Madhubala Episode 353–354 Update on Monday 12th November 2018

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Part 1
RK tells Joshi that when RK goes to Dahi Handi festival ..his men will keep an eye on RK..! He says Madhu told Sultan she will bring RK there. .n so they will keep eye on RK..! The moment when Sultan tries to come close to RK ..his men will catch him.dead or alive is their choice.! Joshi says..sure.. he says.. every criminal has a d day and its Sultans..! He says..its now personal! RK says.. Sultan bring it on! Dips is shocked to hear it..and says that the entire thing has turned upside down! She calls Sultan..! Sultan says this cannot happen! Dips says heard on my own..! Sultan asks how dare Madhu tell RK all? Dips says its better he keeps things are out of control! Sultan says.. he is not weak .. he doesnt take decisions that need to be changed! He says Madhu will be his..and that too forever.. tomorrow..! He says only small change will be… now Madhu will be a wall between RK-Sultan..! Dips is shocked! Sultan says.its Janmashtami and they will write a new Mahabharat.. where battle between Karan-Arjun will happen but result will change! Sultan says tomorrows day will take all away from RK and bring Madhu into Sultans life..!
Paddo comes to Madhu and asks what is happening? She says lemme explain! Paddo says Rishbala have made marriage a joke..what is happening? Madhu tells Paddo Sultan is alive..! She shares all ..! Paddo asks if they think they will be able to catch Sultan? She asks if they cannot see the danger in this? Madhu says saying same thing to RK …to take Cops help catch him but if we go to Sultan thinking of trapping him..what if things go wrong? Paddo asks if she is scared that Madhu is being made a pawn in this? Madhu says no.. not for this..sure Sultan wont hurt her..! She says he only wants her to go with him .. only scared that.. when he finds out this plan is RKs. he can. .do anything! Madhu says this was fear earlier. n now too ..! Madhu says Sultan wants to end RK..! She says tired to convince RK.. but he doesnt listen! RK says.. majal hai kisi pati ki woh apni patni ki baat na sune? RK asks if Paddo is scared? Madhu says.. if she says yes. n asks not to do..will he not do what he has planned? RK says. shushh ..learn from ur mom to trust RK and wish fear away..! RK says Paddo has seen bigger battles and won ..n so fear is scared to come near her..! RK asks Paddo to wear peeli wali saree as she looks very nice in it..! She asks if Paddo will come n she says yes! Madhu is taken aback..! RK says.. Paddo is the one who never let her hubby touch Madhu… if they can burn Ballus plans.. what is Sultan..! He says.. if he is Sultan..we have Mother India ..with us.. he takes her blessings (which is like a Bullet proof jacket)!
Paddo says RK is right.. cops cannot catch Sultan like this… n it will be lifetime danger. if he escapes…! Tede logo ko seedhe tarike se jawab nahi diya ja sakta..! She asks Madhu to trust RK ..! She says.. when a mother hands her daughter to someone…she has faith .. n that faith is for lifetime..! Madhu says.. so now Paddo likes his idea.. HATE U RK n he says same here..! RK says good..this is what i want..! He resolves.. wont let anything happen to u or to myself..!
Sikky is snoring and Dips cannot sleep..thinking of Cops words..about catching Sultan..! She is scared that hope wont get caught due to Sultans sake! She wakes up screaming thinking of Madhus warning to her..! Sikky wakes up and asks what happened? Asks her to sleep instead! Dips moby buzzes..its Sultan..! Sultan tells Dips to come there n she says.. not gonna come! Sultan asks if she knows who she is turning against? Dips says her whole life .. family ..future is at stake..what if RK finds out she was helping him? Sultan says.. RK can find out in two ways that is… if he overhears her. .or he tells RK ..!! Dips says she will tell RK on her own! Sultan suggests her to pack her stuff first n then tell ..! Sultan says if fire can light her can burn it too..! Sultan tells Dips what all she has to do.. !
RK is lying on bed and he asks Madhu if she is ok or angry? Madhu says all is as per plan..why he cares! RK says. .badi wali katti..! RK asks what is the plan? Sleeping in bathroom? Madhu says will come after he is asleep..! Madhus phone rings … RK receives..! Sultan says Shabba Khair kehne ke liye phone kiya.. next day we will be together.. far ..far away from all ..! He asks why not answering? Scared? Sultan says no matter how much RK tries..he wont be able to find her.. n as such he doesnt deserve to either..! RK says Na naseeb padhne ki .. na badalne ki takat hai tumme! Sultan says oh voice of younger bro.. he asks.. how are u Munna? Angry he is alive? RK says with self…why couldnt i kill u ..! RK asks Munna ke bade bhaiiya.. what is the biggest difference between them? Sultan says he is biggest Kameena? RK says that is in both our blood.. its same.. BHAIYYA..! RK says the truth he cannot digest… n he has indigestion … truth is.. Madhu loves ME .. not U .. SO SAD! Sultan fumes.. n RK says breaking things? RK tells Sultan to keep all this anger away.. trying to change truth. .he might change his life..! Sultan says he is filmy n film story changes..! RK says he started the film n RK will end! RK says. the breath he has.. are unofficial. .so if he doesnt stop ..he will file case on those breaths..!
Part 2
RK says twinkle twinkle little star.. i will send u very far! Sultan fumes ..asking to cut the crap n RK cuts the call ..! Madhu comes to RK and RK says.. no one can snatch her from him .. ! He asks Madhu .. to say . .u belong to me.. n Madhu says yes.. ..m urs.. only urs..! Rishbala hug..!
Part 3
Next day morning .. Bittu tells someone on phone..will reach in one hour! He asks Radha if she is ready? Radha says dunno what is going on..! Sikky-Dips arrive all decked up ..! Sikky ( in Kanha look) says m here. who are u calling ?? He says where are others.. Kanha is ready to break handi! Dips asks.. not to make a joke of himself.. n asks if its important to make a joke of self??! Radha asks Bittu to call RK ..! RK says to put the clock on fire.. which reminds him to irriate RK every 10 minutes! Bittu reminds the program details..! RK tells Bittu they are coming down in 10 minutes..and asks all to dun want any weakness around on this day of KAYAMAT! Bittu tells all to leave with Dips-Sikky n he will come with Rishbala! Dips wonders if RK changed his plans?
Precap — RK asks news? Joshi says.. all preparations done! RK says Sultan is very smart..he might come in disguise! Sultan is getting some make up put on him and says what does he think..he will catch me? His men says.. RK is dreaming such.. heard .. there is dance in between then Dahi-Handi breaking..! Sultan says ..n time for RKs death and Madhus life..!!

Part 1
Radha-Sikky-Dips leave for chawl ..
Madhu is worried n comes to RK n says scared n RK says if she knows acting..they will go for her film auditions.. n today she looks like some big crime is gonna happen!
RK says.. today they are looking like RK … Radha-Krishan!
RK says no right to be scared after bearing him for so long..! Madhu asks why wearing these clothes n RK says.. as society says.. !! Madhu chides RK n he says looking like Jungli Billi ..!
Madhu chides RK for joking n RK pulls Madhu close and smiles.. n says if she thinks..will joke about their separation ever? Madhu says no! RK says wanted to say. .that today she is decked up like she is going to attend Sultans barbadi.. which he will give
RK says can forgive all sins of Sultan but not for trying to separate Rishbala.. ! He says in every birth he will be chased by his barbadi. wont spare Sultan! Rishbala hug!
Sultan says RK thinks he will trap me? LOL … His men says.. he dreams so . .he says between dahi handi.. some dance programme ..there cops in uniform n plain clothes there..1 Sultan will teach RK a lesson. .today.. Sultan will do something never done before..! RKs death n Madhus life with me..!
RK takes update from Joshi .. n he says all set. n apologises to Madhu for not trusting her..! RK tells Joshi to be careful. .and says Sultan is very smart.. he might keep in disguise.. keep an eye on movements along with face! Joshi says metal detectors there.. n all entrants will be screened..Moby jammers put..!
RK says fine. .lets go and watch THE END of Sultans movie..! Joshi says there Rishbala have to be separate.. n Madhu is scared .. RK reassures..! Paddo takes update from RK about his whereabouts..! Radha-Sikky-Dips enters..! Paddo greets them ..! Radha says any idea what happening with Rishbala? Paddo says..its a good day.. some miracle will happen..!

RK-Madhu enter holding hands..! Media click pics..! Joshi tells Madhu to pose with RK on stage for a while n then leave stage..! He says just to show Sultan..! Some girls enter in similar outfit as Madhu .. n she is confused..!
Dips says..this is first entry to Sultans trap Joshi says its to help Madhu get mixed in between them.. as some of them are cops…! Joshi says with u..! RK-Madhu come on stage..!
Sultans men arrive..!
Part 2
Crowd cheers for Rishbala.. n RK waves at them..! Madhu is worried n RK reassures her..! Right then Sultan arrives n Madhu can sense his presence..!
RK asks the matter ? Madhu just nods her head..! Paddo does her chant..! Joshi asks Madhu to come down from stage..! Madhu is teary eyed n says cant be of anyone elses will end myself n RK says not meeting last time.. we have to stay together for the rest of our life! Madhu says I n RK says HATE U!
Part 3
Madhu self thot today for u.. putting myself n my life on line. .wont let anything happen to u! RK self thot will end Sultan today or myself. .but ur RK wont let anything happen to u..! Rishbala eyelock..
BG- Kaisa ishq hai .. n Madhu moves away from RK .. their hands separate!
Both Rishbala are worried..! Madhu keeps walking away from RK .. as RK looks at her!
Precap —- Song ..go go govinda..! Dips-Sikky dance..! Madhu watches..! Dips pulls Madhu to the enter to dance n Sultan spots her!