Kuch Rang Episode 317–318 Update on Monday 12th November 2018

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Dev says Sona looks like he spoke a lot and apologizes. She says he always makes a mistake and apologizes with puppy face. She continues scolding. He argues. She says good baba came to call her, else she would have become mad in this house, he should not dare tell anyone that they are together. Their argument continues. She sends him out. Sona comes with Golu and says she learnt a new dance move in her dance glass. She tells Golu has to complete his assignment. Dev says Golu baba must have planned something. Golu nods yes. Sona comes and starts again. Soha leaves with Sona. Golu asks Dev to sign on his assignment. Dev says Golu baba is genius.
Ronita tells Sourav that he was shouting at baba and did wrong, Baba is concerned about his children. Asha tries to console
Bejoy. Bejoy says he does not like scolding his children, but has to for their safety. He does not mind if Sona stays without Dev and does not want her to get back to Dev and suffer again.
Soha comes to Dev’s room in the morning and finds him having high fever. Mamaji enters and she tells same. Ishwari enters with GKB and Soha tells papa has high fever. Ishwari checks his forhead and says he is really having high fever. Dev says he was fine last night, but felt weak in the morning. Ishwari asks GKB to get warm water and goes to kitchen to prepare kadha. Sona watches and says she will call doc. She goes to kitchen and asks Ishwari if she can help. Ishwari asks her to take ice cubes to Dev. Soha says she will bring ice cubes.
Sona goes to Dev’s room. Dev says he wanted to stay with maa, Soha and her for long and wanted to make drama, but he got ill really. He will get well if she is around and only she can get him well. She says Soha is getting ice cube for cold compresses and goes out. She sees Soha and Golu fighting for ice cube tray and arguing they will apply cold compresses to Dev’s forehead. Sona says daadi will become refree. They request Ishwari if she will become refree and see who applies cold compress well. She with usual frowning face says yes.
Jatin calls Sona. Sona says she was waiting for his call. He says he is lucky then, looking at pics he found at Khatri’s house and sends them to her mobile. She checks and says in one pic Khatri and Ishwari are present with a family and it looks like the same house they were working in. Jatin says even he felt same. She finds studio’s address and says they can find house address via that studio. He says she is genius and should have been a detective. Sona reminisces Dev tells she acts like a detective.
Sona goes back towards Dev’s room when Golu complains that Suhana is not letting him apply warm compresses to big cha. Sona goes in and asks Soha why did she not let Golu. Soha says he has been applying cold compresses to papa since long, it is her turn. Sona asks her to apologize Golu. Suhana leaves. Sona tells Dev that Jatin found a photo in Khatri’s house which has some family with Ishwari and Khatri present, looks like it is same family. She found studio address and found it is in Delhi’s outskirts. Dev says let us go and find out then. She asks him to rest. He says he is fine and was just acting to stop her and Soha here. Ishwari walks with soup and hears that. GKB brainwashes her that Dev lied her for Sona, she should get Dev married soon, else Sona will take over Dev’s life completely. Sona hears their conversation and knocks door. GKB and Ishwari get tensed seeing her.
Precap: Ishwari asks Dev if he can do anything for her. He says yes, he can do anything for her. She asks him to marry Sonakshi. Dev is shocked hearing that.

Sona goes to Ishwari’s room where GKB is busy brainwashing Ishwari. GKB yells why she came in. Sona says Dev wants Soha to spend time with him and Ishwari, so she has decided to let Soha here and go back to her parent’s house. GKB yells this is Soha’s house let her stay here. Ishwari asks where is Dev. Sona says he is playing with Golu and Soha. She leaves. GKB continues brainwashing Ishwari and expects her to tell Sona should not stay in this house.
Dev is seen watching Soha and Golu playing and tricking Golu so that Soha can win. Soha says she does not want to win with cheating. Golu says big cha why he always want Soha to win and not him, even he wants to win. Ishwari enters and tells Dev she needs to speak. Soha and Golu walk out.
Bejoy eagerly waits
for Sona and Soha and asks maid to prepare special dishes. Jatin enters with groceries. Asha scolds Bejoy why he asked guest to bring grocery. Bejoy laughs and says Jatin is like his son, pointing at Sourav. Sourav thanks Jatin for relieving his son’s duty and asks to get him a good father also. Bejoy fumes. Sona calls him. He asks when she and Sona are coming. Sona says Soha will stay here for some more time and she is going to Gurgaon, so even she is not coming. Bejoy shouts nobody is bothered about him.
Ishwari starts her emotional blackmail that she wanted to tell Dev something since a long time. Dev reminisces Khatri’s incident and thinks he knows about. Ishwari says she did not give anything in life, only he gave everyone. She wants something which he cannot give. He says his life is waste if he cannot give her what she wants. She asks to marry Sona for Soha’s sake. He says he and Sona are doing their best for Soha, but he cannot marry Sona after all the incidents happened. She says he was in deep sorrow for 7 years after Sona left him, he was not even her son, she does not want to see him like this. If he cannot marry Sona, he should marry someone else and move ahead in life.
Bejoy packs his bags and tries to leave angrily. Jatin tries to stop him. Sourav says let baba go. Bejoy scolds him that he did not respect his father in life. He orders taxi and flight tickets over phone and shouts as usual. Sona enters and he yells at her she also does not respect her and does not want to come back her. Sona calms him down and says Sona stayed in Dev’s house as Dev is ill and even Bejoy would not have let her out if either of them are ill. Bejoy asks why did not she inform him first. She says she is not part of Dev’s family, so she did not stay there. Their conversation continues. Bejoy asks her to take his promise and tell she does not think of Dev. Sona gets tensed, but says Dev has moved out of her life and her priority is only Soha.
Precap: Dev tells Sona that maa wants them to remarry. Sona asks what did he say. He says even he feels he needs a life partner.