saying, whom are you talking about. Daima feels unwell and murmurs. Mrs. Kapoor says Daima told me already, Tej Singh Oberoi’s elder son Omkara is illegitimate. He says Om…… He asks Daima is this true. Daima says Mr. Oberoi’s elder son….Mrs. Kapoor says you take rest, I will tell him. She says Shivaye, I was also shocked hearing this truth as you are shocked, I thought you will not believe me, so I called you here so that you can ask this from Daima, whatever Daima said is true. Tej wanted a heir for Oberoi empire, Jhanvi could not conceive, so Tej took help from his mistress, they were abroad, when they came back, Jhanvi had a son in hand, they accepted it, Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate son. He gets shocked. He goes out.
Mrs. Kapoor says its shocking, I can understand what you are going through. He asks who else knows this. She says your Daima, you and me, no one else, not even Tia. He says none should know this, thanks. She says no need to thank, after all its about family, its gets easier to keep secret a secret when it comes to family. He asks her to come to the point. She says the more delay you do to become part of my family, the secret can come out sooner. He asks are you dealing with me and asking for price to keep this a secret. She says you are going to do what I want, I m explaining you, don’t waste time, get Anika’s sign and make her leave house, else I have Daima’s statement recording, I m sure you don’t want me to get this recording in front of the family, I m also helpless and want to see my daughter happy, I know Tia will not be happy there till Anika stays, I m just asking you to take divorce from Anika and make her leave, think of this as condition or mum’s love for daughter. You have to do this.
Jhanvi asks Priyanka how did she get interest in trekking camps, she never went before. Priyanka says you used to ask me to socialize, now you are getting worried. Jhanvi says no, just take care. Anika says call after reaching there. Priyanka goes with Soumya. Shivaye comes there and says I need to talk to you Badimaa. Jhanvi asks him to say. He sees Anika and goes. Jhanvi leaves. Anika thinks Shivaye looks worried.
Jhanvi gives passports and asks why did you need to check our passports. Shivaye says I needed info, how much we travel to foreign per year for tax purpose. She says I don’t understand it. He asks why did you go abroad in 1990. She says yes, we went to London, Tej was setting up business. Shivaye says Om was born in same year. She says yes, we were in London. He recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words. She says we did not plan, but baby is a baby right. He says then you would have got shocked. She says yes, we took time to accept things, like you needed, but that’s life, life is not according to plan, I had hesitation, now I m happy that we accepted Om that time, anyways, you got what you were finding? He thanks her. She goes. He recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words.
Soumya says we missed you Dadi. Jhanvi greets Dadi. Dadi gives her prasad. Anika asks did you had good darshan in Tirupati. Dadi says yes, even Omru came there to surprise me. Shivaye comes and asks did Om come back, where is he. Dadi asks him to meet her first. She blesses him and hugs. He asks where are they. Dadi says Rudra went for match from airport, if Om went to studio, he said he has to make imp statue. She feeds him prasad. He goes. She says get Mauli tied, the three brothers can’t leave without each other. He goes to Omkara’s room and sees the statues. He thinks of Omakra and their promises. He says I promise I will never let you know this secret. He goes.
He gives divorce papers to Anika and asks her to sign it. She gets shocked and asks but why. He says what do you mean by why, I cleared before marriage that I will give you divorce after marriage. She says yes, but why today suddenly, Tia told you right. He says its none of your business, just sign the papers. She says but I want to know, what did Tia do that reminded you of divorce papers. He says Tia has nothing to do with this. He thinks of Tia’s mom’s words and asks her to sign. She says if I don’t sign then. He twists her hand and says don’t you dare, who are you to refuse me. She says your wife. He looks at her. He says like I lifted you and got you home, I will lift you and throw you out of the house. She cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…… She signs on the papers. Tia comes and says Anika, finally you are going to get free from this forced marriage, you would be happy, Shivaye you also sign on papers, then both of you will be free, manager is waiting, come on.
Anika gives pen to Shivaye. He does not sign and just acts. Tia smiles. He gives papers to manager. Manager checks and says but Sir….. Shivaye says just go. Manager says fine and leaves. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Tia switches on the gas knobs and says now fire will be ignited. Dadi asks servants to keep things there. She stops. Some time before, Anika says I m going forever. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words and says okay. Anika asks okay, do you have to say just this, what’s your problem, you were fine, you had doubt on Tia and being father of her child, now I think you have problem with me, not Tia, can I know what’s the reason of this u-turn, person is either good or bad, innocent or clever, straight or complex, but you are everything, don’t know how many Shivaye are there in one Shivaye, you are not human, not a maze, in which I got trapped, so I could not make any opinion about you.
She says whenever I think I understood you, you do something to make me doubt on my understanding, whenever
I feel everything got fine between us, you do something that spoils things, whenever I feel you want to stop me, you want me to leave, what do you want, tell me what’s in your heart, if not directly, say it any other way, scold me, say angrily, but please tell me, if not seeing my way, see somewhere else, if not on face, then say on phone, but please say it. He turns away. She cries. She takes her bag and leaves. O jaana….plays…..
Anika and Sahil come to living hall. Pinky says I will get rid of her. Dadi says Billu does not know what is he going to lose, he could stop her, but he is sending her. Shivaye comes and looks on. Anika walks away. Tia comes and says I feel really bad for you Anika, you did a lot and even then you are leaving, how sad, sometimes destiny gets cruel, I got a see off gift, hope you like it, open it and see. Anika sees slippers. Tia says I can’t change your broken fate, so thought to change slippers, all the best. Soumya calls out Anika and asks how will you go. Anika says I will go. She walks ahead. Shivaye calls her out and says you don’t show off so much Tadi/attitude. Anika goes out of the house and recalls her words and Shivaye’s words.
She stops and thinks Shivaye gave me sign to stop. Sahil asks what happened. She smiles and leaves the car door. She goes back home and keeps her bag. Everyone look on. She smiles and goes to Shivaye. She says I was showing much Tadi, not anymore. Tia asks what’s this Tadi, and you came back again. Anika says yes, I m not going, I will stay here in this house, as I m bahu even now. Tia says you signed divorce papers. Anika says just signed, divorce did not happen, I m bahu of this house till six months, and bahus don’t leave sasural, so I will stay here Tia. Tia gets angry. Anika sees Shivaye.
Tia talks to Shwetlana and says I did not see such shameless girl in my life. Shwetlana says focus in aim. Anika is an ant, we can crush her anytime. Tia says its easy for you to say, this ant is biting my feet. Romi asks her not to get hyper and understand Shwetlana’s point. Tia says I understood, Anika is my problem, I will handle her, thanks a lot. She ends call. Shwetlana says this girl is mad, I m afraid she can do something in anger that can ruin our plan. Romi asks what to do now. Shwetlana says we have to go there and stop her. Romi asks but how…