Till The End Of Time Episode 76 Update on Monday 12th November 2018

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Maya sees Panditji tensed and asks if there is anything wrong. Pandit smiles and says all 36 gunns are matching. Maya says she told when god wants to unite someone, common people cannot understand, looking at Vandana.

Jahnvi gives money to panditji and sends him. Vandana says she will leave. Jahnvi insists to accept shagun. Vandana hesitantly agrees. Arjun says she will drop her till door and walks along.

Saanjh looks at stranger’s e-mail warning about Maya and tries to find out its source. She thihnks she should find out Maya’s past from her school.

Aryan gets romantic with Maya. Maya says they should go for lunch. Arjun realizes he had promised Saanjh to have lunch with her and calls Saanjh…Saanjh tries to speak, but Arjun says he and Maya cannot reach on
time, so lunch plan should be postponed. He tells her that his and Maya’s 36 gunns matched.

He forgets to disconnect ccall and continues his romance with Maya. Maya says Mauritius pandit wrongly predicted her and today’s pandit was right. Arjun says he bribed pandit to lie and remembers how he kept 2000 rs note in kundali. Saanjh hears all their conversation and thinks again to know Maya’s truth. She calls school as credit card executive.

Principal says they cannot disclose student’s confidential matter to anyone and disconnects call. She tries to search about Maya’s past on net, but does not find it. She thinks how to find out Maya’s past and saved Arjun, if Maya is really past.

Ashwin prepares lunch and says he prepared especially for Maya. Maya asks him to taste himself first as good cooks taste food first and then serve others.

She forces him to eat each dish. Ashwin tells Jahnvi that Maya still does not consider her as father, though he considers her as daughter.

Maya shouts that he is not her father, he lost right long ago and says when he is praying her to die, he should not act. Ashwin leaves acting. Jahnvi walks behind him scolding Maya.

Next day in office, Maya’s assistant Riya describes about legal issues to Saanjh, but Saanjh is busy thinking about finding Maya’s truth. Riya says what happened to her, if Maya sees her like this, she will restricate her.

Peon comments Maya will not as Saanjh is Arjun’s best friend. He reminds how Maya kicked out receptionist and watchman for simple mistake. Saanjh asks if he takes money for advice and gives it free. Peon leaves.

Maya gets busy making arrangements for marriage. Arjun gets romantic and says these are formalities, they are united already, though he loves less than her as her love is extreme.

Maya throws alcohol on floor and burns floor and asks Arjun to marry here righ now and take 7 wows. Saanjh watches from her cabin.

Precap: Maya panics seeing Jahnvi missing and tells Arjun that mom is missing and Ashwin must have done something. Peon says Jahnvi madam is in conference room. Jahnvi tells Saanjh that she had been to lawyer’s office and needs her 49% share in this company. Ashwin smirks from behind.