Forever Yours Update on Monday 3rd December 2018

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Anshuman coming to know that Tanya’s fiancé is not good as he sees his wife. He is at the passport office. He gets the form where he sees Prachin’s pic on his passport form. He gives it back to the lady and thinks Prachin is already married, how can he be Tanya’s fiancé. Pakhi gifts Deepika and Anuja. Pakhi tells the importance of the gift. She asks Deepika to move ahead in life and Anuja has to go back in her past to revive her relations. We have to think how to make her meet her children, but don’t tell her.
Deepika asks why is your pic not in this. Pakhi says yes, as I want to be in present. Anuja comes and cleans the bed. She see many mails related to jobs and sees it. She reads the mail. She says why is she not responding to such great jobs. Deepika comes
and Anuja says Pakhi is getting good offers and she is not taking it. She can start a new life. 
Deepika says maybe her heart is not able to forget anyone, she wants to stay here. Anuja says maybe, I m afraid she can become another Anuja, I went through this, I won’t let this happen, she has to move on, help me in this.
Deepika agrees. Pakhi comes and shows the gift. They laugh. Lavanya joins her and Girish’s pic. She outs it in the frame. She says it was not mum’s mistake, but we got punished, I decided I won’t make any mistake that can affect Naina. She says I promise you I won’t fight with you. He says fine but keep fighting with me, I like it. She laughs. He says lets sleep now, we have to go to gynac in morning.
Anshuman comes to meet Tanya and she is shocked seeing him. She asks why are you doing here. 
Anshuman says Prachin is cheating you, he is already married. She says what. He says I was in passport office and I saw his wife’s documents. He is married. Tanya says I can’t believe this, I will break my relations with him and will not marry him. She says you are so good to help me and laughs.
She says what did you think, I will thank you. She says do something else to take revenge. She does not believe him. She asks him to leave and think of new ideas to break her and Prachin’s relation. He says I m not lying. She asks are you jealous. He says no, I m telling this for your good. She says you are greedy, I was with you and you loved Pakhi, and now she is gone, so you want me back, but I will come back to you, but you have to marry me. He says what are you saying, I just want you to ruin your life.
She says you want to ruin my life. She says you are jealous as I got a better man than you. She says you don’t deserve me. She gets angry. Anshuman asks Tanya not to marry a wrong man. She says don’t give yourself importance, I don’t care. You don’t have any effect on me, I will marry Prachin and stop interfering in my life. She leaves. Anshuman says I already ruined my life, you are walking on wrong path, how to tell you this is wrong.
Anshuman comes home and tells everything to Lavanya and Girish. She scolds him for helping Tanya. She says Pakhi is not here because of Tanya. Anshuman says no, its not that, she is not here because of me. He says Tanya did this for my love. Pakhi made me realize true love. Tanya is marrying to prove me she does not care. 
Lavanya says let her get ruined, I don’t care. Anshuman says relax, I will go to Pakhi and apologize. He says this is happening in Tanya’s life because of me, I will help her. Lavanya says fine, Tanya is not deserving. She gets pain and Girish holds her.
He asks her not to take stress. Anshuman says fine, I will do as you say. She smiles. Lavanya talks about their mum and misses Pakhi. Pakhi and Deepika talk about Anuja’s kids and how to find them. Deepika says how will we find them in such a big world. Pakhi says we can find them easily. Deepika says I m seeing an ad since many days, but I did not read it. 
She brings the paper and shows the ad to Pakhi. She says it has a lullable and we can also do something like this. Pakhi looks at the pic and thinks. Anuja asking Pakhi about Rohan. Pakhi thinks how Anshuman scolded her taking Rohan’s name. Anshuman meets Nikumb (Bawre’s male lead). They talk about love. Anshuman says love is magical and it works. 
Nikumb says I m good away from it. Anshuman says I have experienced it. Nikumb says some poetry and they have a laugh. Anshuman drops him to the address. Nikumb leaves. Lavanya and Girish come to meet the doctor. She says there is nothing to worry, this problem can be made right by small surgery.
Anshuman talks to his manager about Prachin’s wife’s location. He gets a paper and reads it. He says it’s a contract paper, that after husband and wife’s death, the property will go the survivor, this does not look right. Pakhi tells Anuja that she does not know Rohan.
Anuja says fine, let it be. Anuja asks who is this Rohan. Pakhi says think what you want, but don’t talk to me, how did Rohan call me. She says I did not give anyone my number, how can he call.
She asks Anuja did she check her mailbox. Anuja says I m really sorry. She says it’s a good job, good salary, its very far. Pakhi says I m not interested. I hate this name Rohan. Anuja asks why. Pakhi says you think this. Anuja says I know the way you are hiding the pain in your heart, this name is somewhere in this. She says you are not away from family. Anuja says you can’t break relations. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words about Rohan. She thinks of Anuja’s words.
She washes her face and cries. Anshuman sees Prachin’s wife. He thinks why is she here, this man is someone else, what is she doing. Savita asks the man to do the work soon and gives him money. 
Anshuman thinks why is she paying him, for what. He thinks whats going on, what are they upto, is this a big problem for Tanya, this is wrong. Tanya enjoys with her friends. Anshuman comes to meet her. The guard stops him saying a private party is going on inside. Anshuman says Tanya listen to me once.
Anshuman tells Tanya about Prachin’s truth but she is adamant and insults him asking him to bend on his knees and request her to come with him. He asks him to do this if he wants to help her by lying to her about her fiancé. She says you cheated me. She says I won’t do the mistake again. He says I really want to help you, your life is in danger. She says I will do anything. She says if you want me to forget anything and forgive you, then fine, beg me to forgive you. Her friends looks on.