Kundali Bhagya Episode 181 Update on Saturday 10th November 2018

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Sarla tells Kareena not to interfere in the matter. Kareena says this will ruin Preeta’s respect, it’s her second engagement that would be broken. God knows if she will ever get another proposal or not. After Kareena has left, Sarla complains to Rakhi why Kareena always insults her daughter. Rakhi agrees to Kareena and says Preeta would be hurt if this engagement is broken.

She convince Sarla that Preeta’s character would be disgraced. Prithvi isn’t as bad a person, he didn’t mention breaking the engagement after all that he even said. She asks Preeta to consider her as a mother as well and forgive Prithvi, giving him another chance.

Sarla says she holds her world’s grace the dearest in life. She accepts to Rakhi for being furious right now, and was sure Rakhi must think about their good.

comes to Karan in the corridor. Karan laughs that Prithvi was cool before he has arrived, but turned into a heater when Karan arrived.

Prithvi wasn’t ready to listen to his rubbish, but Karan doesn’t let him speak in front of a hero. Karan suggests about sharing a secret with Prithvi, and says he told everyone a lie. Even Prithvi accepted all his lies and proved to be an idiot.

He says he enjoyed watching Prithvi’s loser face and calls him a stupid. Prithvi tells Karan that he is well aware the first story he told in the family was right, and this one is wrong. But he won’t create another drama in front of the family but he won’t be entrapped this time.

Prithvi comes to the room and takes Sarla’s permission to come in. Rakhi allows him inside and leaves them for privacy. Prithvi apologizes Sarla as he feels guilty about what he did today. He explains to Preeta he was lost and disturbed today and accused them. His mother is really happy about his marriage with Preeta and would be hurt.

Sarla tells Prithvi she won’t break the engagement today, she isn’t sure if it’s a chance or forgiveness but the relation had almost broken after what Prithvi said. Prithvi says he is much possessive taking Preeta. Sarla questions if Preeta is a slave, he only had a Roka with her.

She was furious and scolds Prithvi for accusing her daughter. He ruined their respect in front of everyone today, he was irresponsible and left the farm house. Does he realize the meaning of friendship? She accepts they aren’t rich, but she holds their respect much dear.

She is giving him a single chance, won’t do it again. Prithvi apologizes Sarla and promises to never do so again. Shrishti had come to the door and watches this all. She tells Prithvi he must apologize her as well for insulting her sister. Prithvi joins his hands to her but Preeta stops him saying he doesn’t need to apologize anymore. Sarla turns to leave.

Downstairs, Rakhi assures Sarla they didn’t mind anything. They are happy that all misunderstandings have been cleared. She tells Prithvi not to consider her daughter as wrong ever. She insists on Sarla to stay for a cup of tea. Mahesh requests Sarla to stay.

Rakhi sends Preeta to call Karan downstairs as well. Rishab eyes Preeta who was looking towards Prithvi. He asks Preeta what happened, and assures everyone here is aware of her friendship with Karan. She must feel free.

He then speaks to Prithvi that she might be waiting for his permission, even when he isn’t her husband; and he doesn’t trust such a girl.

If he doesn’t trust her why marry her, this is a useless relation. He must break it. Prithvi replies that it was only a misunderstanding and he clarified to Sarla and Preeta he wouldn’t do it again. Rishab asks why Preeta doesn’t feel this trust.

Prithvi now comes to Preeta and insists on her to go and call Karan downstairs, he won’t mind this. Prithvi thinks he hates this, he was determined to revenge this with a better plan next time.

In the room, Karan asks Preeta if she liked his magic. Preeta was annoyed at him for fooling everyone. She says they must have told everyone the truth, they had only gone to find Prithvi. Karan says they are poles apart when it comes to thinking.

They were only saved because of his lie. She questions about all the shamelessness he spoke in front of his family.

He is a dangerous man as his expressions didn’t change while saying a single lie. She turns to leave, but Karan holds her by her wrist.

PRECAP: Karan holds Preeta close to himself and confesses that the feeling when they had fallen on the grass together happened for the first time in his life.