Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1128 Update on Saturday 10th November 2018

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The Episode starts with Kiara thinking about Abhi and thinks to call him. She calls him and asks how is he? Abhi asks from where did you get my number. Kiara tells filmy dialogue and says Sunny gave her number.

Abhi says it is good that you called me and tells that someone made him cry. Kiara says maybe that lady only and asks him not to cry.

Abhi says I am not crying. Kiara asks are you getting sleep without cookie? Abhi asks how do you know? Kiara says you picked the call, that’s why. She says cookie thought you are missing her. Abhi says I was missing you.

Kiara asks him to follow people and be careful so that nobody can cheat him. She says her mum came and ends the call. Abhi says I will talk to your mamma and she will not scold you. Pragya takes the call and says hello. Abhi holds the receiver

down and thinks her mum must be scolding her. Pragya tells Kiara that she shall not talk to a stranger. Kiara says he is not a stranger. Abhi thinks to go to her house and make her mum understand but then thinks her mum is doing right.

Tanu is happy and rejoices thinking Pragya has broken up with Abhi herself for forever and thinks now she will get him and celebrate. Pragya asks Kiara about him. Kiara says he didn’t sleep as he had a fight with someone.

She says he cries like a child. Pragya asks what do you do then? Kiara says I pacify him. Pragya says she will meet him. Abhi comes to Sunny’s room to get Kiara’s address. Sunny wakes up.

Abhi asks do you want to go with me on a long drive. Sunny asks where do you want to go? Abhi says Kiara’s house. He tells that Kiara called me and talked, so her mum is scolding her. He asks him to come with him.

He calls Kiara. Kiara says mum went and tells that my mum is coming to meet you tomorrow. Abhi asks really? Kiara says my mum never break the promise.

 Abhi says Sunny and I are about to come to your house now. Kiara says Sunny don’t know my address.

Sunny says I didn’t know. Abhi says where you were taking me then? Kiara says she doesn’t know the address and says her house is big. Abhi says I will meet you tomorrow. He thinks of Kiara’s words and ends the call.

Next morning, King comes for breakfast. Chachi and Tarun tell that they like parathas. Kiara says even she likes it. King thinks to taste it and says it is nice.

Pragya says I will bring my phone and goes. Chachi tells King that he has a perfect wife and he is very lucky. Pragya tells that she is going to bank to open an account.

Tarun says I will take Kiara to school. Kiara says today is the holiday for school due to rains. King thanks Pragya for managing everything well. Chachi asks why is he thanking his own wife.

Purab tells Disha that he needs to go to the bank, but she stops him and says she will bandage his hand first. Abhi comes there and tells Purab that Disha is handling two kids.

Purab tells that he has some work in the bank. Abhi says I will go to the bank today and will meet Kiara’s mum tomorrow. He asks Purab to see the weather and Disha, and sign him to romance. Purab tells about bank name.

Abhi asks them to enjoy and asks Disha to close the door. Purab throws pillow on Abhi, but it hits Aaliya. Abhi asks her not to disturb them and closes the door.

Aaliya opens the door. Disha closes the door. Aaliya thinks she can’t change this.

Abhi comes to the bank. The manager tells that Purab told him that you are coming and that’s why I came 30 mins before.

Abhi asks do you have any work. The manager says no. He tells that he came early to meet him. He tells that his daughter gave something to him.

Abhi says daughters are special. Manager asks do you have a daughter. Abhi gets sad.

Abhi sees Pragya in the bank. An employee asks if her husband is Abhishek Prem Mehra as she has written his name. Pragya says no and tells that he was her past. Abhi gets sad hearing this.